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Husband’s bitter dose of revenge for cheating wife

Posted by Administrator on February 13, 2012

A man recently shocked the residents of a village in Kirinyaga District when he devised an ingenious, albeit unethical means of punishing his unfaithful wife.

Assisted by a group of men, the man successfully trapped his wife while she was in bed with another man and, instead of springing at them with a machete, he made love to her in public as disbelieving members of the public watched.

The man who is in his early 40s works as a loader at the port of Mombasa. He had decided to visit home without informing his wife after learnng that she used to bring another man to his house during the day when she would be alone at home.


On that day when he reached the nearest town, he hired a taxi with tinted windows and had it parked near his house but did not come out.

He had picked three more men who sat at the back of the taxi so that they could come to his aid if the man inside his house overpowered him.

As he had been told, it did not take long before his wife appeared in the company of a rich pig farmer from the nearby ridge.

After waiting long enough to give the two adequate time to delve into adultery, they went up to the house and unlocked the door using his key.

They found his wife and her lover in bed.

Upon the husband’s instruction, they tied the man with a rope and locked him inside the boot of the taxi.

The man then took his wife outside where a crowd of anxious onlookers had already gathered to see what would happen to the sinning duo.

He first ordered the children to leave before he removed his clothes and proceeded to put on a condom.


When people asked what he planned to do, he said: “Tit for tat is a fair game. This woman has embarrassed me enough and now it is my turn to give her a dose of her own medicine.”

He wrestled his frightened wife to lie on the ground and did the unthinkable as the crowd watched in utter astonishment and disbelief.

Women who were embarrassed by the incident tried to separate the two but some men stopped them.

“This adulterous woman must be taught a lesson she will never forget. She will also become a lesson to others,” said a man rumoured to be equally cuckolded.

He stopped for a while to beat his wife as he regained more strength before going back to it with the crowd that had come from far pushing forward to see what was going on.


His wife was so embarrassed that after he released her, she ran into the house, wore her clothes and has since not been seen.

The men then turned to the man they had locked up in the taxi boot and gave him the beating of his lifetime.

Source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/sports/InsidePage.php?id=2000051960&cid=349&currentPage=1


25 Responses to “Husband’s bitter dose of revenge for cheating wife”

  1. benard said

    This man should have forgiven his wife…..

  2. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    Om mama my my!!! yani what kind of revenge is that!!!The wife is uttery wron and immoral but i bet you ther could be reasons leading to this . But maing love publicly hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. the other man should have been castrated , and it’s alli have to say.

  3. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    Om mama my my!!! yani what kind of revenge is that!!!The wife is uttery wrong and immoral but I bet you there could be reasons leading to this . But maing love publicly hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. the other man should have been castrated , and it’s all have to say.

  4. Cheaters Entertain Me said

    This is Kirinyaga’s version of cheaters. I like it. Machetes were not used in this case which mean lives were speared. There was no point of castrating the man because nobody knew what the woman had told him. The woman might have told the man that she had already divorced the husband. The victim was very igenious in that he turned the sad episode into porno entertainment which the communinity needed dearly for a change. This episode made people talk, learn and laugh with no blood shed. We need more like it.

    • Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

      @Cheaters point taken , however flip that coin. What if the wife had contracted HIV or other STD(S) , who would he blame if he became infected as well. Was there a better revenge than that coz that was risking one’s life.Yes! it’s an entertainment but at what expense?. This story could have ended with the captors taken captives..Not so very nyce to revenge. Revenge is a sign of defeat and failure to move on. It’s hard to do that but suck it up, keep your head high and above waters and keep moving for God will be left fighting those battles for you for after all he cant fight for you while your busy interrupting ……lol but I’m visualizing the happening, the crowd feeding on this happy hour, and the thrill they got from it, wao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what away to prove manhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Marie mutush said

    Thats a lesson well taught n men also be warned worse may b done to u

  6. thats not a lesson taught … just a bitter man thinking he has accomplished something but in the real sense this lady will still go back to doing whatever rocks her boat after they have reconciled with the husband. its sad what relationships have been reduced to.

  7. praxidus said

    From a Kenyan perspective,i believe all the tribulations affecting our men in terms of cheating and battery stems from their inability to cope with the demands of life in a poorly performing economy.Women have taken the mantle of bread winning and this has caused a lot of strain in families that were traditionally headed by men.
    Check out this Kenyan blog:copy & paste on browser


    I couldnt have put it better my self

  8. faith said

    I guess our morals as Kenyans are so low that we cheer the unthinkable. We need God

  9. Wakariro said

    Where on earth does the adminstrator get this fake stories? No matter what, we love the forum hence no point cooking such stories…trying to make it interesting!!

    • wangari said

      i agree with you. these are made up stories and they are not interesting to the reader. YAACK!

      • mose said

        Wakariro and Wangari,you think the administrator cooks these stories…u r soo ignorant…well,they might be fake but entertaining and no one is putting a gun and forcing you to read.

      • I normally do not respond but this is beyond comprehension. You know there is a link at the bottom of the story? There is a reason the links are there. All you have to do is click on it. Simple!

  10. mundia said

    The story is real. The daily nation had it and then mwaria njarie picked it up from there.

  11. Jack Chimodzi said

    Fake story through n through, this never happened , the “revenge” bit of it at least.

  12. criminal hater said

    The women never consented to have sex with the husband therefore he raped her. The man need to be arrested and prosecuted for raping his wife even though he caught her with another man. Marriage is only a relationship it can be broken. If the husband felt humilated by the cheating wife the best solution was to seek divorce through the established legal channels. We don’t live in feudal societies where a person can do whatever they want. Courts are the appropriate places to deal with issues like that.
    As for the other three men they too need to arrested and prosecuted for aiding and abetting a crime. This was a premeditated crime with conspirators conspiraring to commit this heines crime. It’s about time men in rerlationships realises they don’t own or posses their their women.

    • penny said

      Kiks call it Kuhura Nyororoka cum sliding, Disgusting, did he 1st have oral or just pulled and shoved it in? Imagine him lkicking all that from another mans!

  13. Dalixmc said

    Tit for tat…………………..

  14. Skinny said

    All I can say is WOW

  15. Obike Rafiki/Mukabi Kimani said

    two wrongs don’t make a right. Only cowards do stuff like that. If he was a real man, all he could have done after catching his wife cheat on him was kindly file for a divorce n move on with his life.

  16. It seems the husband was under the influence of drug or mentally unstable. For one how could he make love to his wife in public. He could have forcefully arrested the two and taok them to police and then seek legal redress. People who stood there to witness the forceful sexual drama beteween the so called husband are also to blame they could have reported the incident to the police for the neccessary action to be taken

  17. kidosho said

    What happened to our values and morals? We sincerely need God. True satisfaction comes from God whom we have decided to put aside. Let everyone understand so long as we do not put God first in our lives everthing will go wrong. Marriege was ordained by God himself. We can can therefore not be able to make it without Him. Let married couples appreciate one another. the Bible says two shall become one. There is therefore nothing like shaming your wife or your husband but yourself. Its high time we went back to drawing board and ask ourselves where did we really go wrong. What happened to the first love that we had for one another when we first became one? May God help us.

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