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We’re Being Wiped Out, Say Elders in Malindi

Posted by Administrator on February 8, 2012

A group of Kaya elders yesterday sent a delegation to the Malindi DC seeking protection against youths who are killing elderly men for allegedly practicing witchcraft. The Elders from the Malindi District Cultural Association said they were living in fear of being murdered by the ruthless youths who target mainly elderly men and women with gray hair.

Speaking to journalists at the MADCA secretariat after their meeting with the DC Joshua Nkanatha, the elders said the situation is worrying and asked for swift intervention by the government. Katana Kalulu, one of the Kaya elders, said the youths usually attack them in their homes at night and on the way as they return home. “Elderly men are being killed in Malindi, Magarini and the entire Coast province. We want the government to assure us of our security because they will completely finish us if action is not taken,” he said.

The Kaya elder said if the government failed to act on the matter they should involve the elders who have their own means of resolving those issues in the traditional way. “If the government fail to resolve the cases of killing of innocent elderly men they should allow us to go back to the Kaya and use the traditional methods of resolving the problem,” he said.

Source: The  Star


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