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Man flees after wife gives birth to triplets

Posted by Administrator on February 11, 2012

Namaganda (right) and Senga Smart at New Vision offices on Thursday. PHOTO by Silvano Kibuuka

Namaganda (right) and Senga Smart at New Vision offices on Thursday. PHOTO by Silvano Kibuuka

A 32-year old Kampala woman was left stranded when the father of her triplets she delivered at Mulago hospital disappeared upon learning of the news.

Hawa Namaganda of Masajja Zone B, a Kampala suburb, gave birth to triplets last Friday but was shocked when her husband, Abdu Balinnya, who ”was always around and cared” during her pregnancy, vanished when he received the news on phone.

The triplets are female, making it four children from two births for Namaganda. Her first born, Rajab Kasule is aged seven.

“Doctors had alerted me of the triplets but he was skeptical. I went to hospital alone and had a Caesarean delivery,” she explained.

“When we informed him about the delivery, he just switched off his phone and I have not heard from him again.”

A Vision Group fan, Winfred Kabanda alias Senga Smart of Zana Kikajjo working in St. Balikuddembe market downtown Kampala assisted the deserted mother to the New Vision offices on Thursday to relay information as regards the whereabouts of her husband.

Namaganda said her missing husband is a hawker.

In her desperate state, the mother of four thought of dumping her newly-born babies, predicting obvious unavailability of means to provide for them.

“She loves the children but wanted to leave them behind fearing funding. She was desperate as her family is in the village, but we have consoled her,” Senga Smart told New Vision.

”We are looking for good Samaritans to assist with funds and material help to keep the four in good health”,

Vision Group employees collected some funds to help her get by in the short-run and also transport her back to Mulago hospital for re-examination.

For any assistance, support or advise, you can reach her on phone number 0785231099 (the mother) and 0752722313 for Senga Smart.

Source: http://www.newvision.co.ug/news/628926-man-flees-after-wife-produces-triplets.html#


7 Responses to “Man flees after wife gives birth to triplets”

  1. kimani said

    as a father of twins, i cant imagine running away from them I love my babies so much and i would not care if they were triplets or quadruplets.My wife had a tough pregnancy [google /read about Momo twins] and it makes me emotional that someone would not love his own blood.

  2. peris said

    kim this is a very sad story but do you know our kenyan men are experts in this even when it is only one baby.they dont want responsibilities its so hurting and very traumatizing may God give this woman grace.may Gods favour be upon these innocent babies.may they never luck food clothes and shelter..

  3. Nairobian said

    Hopefully this guy will come to his senses and come home to his wife and family. I’m sure financial strains have a lot to do with his disappearance. All we can do is pray for this poor family.

  4. Jay Kay said

    technically my dad vanished and made reappearances to make more of us without being there. see he worked in urban centres but we lived in the village and were always hungry, clothless and so very many. and uhmm l am also on the run………..

  5. This man is run away from responsibilities but he deceiving himself. Many young men are doing the same, but the worst the you find the man had another woman who may have children. But before this woman ask help from public I think she should talk with her in laws and also her family

  6. Elizabeth Njambi said

    It’s obvious this dud had a good time during the process of the creation of the the three lives. Amazing!! how soon he’s forgotten the being in the crowds experience, when responsibility has knocked at his door. Dear friends let’s go an extra mile and send a shilling or 2 or a dollar or 2. Let’s call her on the phone pisted and make that deposit and shame the devil. thanks. God bks you

  7. cherono said

    Yaap, they like to dissappear when they are young and needy and reappear when they become a president or a doctor or a professor…when they become real successful…claiming them as “my son”, “my daughter”. But mama triplets stay strong you will make it. You will not regret. They will become something some day.

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