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Kenyan man charged with assault in a New York nursing home

Posted by Administrator on February 7, 2012

Patrols responded to Skyview Nursing Home to standby last Wednesday as an employee was suspended.

After interviewing staff, police said they determined that Erich Omondi, 35, of Hood Place in Cortlandt Manor, assaulted two other staff members when he pushed them over a food cart.

Police said the two other employees reported substantial neck, back and shoulder pain, but declined medical attention on scene.

Omondi was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and was released on $400 cash bail. He is due in court on Wednesday.

Source: CROTON-ON-HUSON Police Blotter


8 Responses to “Kenyan man charged with assault in a New York nursing home”

  1. POKO said

    Life ulaya ni Ngumu. God give Eric strength, at times you gotta do what u gotta do to get where u wanna be.

  2. These days one have to be carefull because a minor mistake one loses his/her job but I don,t understand why these workers refused medical check up which I think was free, to me it seem they had staged this incident so the guy be suspended. The management seem not to have investigated this incident properly

  3. POKO said

    I can bet my penny those employees were lying. Nkt. As if it is not snuff they got him fired. God be with you Eric.

  4. mchuzi said

    Something seems fishy in that story i wonder if they continued working after that and probably put 5 more people to bed before they drove to go buy some to fill up their lost energy.

  5. Fuko said

    Mr. Omondi, I guess, was just like us all who work hard, never call-out, get paid for vacation time, arrive at work on time, work extend hours unlike his co-workers, never argue with his superiors just for the heck of it and bra bra bra. All that sounds too good too bad for our look-alike cousins. They believe we are an embarassment to their course. I went through all that. Got employee of the quarter severally, until they started sabotaging my working area. I quit inspite of my superiors’ request that I stay on. I sensed bad things coming up, like assaulting or battering them…..that could have led to getting fired and being locked up, in America. I learnt that in America ” you donnot put your hand on anyone.” I have no doubt that brother Omondi was set up. You can’t be too good and be consistent with that. Pole Bw Omondi.

  6. ITHAVETHI. said

    Mbona walikataa huduma za kimatibabu kama kweli Bw Omondi aliwadhuru kwa kuwasukuma kama walivyodai? Fuko amegusia jambo la muhimu. Chuki ambazo Wafrika wanaonyeshwa na watu weusi ni zakutatanisha ajabu. Hawaelewi kwamba sisi hapa tulikuja kutafuta hela tuyaboreshe maisha yetu na jamaa zetu kokote walipo. Ni wivu ambao sote twahitajika kupuuza kwani hakuna chochote tunachoweza kufanya kuondoa kasumba za watu weusi hapa kwamba sisi ndio tuliowauza kama watumwa. Ni hadithi walizoelezwa na babu na nyanya zao tangu jadi. Pole kwako bw Omondi

    • Wanjiku (mama Njoki) said


      Nani aliambia nyinyi hawo jamaa ni “manyeudhi” akataa” Blacks” etc…ama ni hao tuu wanafanya nursing homes? acheni stereotype bana! lol

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