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Posted by Administrator on February 17, 2012


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“Immigrants: know your rights” – presentation at SMU’s this Saturday, February 18th

Posted by Administrator on February 17, 2012

Do you have any rights as an immigrant?

There will be a free “Immigrants: know your rights” presentation at SMU’s Student Center this coming Saturday, February 18th from 2:00pm. This is a free event, which I think will be helpful and educational to many people. The event will be presented by an SMU alumnus Jiroko Lopez, an expert in immigration law, followed by a Q&A session.

Think about this:

“It’s 5:30am. You are multi-tasking to beat the time as you prepare to go to work. There’s a knock at the door. Who could that be? It’s very unusual. You check through the peep hole and three men are standing out there- clearly they are not lost. You open the door. It’s the immigration. What do you…”


“It’s Saturday afternoon and you are driving home through your normal route nonchalantly. Suddenly out of the blue, a police vehicle lights you up. You have no worries, your vehicles papers are up-to-date. He runs you up. ..Immigration issues come up. What do you do…”

Hughes Trigg Map

Hughes Trigg Map

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VIDEO: VP’s official residence complete

Posted by Administrator on February 17, 2012

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka's new house put up by the Government in Karen.

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka's new house put up by the Government in Karen.

Amid the wrangles in the G7 group, there is at least one place where the Vice President is being awaited with bated breath – and that is at his new house put up by the Government in Karen. The residence is partially ready for occupation but a parliamentary watchdog is raising key questions about the money spent on it. It is emerging that the project will cost the taxpayer an extra 200 million shillings above the budgeted figure. However, as Brenda Wanga reports, the contractor says the VP is free to move into the office section as soon as next week.

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Kenya’s unwinnable war – The Cafe – Al Jazeera English

Posted by Administrator on February 17, 2012

Can Kenya’s war on corruption be won? The Café gathers a group of Kenyan activists together to debate the challenges.

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PNU Alliance Backs Coro’s Radio Presenter Sabina Chege for Murang’a County Seat

Posted by Administrator on February 17, 2012

Sabina Chege, a presenter with Coro FM has secured the backing of the PNU Alliance for Murang'a county seat

Sabina Chege, a presenter with Coro FM has secured the backing of the PNU Alliance for Murang'a county seat


The PNU Alliance has endorsed a radio presenter for the Women Representative seat for Murang’a county.

The party members yesterday unanimously agreed to front Coro FM’s Wanjiru Chege for the seat during the official launch of a recruitment drive in Murang’a. Led by party co-coordinator Sammy Maina, they said Chege is the best suited candidate to clinch the seat due to her knowledge in national issues.

He said PNU and the Murang’a County Local Leaders Forum will support her. “We have agreed to campaign for her vigorously,” said Maina. He said the people of Murang’a trust her and are confident she will floor all her competitors. Chege, who hails

from Kinyona village in Kigumo constituency, is the only woman who has expressed interest for the seat so far.

During the meeting she officially declared her interest in the seat. Chege said when elected her first priority in Parliament will be to champion for the rights of women and children. “Women and children are still discriminated against in this county and once I am elected, I will fight to the bitter end to see that they are respected and recognised in the society,” she said.

Chege challenged women and youth to offer their candidature for elective seats in the coming election. She said over the years the two groups have shied away from competing for political posts a move she said was giving room for politicians to continue exploiting them.

The radio presenter said it was politically incorrect for youth to continue holding on to the belief that they are the leaders for tomorrow saying that they should realize that their time to ascend in power has come.

“Youth have over the years been told that they are the future leaders until they get old, it is the high time they should realize that their time is now not tomorrow as they are told by the politicians who wants to remain in power,” she added.

At the same time the party officials warned members against registering in other political parties while remaining in PNU Alliance saying they would be disqualified if they did so. “All those eyeing for political seats in the next election should join us even as we support the Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta in his quest for the presidency,” said Maina.

Another party official James Waweru asked members to ensure the party became popular in the area so as to compete in the next general election. The former Chairman for Murang’a County Council also took the chance to announce his candidature for Mathioya parliamentary seat.

He said he will use the party ticket to clinch the seat adding he was confident that theAlliancewill be the party to beat in the next general election.

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Rwanda Wants Kenyan Don to Refund Rwf25 Million

Posted by Administrator on February 17, 2012

The department of civil litigation in the Attorney General’s office is seeking reimbursement of Rwf 25 million from a Kenyan lecturer at Umutara Polytechnic University who was convicted of using forged academic transcripts.

Peter Maweu, who had taught communication skills at the university since 2008, was last year handed an eight-month jail term by the Nyagatare Primary Court after it was established that he presented a forged Masters Degree to get the job.

He presented a bogus certificate inscribed in French from Kenyatta University in Kenya.

After thorough investigations, prosecutors had earlier proved to the court that Mawae never at any point studied at Kenyatta University.

Maweu’s case was first handled by the Office of Ombudsman but prosecution later issued an arrest warrant against him and subsequently pursued him in court.

During the hearing at Nyagatare intermediate court on Wednesday, the principal state attorney in civil litigation department, Marie Claire Umwali, told court that given the fact that the suspect earned taxpayer’s money through fictitious certificates, he should reimburse the whole amount of money he was paid in salaries amounting to Rwf 25,150,000.

“The suspect has committed a high magnitude crime by feeding university students skills that he illegally acquired through forged papers,” the state attorney observed.

He also blinded the University management to offer him a job he did not qualify to do, she added.

She clarified that the suspect was paid a total of Rwf 24,150,000 as salary during his time at the University while Rwf1million would be fines.

“The public university where he worked was humiliated by employing such a person on false contractual terms. This is why Maweu’s contract should be nullified and he should pay the said amount.”

However, Peter Maweu’s defense lawyer, Emmanuel Bimenyimana, told the court that the government’s claim to be repaid the said amount would be “earning profits from a shadow investment” since his client was paid for the services he rendered.

The lawyer added that since the university has no plans to re-enroll students who were taught by his client on forged skills and hire a new qualified lecturer to teach them, there is no reason his client should pay the said amount.

“In addition to this, there is no institution claiming that the students taught by Maweu do not qualify in their respective work stations,” he argued.

In response, the state attorney, insisted that since Maweu reluctantly undermined a public institution of higher learning, his contract should be considered null and void and he refunds the salary.

“Umutara Polytechnic is a recognised public institution that delivers knowledge to all kinds of people. Forging academic papers to deliver substandard services is a crime that should be given much attention,” she said.

The presiding judge, Jean Bosco Rutagengwa, set February 24 as the date for the final ruling.

Source: http://allafrica.com/stories/201202170194.html


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Tables turn against the modern African man

Posted by Administrator on February 17, 2012

In Nyeri County of Kenya, a number of bruised men have come out to reveal that their wives have been battering them, behind closed doors.

One of them looked a bit tipsy as he narrated his story; the other a bit unkempt and in some pain. When a different man, this time from Kiambu County, also in Kenya, appeared on national television with scars, allegedly sustained from repeated beating by his wife, eyebrows were raised.

The unemployed man said he had been in the country for some months, after he returned from London where he studied law, but he was yet to get a breakthrough.

A common thread runs through these stories: All the men are rural-based, with little traditional duties to attend to and were struggling economically.

No laughing matter this one. I think it is the practical side to Darwinian theories.

After studying similar cases in France, sociologist Pierre Bourdieu concluded that these kind of cases were a manifestation of a gradual social-cultural transformation that could completely re-order gender relations in the world.

He cited a number of cases from Béarn, the region in southwestern France where he grew up, in his book The Bachelors’ Ball, that paints man’s diminished fortunes as gender relations continue to change.

In Africa, many traditionalists have expressed their fury against the new breed of women who, according to these conservative guys, should never face men in arguments, leave a lone batter them. Some of these have even proposed stern measures to deal with the phenomenon. So what happened ?

For centuries, most African communities were predominantly patriarchal, men on top; women at the bottom. In this arrangement, there were gender specific roles assigned after years of experiences that informed the different decisions, as seen through the male eye that dominated decision making.

It made a lot of sense then before change turned ancient wisdom upside down. Unfortunately, the men of Africa were yet to wake up to the new reality, they were no longer the only providers and source of security.

In those days, men fought in wars. Due to the importance of security in every society, men were seen as more important players, with women remaining in their shadows as mere benefactors of war their contributions aside.

But modern battles have changed, no need for crude weaponry that required exceptional physical strength that only men would provide.

At the workplace, women are slowing earning their decent space, just like in the home where it has almost became a dollar for a dollar on matters of family investment, if not more from women.

And they are not stopping at that. Even with additional responsibilities, ladies are mostly taking care of babies, kitchen matters and are involved in most of the planning going on at the domestic levels. This means they are more valuable than men, who were still struggling to retain the old reality.

In colleges, enrolment rates indicate that there were more women taking up once male dominated courses plus others that were more promising today, but not so in the case of men. Then there are more women in decision making positions, even at political level.

In Rwanda, for instance, women politicians were leading the country’s healing process after the 1994 genocide and so is in Kenya where the constitution adopted in 2010 insists that at least a third of all public appointments must consider the disadvantaged gender.

Father figure

Kenya’s national women fund to empower womenfolk in business has been offering capital to the fairer sex, something that has raised their investment chances just like their chamas (informal investment clubs) and merry go rounds that most men have not bothered to join.

All these wonderful initiatives, designed to raise women’s profile in society, have tended to diminish men’s role in society. The fact that a good number of Africa children were growing without a proper father figure, either because their mothers were single parents or because theirs were absent father, has diminished the father figure in the society.

In South Africa, for instance, the proportion of fathers who were absent and living increased between 1996 and 2009, from 42 per cent to 48 per cent. Over the same period the proportion of fathers who were present decreased from 49 per cent to 36 per cent.

With these kind of cases, the place of the future African man was not likely to remain where it has been, or is it?

Email: mmicheni@ke.nationmedia.com; Twitter, wamicheni

Source: http://www.africareview.com/Blogs/Troubles+of+an+African+man/-/979192/1329444/-/view/asBlogPost/-/nxdjc4/-/

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Kenyan among those arrested in India with fake US currency, passports

Posted by Administrator on February 17, 2012

New Delhi: With the arrest of five foreign nationals, Delhi Police on Friday claimed to have busted a racket of printing counterfeit US dollars, fake passports, visas and residential permits and recovered a huge cache of fake currency and documents from their possession.

Gabriel Olawale Ajisafe, Sunny Odigie, Enwere Okechukwa Kelvin Enwere, Caroline Cherotich and Augustine John Kwaku Kyare were arrested on Wednesday for running the racket for the past one year in the National Capital Region.

The five, who hail from Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, were involved in printing of counterfeit US dollars, making fake passports of African countries, fake water marks, fake Indian visas, fake residential permits, fake stamps and seals.

“22,000 counterfeit US Dollars of 100 denominations, 120 fake passports of Lesotho, Ghana, Botswana and 35 passports of other countries, 61 fake stamps/seals of Indian and Foreign Immigration Authorities and various embassies, screen printing set and other incriminating materials have been recovered,” Ashok Chand, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime and Railways, said.

He said the accused claimed that the counterfeit US Dollars are being sent to the African countries for circulation there.
The arrests came after a deal was stuck between the racketeers and a decoy customer for providing a fake passport with fake Indian visa and immigration stamp.

The main accused Gabriel Olawale Ajisafe has been living in India for the past 30 years and has married an Indian. He was arrested in a NDPS Act in 2004 and was released from Tihar Jail in 2008, Chand said.

Source: http://zeenews.india.com/news/delhi/fake-us-currency-racket-busted-five-arrested_758992.html

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