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Death Announcement: John Stephen Mutero Kanyotu

Posted by Administrator on February 15, 2012

The Late John Stephen Mutero Kanyotu

The Late John Stephen Mutero Kanyotu

We regret to announce the death of John Stephen Mutero Kanyotu in Portland, ME on Friday, February 10th, 2012 of natural causes.

He was son to Margaret N. Murigu of Nairobi, brother to George Kanyotu (Dallas,TX), and had numerous step-siblings and cousins.

The Memorial Service will be held on SUNDAY 02/19/2012 starting 3pm in Dallas TX:

Upendo Baptist Church

916   N. Jupiter Rd

Garland, TX 75042

972.276.9704; 214.868.6007


Family and friends are meeting as follows;


Wed 2/15/12 5 P.M – 9 P.M

Sun 2/19/12 as from 2 P.M

– at the Home of Eddie Kahi; address 411 Darter Dr Kennesaw Ga, 30144


Wed 2/15 thru Fri 2/17 as from 7 P.M each day

– at the home of Raymond Hamisi: address 18600 Dallas Parkway, Apt 703,

Dallas, TX 75287.

Please join us on Sat 2/18/12 from 5p-9:30p for the main Dallas Fundraiser at:

Nai Sports Grill Addison

15375 Addison Rd., Addison, TX, 75001

Updates on “https://www.facebook.com/groups/weluvubigjohn/327081030676916/?notif_t=group_activity”


***A Memorial Fund account has been opened for those who cannot make it to the meetings, but would like to support the family with transport and funeral costs:

Bank Name:            Wells Fargo Bank (Georgia)

Account Name:     John Stephen Mutero Kanyotu Memorial Fund

(Just ask for it by name.)

Deposits can be made at any Wells Fargo nationwide.

(For bank-to-bank wires, the bank rules say we can only email the account number individually)



“Don’t regret for the candle being extinguished; Rejoice instead for how bright it burned and how beautifully it lit your way” – Unknown

May God rest his soul in eternal peace and continue to bless and comfort those left behind.


6 Responses to “Death Announcement: John Stephen Mutero Kanyotu”

  1. barry said

    our heartfelt sympathy to the family…keep strong and trust God…

  2. paul mambofiti said

    This chap is from a extremely wealthy family the late Kanyotu and the is a harambee yani fundraising? there is something not right at all. No Nope not at all wake up kenyans and smell the coffee enough of this harambee business.

    • David Ambang'a said

      @Paul Mambofiti….I hope you never have to bury anyone in your immediate family, but if you do, I hope people who see the announcement will have more respect for the dead and their family than you do. No one is asking you for your money. If you notice, it says, “for those who would like to help”. You don’t belong in that group, so keep your peace and keep it moving! Every family ought to have the choice to do what they want or need for their tragedies. Whether they have $50Billion or $5 is none of yours or anyone else’s business! You don’t want others telling YOU what to do if this were your story would you?
      Grow up, chap! Don’t stick your nose in others’ business if you don’t want others sticking theirs in yours. I’m sure your closet isn’t squeaky clean! NKT!

      Condolences to the family, and God bless us all. Yes even you @Paul!

      • Ngarash said

        David, well said! I think that the tradition of helping with funeral and transportation for us in the diaspora (and I think for most Kenyans as well) is a show of respect to the departed and love to the people left behind – if you do not feel like joining in for that purpose, keep on with your life and leave those who WANT to help to do so. It most likely could be the friends are organizing this, and that is all it is. Even if the family is wealthy, the funds raised always help alleviate some of the burden and give comfort to the mourning, so let those who want to help, help.

        Condolences to the family, and God bless us all. Yes even you @Paul!

  3. Sijuinijiite said

    @ Paul Mambofiti-your comments are insensitive and unecessary. Shame on you! If you have nothing nice and uplifting to say, don’t say it at all. This family is grieving and you do not know the need that they have. Its people like you who talk like this yet at harambees you give nothing, just eat and leave.
    I pray that you will never have to hear / read hurtful insensitive comments when you lose a loved one and are in need of support and encouragement.

  4. Nash said

    @ Paul Mambofiti that was just uncalled for but its always good to mourn with the family who have lost someone and if you feel you cant help the family with your MONEY please keep it to yourself and its not gonna turn to a warrant of arrest that anyone is gonna come looking for you. Geez you didnt have to go there. My condolences to the Kanyotu family.
    Paul Mambofiti please have a softer heart.

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