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Confessions of a nuns’ driver

Posted by Administrator on February 19, 2012

DAVID ODONGO lifts the veil on the secret life of renegade nuns

When a community proudly gathered to celebrate the ordination of their first son into priesthood at a lavish outdoor ceremony inWestern Kenya, a little secret ripped through the audience: “He has a son!”

Strangely, there was no reproach but some sort of secret triumph, a tacit acceptance that even though the celibate young priest would now serve Jesus, his lineage, in true African sense, would never end.

Two decades later, when he was elevated to head a parish, he had filled out into a handsome middle-aged man. At a “homecoming party” held in his parent’s home, two nuns ; one a primary school headmistress, openly clashed, with one shouting, “This is my house!”

Two wives

Old women lounging on the grass smiled knowingly. The word quickly spread: “Our son has two wives!”

So whereas theVaticanmaintains that celibacy is here to stay, inKenya, the sexual transgressions of many a priest are quietly known and accepted so long as they are heterosexual. After all, they are just men – African men!

Little, however, is ever said of nuns who, by design of ancient chauvinist monks, are ensconced inconspicuously behind high walled convents in drab-coloured habits, stockinged feet in simple shoes.

They wear plain cardigans, no lipstick, no manicure or perfume, every effort made to banish and mask their feminity.


No wonder in the movieVirginTerritory, a nun’s convent only employs deaf and dumb gardeners.

That’s the special skill that the gardener must have because apart from the gardening job, he also has other duties and as you are aware, a deaf and dumb man hears and speaks no evil.

But *Timothy Mburu (not his real name) was neither deaf nor dumb. Now a school bus driver, Timothy, who has never been married, worked in a convent for 22 years.

Timothy isn’t married. He doesn’t even desire to have children. Though he doesn’t drink or smoke, his paunch is a bit on the heavy side.

His clothes are well pressed, his shoes clean and his cheeks rosy. He has the aura of a well-fed man.

“Yes, its true, I have been well taken care of. That’s why I don’t need a wife,” reveals Timothy with a chuckle.

The 41-year-old man says he joined the church as a teenager in 1985. He started as an altar boy.


“It was a white priest. He liked me because I was so dedicated to the church. When I turned 18, he took me to a driving school. I was initially his driver and worked in his house until he died in 1992.

“When the new priest came in, he was an African and he wanted his own driver, so the nuns asked me to join the convent as a worker and driver,” says Timothy.

Having been in the convent for over 15 years, Timothy has seen it all.

“When I joined, I didn’t look at the nuns as women because I knew they were holy. Even the thought of having an affair with one never arose. But within weeks, that perception had changed dramatically because of this trainee nun in her second year who was hardly 20.”


Timothy explains that a friendship blossomed between him and the nun and within weeks, she began sneaking out of the dormitory to his house, which was at the far end of the parish, well outside the convent.

“The thought of doing something forbidden scared me. I used to vow every time that tonight would be the last, but come the next morning, I would be waiting for her. She used to come at eleven and stay for two hours. It was scary but fun,” says Timothy, his ample belly rippling as he laughs.

He continued seeing the novice nun for almost four months before she disappeared.


“I think she got pregnant and ran away. I have never heard from her since,” says Timothy, shrugging his shoulders.

He, however, says he could tell a few senior nuns were aware of his dirty little secret and what’s more, he suspected they also had designs on him.

He was not wrong. During his stay in the convent, nearly half of the nuns would troop to his little house, he claims.

“To be frank, some were very pious and never even looked at me. Some were not very pious although they worshipped and did everything by the book, but at night, they would be in my house,” Timothy reveals.

But one incident nearly stopped his little arrangement. A senior nun he was seeing came to his place unannounced. He refused to open the door since another novice nun was already in his bed.

“That made her really angry. She could guess I had somebody in the house, because I talked to her through the window, lying in a whisper that my mother had visited,” recalls Timothy.

The senior nun went back to the convent but kept vigil, waiting until she spotted the novice sneaking out of his house back into the convent.


“There was some kind of confrontation between them. I then came to realise the novice was now being given the most difficult of chores, work I used to do. I think she was being punished. The problem with the convent is there was no one she could complain to. But I just couldn’t resist. The senior nun was a little bit mature while the novice was young. How can a man resist such temptations?” asks Timothy.

“Like all women, jealousy stalked them. No woman wants to be slighted. No woman wants another woman to take her man. They couldn’t agree to share, which they were doing anyway! So they would sulk and stop talking to one another. Alternatively, they would gang up against the most beautiful or the one who visited my house more often,” Timothy adds.


Although he quit the convent last year, Timothy doesn’t think he wasted his life when he was at his prime.

“I had a good life. At that age, what else does a man need? I was fed, clothed and well taken care of. I am sure I have many children out there,” Timothy discloses flatly.

He says most of the nuns he slept with never gave him any trouble. “I was never nagged. I was treated like a king.

Even when the relationships stopped because of pregnancy, the nuns generally held themselves accountable, since they were the temptresses, the seductresses.

“Nobody ever came to ask me to cater for a baby,” says the former convent driver.

It’s not just a Kenyan thing. Recently inItaly, A 79-year-old Roman Catholic nun pleaded no contest to two counts of indecent behaviour with a child for alleged sexual encounters with two male students at a church convent and school where she was principal during the 1960s.

The nun, Norma Giannini, faces a maximum ten years on each count if sentenced.

One man said the nun told him in 1965, when he was 13, to open the buttons of her clothes, but he was shaking so badly he could not do so.

He said she then unbuttoned her clothing and had him touch her breasts, the complaint said. The first incident was followed by 60 to 80 others.

Another man said he had sexual contact with the nun more than 100 times, beginning when he was in seventh grade. At least one incident involved sexual intercourse, the complainant said.

So now you know. But like the deaf and dumb gardener, hear no evil; speak no evil.

Source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/sports/InsidePage.php?id=2000052439&cid=349


33 Responses to “Confessions of a nuns’ driver”

  1. faith said

    What is the purpose of this story? That moral decadence is fine as long as one is not caught. This is plain disgusting!!!

  2. benard said

    Oh Lord our God and our only holy father, if this is true then have mercy on us !

  3. peter said

    Faith I agree with you what is purpose of this story. Please avoid putting stories that are meant to humiliate women because it a very sensitive issue in the society.

    • faith said

      The most annoying thing for me, is that we glorify bad behavior instead of condemning it. Am sure the author thought we should be laughing at the absurdity and failings of people of faith. Why we set our moral values at such a low bar,is just amazing to me.

      • Faith, there is no glorification or condemnation of anything. It is a story, a simple story of life. Life does not have to mirror yours in order to be valid.
        The sexual escapades were among consenting adults and if they triggers your cognitive dissonance so be it. I personally very much like the story.

      • paul said

        Faith I agree with you the author of this story wanted people to laugh. I find this disturbing because he like cutting and pasting stories without thinking what are the contents in it.

    • David said

      The author of the story is the Standard guy and I think that is who Faith is reffering to. It seems like you are reffering to the site’s administrator. There is a difference. Please do not be blinded by your holier than thou self coronation. It’s like a thief crying foul because the media has written about him. It does not always have to be your way.

  4. mtangwa said

    I think someone is settling scores after being dismissed as a driver. This story has more in it, than revealing immorality within convents.

    • wangari said

      i agree. “timothy” may have boned 1 or 2 nuns, certainly not the whole convent….. come on. but the reason why this story evokes such strong emotions is because it involves christian faith. nowhere does the bible say that we should not marry, in fact it encourages us to because God knows us better that we know ourselves. But when someone declares that they have chosen a life of celibacy as a way to honor God, then people are going to watch and see if you are going to do what you said you will do. We all transgress from time to time. this is my personal experience for many years as a person of faith. but it shouldn’t be a habitual sin. if a nun is struggling to stay pure, then get out of the convent and get married! its pretty simple. as for “timothy” its time to grow up. A man who has been “fed” is one who looks after his children and lives a life of integrity, not a free loader. you sound very immature by the way.

  5. ITHAVETHI. said


    They arrived in my village
    A couple of centuries ago
    Some Catholic priesthood: with good intentions
    To evangelize our virgin souls
    And elevate us from poverty

    Building a school for the orphans!
    A health clinic for some common ailments
    A cathedral to lure our cultural traits
    And a palace behind heavy foliage
    Amidst a whispering hissing leaves

    As the nuns conducted some sweet melodies
    Blended by Semetic and hamitic sisterhood
    I sat there humming the everlasting hymns
    Busting my vocal cords to evade HELL
    A sospisticated tune in decor

    As they lived a life of seclusion
    A luxurious edifice rare to our us
    Elegant and serene
    Tempting and pretty soothing
    I wished I lived there, ate there

    Decades after I drowned with age
    And at this time this day
    Poverty is still a way of life
    Still tithing from subsistance farming
    Bibles on hand, manna still hanging from Heaven!!!

    • Wepukhulu said

      Wauu! N Nice piece, ITHAVETHI. Just wondering how you manage to perfect both languages with such decorum.

  6. Wepukhulu said

    Homosexual/Lesbianism/ is the holistic culture and tradition in Kenya Mpya!

  7. Mama Watoto said

    Please you all stop being hypocrites (whichever way you spell it…) Evil, immorality is lurking everywhere… There is no humiliation of women hapa and I am a woman the last time i checked this morning! The women here were very consenting adults who discovered that they could not live without a piece of you know what and what did they do? Go for the next bloke around them and it happened to be the driver. They wanted it, they got it and so it happened.

    I hope you are all not feeling insulted because these were catholic nuns. This kukulakula nje knows no bounds…. it does not discriminate against pentecostals, catholics, protestants etc… It is a high time we faced the fact that celibate is pointless and does not work. I blame not the driver – kindu kionekire watho wa hiti.

    • Jane said

      You may be a woman and don’t care .Alot of decent women cares, the the point am making is the story has nothing to do with type of information people want to read. I don’t care if these women are nuns or not . First of all I think you are anti catholic and this why you think it is a good strory.

      • Mukami said

        Jane stop being so sensitive. You are trying to tell us that only the stories you like can be posted in this forum. Kama ni ukweli ni ukweli and that is the problem with news. It leaves casualties along the way. This is not about women. It is what it is and just because it is touching on nuns does not mean it is distasteful. What about catholic priests who rape boys….sorry…who sodomize boys? Shouldn’t it be a story since you are catholic? It is called the blogosphere my friend.

      • Mama Watoto said

        Jane… it’s not I may be a woman, I am. There is a difference btwn women being abused and when women actually remove their knickers and have SEX! These nuns were not raped. They did it willingly. So quit bringing in the idea that these women were exploited. I have nothing against Catholics.

  8. Skinny said

    Religion is just a set of rules used to control sheeple. Remember most of these rules were written by “men” and contantly changed and interpreted to according to what they feel should be the way of life. (What works for them ) People need to focus on their spirituality and faith rather than religion. This stuff has been going on for way too long. Humans have natural urges and those that can’t control themselves act on them. Nothing wrong with that as long as no one is being hurt. These nuns needed a piece so they went and got it. The only thing I do not like are the babies out there that may never know their father.

  9. kijeketile ngware said

    I would love to bone a nun. Timo u beat me to it. I guess i have to volunteer as a watchman at the convent to accomplish my goal.

  10. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    Now why did i not become a nun// hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    toooooooooooooooo late for me but I was in a nun school for 4 years and that story is very true. Too many things were not adding up but was too young to seat and unravel the mystery. Might I say in girl’s baordng school and one very handsome “Father” somebody. The morning mass was full of multiple female eyes feasting on the only male priest but the ‘nuns’ put a ring on it and we had no chance.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • kijeketile ngware said

      johana wanjukru thuku im a priest and you can feast on me anyday allday. Contact me at 1-800-nun-boner

  11. Jane said

    I think the editor of this website is running out of ideas. I have advice for him that he should evaluate the before he cut and paste it. He don’t have any authenticity of many stories he put in this website and this story fall under category.

    • Mukami said

      Paul/ Jane…since you are one and the same….You sound very upset. Are you a catholic nun? You are being hypocritical. Wasn’t the original story in the Standard? If it was good enough to beprinted in the national paper, what makes you think it does not fit here? You seem to have a stake in this story. Lick your chops and take it as it is. Can he also not also post stories about Catholic priests sodomizing boys or men? So now the author should evaluate a story before posting here to see whether it will hurt your feelings? C’mon. The blogosphere is large. You can move if you feel hurt.
      Here is the original story and it is in a Kenyan Newspaper http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/sports/InsidePage.php?id=2000052439&cid=349. So shut the hell up and swallow this one.

      • paul said

        Mukami you seem to a mad woman and looking for attention. You don’t have to explain about URL where story originated and may GOD forgive for your arrogance.

    • Jackson said

      Paul, your ignorance is steaming. Do you have a personal vendetta against this website. It seems you even know its a him. You know you can skip an article you do not like? Nuns are human and they also sin so dont pretend they are the second coming of Christ. You seem to be defending Catholism so much. Uum…how about those Priests mentioned above who RAPE / SODOMIZE boys? Don’t give us this crap. Also, something is seething you especially when you talk about cut and pasting over and over again trying to make a point. To cut your wagging tail short, All diaspora websites do the same, Nation and Capital FM get their WORLD NEWS from other sites e.g BBC, Reuters, Associated Press, AFP, Bloomberg and the like. In essense, cut and paste. (Examples listed below) CNN gets some of their news from Associated Press, Reuters, BBC. Do you have a problem with them or is the problem with this site because it hurt your feelings? Uuurgh…you ignorance and arrogance is glaring. You can always read somewhere else. Dictating, dictating, dictating. Get your own and do not post anything about your beloved nuns even when they sin.

      http://www.nation.co.ke/News/world/French+police+detain+Strauss+Kahn+in+sex+ring+probe/-/1068/1332198/-/14s46xnz/-/index.html from AFP

      http://www.nation.co.ke/News/world/French+preschoolers+post+messages+to+Twitter+/-/1068/1331526/-/91grbn/-/index.html From AFP

      http://www.nation.co.ke/sports/football/Sudans+quarter+final+spot+sparks+Khartoum+party+/-/1102/1318344/-/kxml6jz/-/index.html From BBC

      • Mwai said

        Ha ha ha Jackson. That is a bazooka. I did not even know that happens with these other big papers we have here at home. Word of caution. Stop trying to instil any sense into Paul who I think is the same as Jane up there. His/her agenda is obvious and people like him/her disgust me when they thumb their noses just because they do not like it. Why can’t they simply walk away. This is a simple story either you like it or not. Not all stories should suit you. Had to write this hata kama niko kwa matatu..

      • OmarBashir said

        I didn’t see any point here expect the ghettoes of Mwai and Jackson at the highest level. Be civilized people and see the light.

  12. Mama Watoto said

    Jane, there are so many websites that you can go to… No one drags your behind to come to Jambonews. There are other sources of news… yahoo, cnn, mr.seed etc…

  13. Jaylo said

    This is a story up for debate. I have a problem with people trying to sensor the internet. So can we agree that Paul and Jane are phonies who are Santorum wonnabes. Too much fakeness. Kwani Jambonews should be serving you only. I come here for news as well as entertainment and I get both. Keep giving us more Jambonews. Those do not have the chin to take a blow should not be reading any type of news. If you wonna know how many people do not read Nation or Standard, go to the Jambonews Michki story and see how many people have commented on it and how many people have shared it on Facebook and Twitter yet the story was also on Nation. So I guess, Paul and Jane’s comments about are mute.

  14. paul said

    This issue have shown me how intolerant Kenyan people are .If you object something am sure you don’t take no for no. Everyone has right to give opinion and if you don’t like someone opinion there is no point of cursing at that person. As freelance writer you have to be criticized and this make you strong and better. Stop behaving like ghetto people who don’t understand the freedom of opinion.Western people are great people of strong culture of tolerance unlike the Kenyan people who think people have to agree all the times.

    • Shiku said

      This is laughable. Now the fire has caught up with you now you backtrack? Do you see how contradictory you are? Re-read your comments above Jane/Paul/Omar. You are not tolerant otherwise how does one run out of ideas just because you do not agree with them? You are funny but not funny ha ha ha….

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