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Rwanda Wants Kenyan Don to Refund Rwf25 Million

Posted by Administrator on February 17, 2012

The department of civil litigation in the Attorney General’s office is seeking reimbursement of Rwf 25 million from a Kenyan lecturer at Umutara Polytechnic University who was convicted of using forged academic transcripts.

Peter Maweu, who had taught communication skills at the university since 2008, was last year handed an eight-month jail term by the Nyagatare Primary Court after it was established that he presented a forged Masters Degree to get the job.

He presented a bogus certificate inscribed in French from Kenyatta University in Kenya.

After thorough investigations, prosecutors had earlier proved to the court that Mawae never at any point studied at Kenyatta University.

Maweu’s case was first handled by the Office of Ombudsman but prosecution later issued an arrest warrant against him and subsequently pursued him in court.

During the hearing at Nyagatare intermediate court on Wednesday, the principal state attorney in civil litigation department, Marie Claire Umwali, told court that given the fact that the suspect earned taxpayer’s money through fictitious certificates, he should reimburse the whole amount of money he was paid in salaries amounting to Rwf 25,150,000.

“The suspect has committed a high magnitude crime by feeding university students skills that he illegally acquired through forged papers,” the state attorney observed.

He also blinded the University management to offer him a job he did not qualify to do, she added.

She clarified that the suspect was paid a total of Rwf 24,150,000 as salary during his time at the University while Rwf1million would be fines.

“The public university where he worked was humiliated by employing such a person on false contractual terms. This is why Maweu’s contract should be nullified and he should pay the said amount.”

However, Peter Maweu’s defense lawyer, Emmanuel Bimenyimana, told the court that the government’s claim to be repaid the said amount would be “earning profits from a shadow investment” since his client was paid for the services he rendered.

The lawyer added that since the university has no plans to re-enroll students who were taught by his client on forged skills and hire a new qualified lecturer to teach them, there is no reason his client should pay the said amount.

“In addition to this, there is no institution claiming that the students taught by Maweu do not qualify in their respective work stations,” he argued.

In response, the state attorney, insisted that since Maweu reluctantly undermined a public institution of higher learning, his contract should be considered null and void and he refunds the salary.

“Umutara Polytechnic is a recognised public institution that delivers knowledge to all kinds of people. Forging academic papers to deliver substandard services is a crime that should be given much attention,” she said.

The presiding judge, Jean Bosco Rutagengwa, set February 24 as the date for the final ruling.

Source: http://allafrica.com/stories/201202170194.html



6 Responses to “Rwanda Wants Kenyan Don to Refund Rwf25 Million”

  1. Kangemi said

    Serves him right. How I wish this would be the case in Kenya. A friend who is a frequent visitor to Rwanda just mentioned to me recently that there are several Kenyans lingering in Rwandese jails mostly from DUI offenses.
    Just heard of a Kenyan here in the states who lost their job two months into it after someone “combed” their resume only to find work experience that never was. We are quickly getting on par with our Nigerian bros and sisters, if not there yet, with all our dishonest ways.
    Those of you who have tried to invest in Kenya know what I am talking about. Instead of loking for long term partnership for mutual gain, most in Kenya try to figure out how to steal from you first. in my December-January trip to Kenya, I met several diaspora returnees who are not only disgusted but also discouraged by the level of fraud peddled no only by close friends but also by own relatives. This in a country where legal recourse is almost non existent.

    • flacco said

      Kangemi, its always a pleasure reading from you man; most of us will need this invaluable information when trying to navigate the cess-pit that is my beloved country.

      • Kangemi said

        @Flacco, thanks buddy. I try to share my experiences and my almost ten years of navigating the system in Kenya has had its share of victories and dissapointments. Somehow, I dust myself and keep plugging along.

        More often than not, interaction with any government department leads to a bribe solitication! On January 9th, I walked into City Hall to pay my rates(property taxes). The person behind the counter wanted a certain amount of money to make my rates “disappear” for five years. Have you ever heard such crap? Don’t even get me started on permits for anything, Hook up for power or even simple things like enforcing the law when a neighbor has an open sewer directed to your property will lead to a bribe solicitation.

        That said, it’s refreshing to meet a person in Kenya who has a professional attitude towards their job. Also, knowing that you are creating employment, with all its challenges, is the best feeling in the world.

        Many of my fellow diasporans go to Kenya and get completely discouraged when they compare service at Bank of America to Equity Bank, they are stuck in the unending traffic or they experience the many power outages. At times, we all need to take a chill pill and play along with the circus in Kenya.

  2. ITHAVETHI. said

    Hamna wakati ambapo Wakenya wenzetu nyumbani watakapobadilika kifikra kimawazo. A simple request for information about a certain property or service creates a gang of economic opportunists thirsty to make a kill. Huduma katika ofisi za serikali ni zile zile. Mara wanakwambia kama wataka mambo yako iharakishwe, kuchota lazima uchote. And these civil servants take more than the rates we pay for the government. Na wanalipwa mshahara. Ofisi za serikali tangu jadi zimekuwa vyumba vya biashara ambavyo havihitaji vitu vya kuuza hata.

    Sisi Wakenya sasa tuko karibu kuwafikia Nigerians katika visa vya hadaa na ulaji mlungura. I do not talk or blame Nigerians any more. Some of us have perfected these acts of fraud and engaging in criminal activities with pure precision. Lakini ni muhimu kukumbuka kwamba, waweza kuepuka kurundikwa ndani unapovunja sheria ukiwa nchini Kenya, kama ilivyo kawaida, ila utendapo tendo kama hilo kwingineko nje ya nchi yetu, basi patakuwa na shida. Bw Peter Maweo sasa nd’o amejua vile.

  3. criminal hater said

    Eight Month jail term is too lenient. Rwanda need to put him in jail until he finishes reimbursing the fine through inmates pay no matter ho long it takes. He should also receive at least five strokes of judicial cane for the offense . Imagine the harm he caused to those innocent students. We don’t need rotten criminals like him in Kenya.

  4. The interview team should also share the blame, if they did shoddy job then they contributed to the loss of tax payers money. I understand that evaluation should be conducted quite often to determine the right candidate is hired

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