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Girls expelled for alleged lesbianism

Posted by Administrator on February 7, 2012

Twelve students of Moi Kadzodzo Girls Secondary School in Kilifi have been sent home on allegations of engaging in lesbianism. The form two, three and four students, were sent home by the principal on receiving information of their abnormal behaviour from the rest of the student’s body. But as NTV’s Brenda Wanga reports, the incident is not an isolated one and remains a growing concern for stakeholders in the education sector.


5 Responses to “Girls expelled for alleged lesbianism”

  1. leo said

    Shame on you students. I thought you went to school to study. you can practice your homosexuality later on. That’s why the education system separated boys from girls but now homosexuality is filling the gap.

  2. ITHAVETHI. said

    Wangelikuwa wametahirishwa awali kama ilivyokuwa kabla mbeberu hajafika Afrika na kuzidunisha mila na desturi zetu, wasingelijihusisha na vitendo kama hivyo vya kudodokwa na ukwale, nyege na ushoga. Najua swala hili limeshawapita wengi na tena sio tendo litakalotendwa karne hii na ijayo. Waliotutangulia zaidi ya karne tatu zilizopita walikuwa na sababu ya kufanya vile. Lakini pale yeyote aligusapo swala hili, zogo za hapa na pale zinaanza kutoa moshi.

  3. Marie said

    shame on you ithavethi,can we start to cut mens penises too so that they cannot engage in sex before marriage ..cutting a woman clitories is the same…why cant africans learn to have dialogue than barbaric practices they love to refer as culture..wake up its 21 cen and the gals can be what they want…

  4. Nairobian said

    Our culture is eroding so fast its ridiculous… guys, we need to start finding a way to accept lesbianism and homosexuals. As much as I hate to admit it, these sexual orientations are now in Kenya and they are NOT going away. These people will do their thing undercover and behind closed doors until we – the old folks are not here any more. Just the way it happened in the West.

    We need to pray for our children… This is not going away guys. Sadly, Its just the beginning.

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