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Wedding bells go silent

Posted by Administrator on February 7, 2012

”]A forlorn Charles Ikama holds on to memories of his bride-to-be who died in a road accident a week before their wedding [Photos: Wambui Ndung’u/Standard]Last Saturday was supposed to find Rosemary Muthoni and Charles Ikama in their hotel honeymoon suite. But that day found Ikama by his fiancee’s graveside.

Muthoni died in a road accident on Friday January 27, just a week before the wedding, and was buried last Friday.

After months of preparations for their big day and the sleepless nights that came along, Charles Ikama and Muthoni were happy that the involving activities were coming to an end that week.

Muthoni, 22, decided to pick her wedding dress and a few other items from Nairobi on a Friday, just a week before the wedding, and visit her sister who had given birth at Kenyatta National Hospital.

After visiting her sister, Muthoni made a telephone call to her fiancÈ at 5.30pm telling him that she had just left the hospital and was heading for her uncle’s house in Nairobi’s Mwiki Estate where she was staying for the night.

Crushing down

At 7:30pm Muthoni had not yet called him; it was unusual for her not to tell him she had arrived home but two hours later and no call from her, he assumed she must be home and decided to call her instead.

With that call, his world came crushing around him. On the other end of the line, a woman was wailing.

He didn’t recognise her.

“I told her I wanted to speak to Muthoni but she told me that I could not speak to her at that moment. It did not make sense to me. In the background I could hear commotion and more wailing,” says Ikama.

Being alone in what would have been their new home in Githunguri, Ikama walked down to a neighbour’s house seeking company to calm himself as he was shaking like a leaf. It was while at the neighbour’s that he received the heart shattering call from his fiancÈe’s uncle.

“He told me that Muthoni had passed on and that they were taking her to the mortuary. All I could ask is why they were taking her to the mortuary … I didn’t understand. I later came to my senses and called him back telling him not to book her in before I saw her,” he said.

Shattering call

In Nyeri her parents and family received the same heart shattering call. All they knew was that they were going to walk their daughter down the aisle to meet her groom the following Saturday, on February 4, and it took a while to comprehend that their daughter had actually died.

Muthoni, who was working as a computer tutor at Pinnacle College in Nyeri, was so organised that she wanted to plan her life quite quickly. A week before her big day, everything was almost ready and invitation cards had been sent out. The church announcements had already been done and a venue set.

Because she didn’t want to do things in the last minute, Muthoni had gone to Nairobi to collect the last of her wedding supplies, among them her wedding gown.

At 7pm, the matatu she had boarded stopped at a Mwiki Estate stage for her and three others to alight — a male passenger, Muthoni and her cousin.

The man was the first to step out while Muthoni was next. And that is when it happened. As she stepped out and one foot on the ground and the other still in the car, the tout signalled the driver to drive away.

Muthoni fell and the matatu drove over her, crushing her ribs and head.

People started screaming at the driver, asking him to stop while Muthoni’s cousin, who was still in the matatu, wanted to know why she had been taken beyond her drop-off point.

Soon, a crowd gathered around Muthoni but it was too late, she had died on the spot.

And that is where Ikama found her that night. “It was heartbreaking, sudden, an uncertain and extremely painful moment for me,” he told The Standard in an interview.

Just like Ikama, Muthoni’s parents, friends and siblings are yet to come to terms with her tragic death saying that all they pray for is strength to carry on.

“It is a very difficult and painful moment for our family,” says her father, David Mwangi, tears welling up in his eyes.

Her brother, Peter Karite, and sister, Catherine Nduta, remember Muthoni as a person with a big heart, whom they will miss terribly.

With a distant look in his eyes, Ikama recalls the last moments he spent with his fiancÈe, whom he had dated for two years, with nostalgia.

“The last thing I told her was that I had a beautiful surprise for her and she would love it. I was referring to the house we would move into after our wedding, she was never to see it. I only pray to God to give me strength to move on from this point.”

Source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/InsidePage.php?id=2000051679&cid=4&&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter


12 Responses to “Wedding bells go silent”

  1. mose said

    May God rest her soul in eternal peace and may He give this gentleman strength to carry on as well her dear family…These makangas need to go to school…soo sad!

  2. The matatu owners should be giving to instructions to the drivers and touts before hiring them. Also insurance companies should make sure matatu owners hire resipossible people. This matatu should be removed from the road and the driver and the tout be arrested and matatu owner licence be withdrawn. Why should they continue working when another family is mourning

  3. Crabtree said

    Oh! What a tragedy? My heart and prayers goes to this family, especially the young man! Today, more than ever, the enemy is aiming to snatch our peace and he’s working round the clock hence so much tragedies from accidents, diseases, suicide etc. Although death is inevitable, God honours our wishes thus always wise to pray and cover ourselves and those within our circles with the Blood of Jesus! May God’s peace be upon this family and may He protect them from the evil one!

  4. Ndegwa Thiong'o said

    So unfortunate to my uncles family. RIP cousin Rose

  5. Wanjohi said

    So sad .May she R.I.P

  6. andrew said

    so sad! sorry

  7. leo said

    This make me want to not care about tommorrow. Just wanna care for the moment.Yeah! live like there’s no tomorrow. Pole mzee.

  8. faith said

    So sad, May her soul R.I.P

  9. maLAIka said

    so sad and unfortunate….may God’s PEACE that surpasses all understanding sorround the family and friends at this difficult time…R.I P Muthoni

  10. Jay said

    So sorry RIP Muthoni…as for the family and the young man may God grant you all PEACE such a young live

  11. Nairobian said

    Just when you think you are having a bad time… Think about what this young man went through… Life surely can be cruel at times.

    I wish him peace and good luck. May the fine young lady rest in eternal peace… Godly peace…

    This story made me perk up – I realized that my troubles are nothing compared to what other folks are dealing with.

    Only God knows why such things happen…

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