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Video: UNTOLD STORIES_FGM practises in POKOT PT 1

Posted by Administrator on February 8, 2012


13 Responses to “Video: UNTOLD STORIES_FGM practises in POKOT PT 1”

  1. Marie said

    do women ever think how useless they handle themselves just for men ? their own worst enemies…

  2. ITHAVETHI. said

    Kutahirisha wasichana kwa njia ya kinyama kiasi hiki kama tulivyoonyeshwa katika kanda hii yatakiwa ipigwe marufuku na serikali mara moja. Serikali yaweza kutumia wazee wa kijiji pamoja na viongozi wa kata ndogo, taarafa na wale wa wilaya kuwaelimisha wananchi maadhara ya kujihususha na mila kama hizi ambazo nia na malengo yake ni kuwaacha wasichana wadogo wamelemazwa na vitendo vya kikatili kama hivi.

    Matendo haya ya kutoamika hupatikana katika makabila ya Wapokot, Wakalenjin, Wasamburu, Wamasai, Waturkana, Warendille, na Waborana yakiwemo pia mengine katika mkoa wa Kaskazini Mashariki. Pengine viongozi wao waweza kuwaelimisha kutumia njia nyingine ya kuwatahirisha wasichana wao kwa kutumia mbinu zitumiavyo na makabila mengine kama ya Wakikuyu, Wakamba, Waluhya, Wapokomo na wengineo ambao hutumia mila ya kufanya hivyo kama ishara tu.

    • leo said

      Thankyou ITHAVETHI for coming clean. Unyama ni Unyama. call it like you see it. Now, can we Issue more Visas to this girls?

  3. Pwtkaya Miriti said

    FGM is here in Kenya to stay! You guys in USA stop being brainwashed by Superiour White supremacy !FGM is African Culture and tradition! What about Whitemen/women Tatuering/Pins everywhere etc. Wakenya Jinga Kabisa! My Mom and My grandma have gone FGM and still going strong!
    Long live FGM in the whole of Africa and beyond!

    • Jane said

      Are you male or female?I wonder.How would you enjoy have sex with a woman who has been mutilated.To me this is inhuman and as a woman born and raised I’m so glad that I was not born in anyone of this tribes mentioned above.It is horrific to say the least.

    • leo said

      @ pwtkaya miriti I ask ,do you mean Tatuering or tatooine? im lost. Tatooine is not a requirement but kids voluntarily does it. Some grown up does it too voluntarily and therefore I kindly request you not to make a comparrison between FGM and tatooine.FGM is usually mandotatary however,It appear to me that FGM was done to to satisfy some very greedy men. They received more cows that way. Cutting a woman private part to pieces and then sewing it to a level where a man will say, TIGHT. Then I wonder,what happen when this ladies give birth? I dont know how you figured out about your M__________ and your G_____________ are circumsised. GOD forgive.

    • Jack Chimodzi said

      @Mukabi, FGM is ILLEGAL in Kenya just for your information. @Miriti, so if your illiterate backward grandmother and mother did it everyone else should ? You are as daft as them I can see. It’s obvious what your level of education is seeing you can’t even spell right. Go to school and get an education dude, maybe then you will learn a thing or two. If you can’t comprehend the dangers of FGM then you really need to go back to school.

  4. leo said

    Ngiona ta Ndaiganira Ngiri>ganirwo ni ngaiuheyanaga, biacara igitherema ngiona! >>>>>etc

  5. shiru said

    omg that is so scary n horrible gosh no one should go through that

  6. Mukabi Kimani said

    This is first class madness and first class insanity ati in the name of preserving our culture. What tradition or culture are we trying to promote here when our young sisters are being treated like wild animals? This need to be banned immediately and this women who walk around there thinking that they are the goddnesses of the tribe need to be educated about the dangers of such cruel things. Shame on them for even trying to broadcast and promote their devilish acts on a national media.

  7. mumbi said

    I totally believe if the government wants to totally ban this practice, thy are capable, jail these women for life for attempted murder of minors, I HATE EVEN TO COMMENT!! JUS SAD SAD

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