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Ailing Kenyan man in South Africa denied a kidney for being a foreigner

Posted by Administrator on February 16, 2012

IN DANGER: Dishon Muriuki’s life is hanging by a thread because as a refugee he does not qualify for a kidney transplant. Muriuki fled his homeland of Kenya during the post election upheaval of 2007. Picture: SIHLE MAVUSO

IN DANGER: Dishon Muriuki’s life is hanging by a thread because as a refugee he does not qualify for a kidney transplant. Muriuki fled his homeland of Kenya during the post election upheaval of 2007. Picture: SIHLE MAVUSO

A Kenyan refugee who fled to South Africa in 2007 during the political violence that erupted in his country now has to endure the pain of watching his life coming to an end – because he is a foreigner.

Dishon Muriuki, 37, urgently requires a kidney transplant, but he does not qualify as he is “not a permanent resident of South Africa”.

He has been admitted to Addington Hospital for kidney dialysis treatment, but will be disconnected soon.

Fellow Kenyan refugee Damuris Kibe told The New Age that they had lost hope after finding that every avenue to get treatment for Muriuki was closed.

Kibe said even attempts to get the Human Rights Commission to intervene in the matter had been unsuccessful.

She alleged an official at the HRC’s Durban offices had promised to write to the minister of health and call them later with an update.

“Up to today we are still waiting for that call. This matter is very urgent as I am not convinced he can survive after he is released from the hospital as they said they will release him and give him medication to use at home.”

Kibe also produced a letter allegedly written by Prof A Assonga from Chief Albert Luthuli Hospital where kidney patients are transferred and treated.

The letter states that Muriuki can’t have a kidney transplant because he is not a permanent resident of South Africa and his relatives have been advised about it.

“The patient and five relatives have been counselled regarding the fact that he does not qualify for the kidney programme because of his asylum seeker status,” the letter reads in part.

Provincial health spokesperson Chris Maxon did not respond to questions regarding Muriuki’s matter.

Kibe argued that in most dire cases health asylum seekers or refugees are exempted from many laws governing their host countries on grounds that they find themselves outside their countries not of their own will.

“This is an urgent matter that cannot wait for laws to change. What makes matters worse is that Muriuki’s wife was deported to Kenya two months ago. This has added to Muriuki’s stress; his prospects are dim.

Source: http://www.thenewage.co.za/43535-1010-53-No_kidney_because_hes_a_foreigner


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Documentary On President Obama’s African Family Screened At PAFF

Posted by Administrator on February 16, 2012

The Education of Auma Obama screens, a documentary following Obama’s African family, at the ongoing Pan African Film Festival (PAFF).

The film focused on President Obama’s sister and follows Obama and Michelle’s Kenyan visits in previous years. The film which runs for 79 minutes explores Obama’s African routes, unraveling the political activism that is inherent in their routes up until the 2008 US presidential election.

Branwen Okpako directed the riveting film which is classified as a German documentary. This is a special year for PAFF, because it marks the festival’s return to the Baldwin Hills/ Crenshaw district in Los Angeles. PAFF was established in Los Angeles, but in 2011 it was moved to Culver City only to return to its roots this year. PAFF is the largest event celebrating the Black History Month in America.

Other documentaries which also screened at PAFF under the Best Documentary category include An African Election, Mama Africa, The Story of Lovers Rock and Brooklyn Boheme.

The first screening of the film took place yesterday, but there is a second screening scheduled for the 19th of February at 11 am.

Source: http://theurbantwist.com/2012/02/14/documentary-on-president-obamas-african-family-screened-at-paff/

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Court orders Phillip Moi jailed for a month for failing to pay his ex-wifes maintenance fees

Posted by Administrator on February 16, 2012

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 16 – The High Court has ordered the police to arrest former President Daniel arap Moi’s Philip and detain him for one month at Industrial Area Prison following his refusal to pay his estranged wife Sh150,000 as monthly upkeep.

Justice GBM Kariuki directed the order be executed by the officer in-charge of the police station near Philip’s residence unless he pays in full all the maintenance due from him to date.

Justice Kariuki granted the order after Rosanna Pluda who has filed divorce proceedings sought to have Philip committed to civil jail for failing to pay her maintenance.

Through lawyer Judy Thongori, Pluda claimed that Philip has refused to honour the obligation despite a court order compelling him to pay the amount.

Justice Kariuki pointed out there was no evidence tendered that he has paid the money ordered by the court.

The orders, Justice Kariuki held, were not made in vain and court litigations are not matters to joke about.

“There is no evidence to show that he is not capable of paying. On the contrary, there is evidence to show that he has the wherewithal but he continues to default in paying,” the judge said.

“He is unwilling to pay unless compelled to do so that is why I am inclined to allow the application by the petitioner because he is not unable to pay the money he owes by way of maintenance.”

Justice Kariuki observed that civil jail is meant to deprive the debtor of freedom in the hope that he will pay so as to regain it.

He added that it is resorted to because the creditor is unable to trace or lay his hands on assets of the debtor that can be attached.

“It is regrettable that Moi has failed to shoulder his obligation as a husband and a father and has allowed the matter to drift to this level,” the judge said.

“It is the duty of this court to ensure that the rights of the petitioner and her children are enforced and redress obtained. The law shall be enforced without fear or favour against all regardless of their social status.”

At the same time the judge dismissed Mo’s application seeking to set aside orders requiring him to pay Sh250,000 a month when Pluda has custody of the children and Sh150,000 when alone.

Justice Karikui said the court cannot grant a stay order stopping an obligation to maintain a spouse and her children whose needs cannot wait the outcome of an appeal.


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400,000 Kenyan men battered yearly

Posted by Administrator on February 16, 2012

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 16 – At least 460,000 men are battered in Central Kenya and Nairobi every year, according to statistics by the Maendeleo ya Wanaume Organisation.

The organisation’s founder Nderitu Njoka said on Tuesday that this was an increase of 160,000 from previous figures recorded in 2009.

“The Issue of men being battered started long ago… only that they have been silent when facing abuse because of fear of ridicule,” Njoka said in an interview with Capital News.

He said the men suffer physical and emotional abuse.

“This is an issue of supremacy and women wanting to dominate and take advantage of men,” he said.

He blamed the government for taking too much interest in women at the expense of men through various initiatives like the Women’s Fund.

“When the government came in and divided the family into categories of men, women and children, this brought up a big problem when it comes to the cordial relationship in the family,” Njoka said.

“Let us not fight a losing battle when we re-group women alone and start empowering them alone leaving men aside. Let us bring the society and family together and that is the only way we will have a solution to stop gender violence,” he stated.

He opposed the view that men are battered because of failing to provide and drinking too much alcohol, saying their survey revealed that only 25 percent of men are irresponsible.

“They are not facing abuse because they drink excessively but because of supremacy battles,” he said.

“We are talking of a very small percentage of men who are not providing and they are not supposed to be beaten because that is not the solution. If battering can be a solution, I am sure that women will be in trouble,” he added.

However Maendeleo ya Wanawake chairperson Rukia Subow maintained that men should be responsible if they wanted their children and wives to respect them.

“I am not advocating women to batter men but what I am saying is that sometimes you are pushed to take action and show this man that it is wrong. We are against violence against any gender but sometimes you are pushed to the wall,” Subow told Capital News.

She however expressed reservations on the figure given by the Maendeleo Ya Wanaume Organisation of men being battered.

“He needs to prove it that this number of men is battered,” she said.

She however said that gender violence against women had gone up by three percent as of last year

“It is two sides of a coin… it happens every now and then but the issue is that some women don’t report this violence against them,” she said.

Elsewhere, Prime Minister Raila Odinga has urged men to stop drug and alcohol abuse and become more responsible for their families

Odinga who spoke in Kibera during the commissioning of the Mchanganyiko social centre for a women’s group in Kibera said that the increase in cases of husband battery was as a result of alcohol and drug abuse.

“We have seen men being beaten in some parts of the country, but most of them are not sober and are abdicating family responsibilities. As a government we do not want to see abuse of alcohol and the use of drugs,” said the PM.

He assured women that he was committed to making a platform for them to live in dignity.

The premier said that he would seek partnerships with friendly nations to ensure that focus was sustained in addressing women issues like access to education, health, jobs credit and participation in politics.

“When we enable our women and girls to live indignity we bring dignity and strength to our families and nations. When women are healthy their families will stay healthy and become educated,” he said.

Source: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2012/02/400000-kenyan-men-battered-yearly/

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