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A Kenyan Woman fights for her life following brutal assault in Dubai

Posted by Administrator on February 20, 2012

Dubai: A young Kenyan woman is fighting for her life in a Dubai hospital following a brutal weekend assault in a car park behind the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Shaikh Zayed Road.

A Rashid Hospital official confirmed yesterday that doctors are administering critical emergency care to Esther, 26, who is reported to be on life support in the trauma centre.

Her friends told Gulf News yesterday they visited Esther in the intensive care unit and medical authorities advised them that the former sales clerk at a major store in a Dubai mall is in a coma and is experiencing low levels of brain activity.

Dubai police said two Emirati men are facing tough questions while police probe reports of escalating violence around 3.20am on Saturday that led to an unconscious Kenyan woman being rushed to the hospital by ambulance with blood leaking from her ears, nose and mouth.

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A police official from Bur Dubai police station said primary charges of assault that led to injury may be in order after all evidence in the case is gathered and weighed by authorities.

“One suspect, who beat the girl, remains in custody while the other suspect has been released on bail,” a police official told Gulf News.

“The girl remains in critical condition in the intensive care unit. The case has been referred to the public prosecution.”

When contacted by Gulf News, a senior prosecutor confirmed police have referred the case to the prosecution.

“The suspects are facing primary charges of assault that led to injury and if during the investigation new evidence surfaces, then the charges might be modified. In similar cases if the victim dies, a suspect is usually charged with assault leading to death,” he said.

“However the investigation requires that we wait for forensic reports and to hear more prosecution witnesses… such procedures take some time, especially when the girl’s medical situation remains unclear yet, as she remains in ICU.”

No charges were laid as of press time yesterday, according to the online case file.


Meanwhile, two women directly involved in the altercation told Gulf News yesterday that they were still physically and emotionally shaken, and fear for their friend Esther’s life.

Both women were accompanying Esther to a waiting taxi on the dark early morning in question behind Crowne Plaza when a group of young men in their early 20s approached them uninvited.

Eyewitnesses alleged that unwarranted advances by one male led to the violence. They claim he touched one of the women on the buttocks.

In an interview with Gulf News one of the women, Susan Wanjiru, said she immediately protested in very clear terms and told the offending man to leave her friend alone.

The unidentified man answered with a punch to Susan’s face, she claimed.

“He gave me a blow in my face, my left eye. He punched me.”

When Susan was knocked from her feet, Esther attempted to defend her friend, throwing one of her shoes in the direction of the assailant.

According to Susan, the group of men quickly gathered up their male friend and placed him in a four-wheel-drive vehicle to defuse the scene.

But the male left the vehicle, then allegedly punched Esther in the face knocking her to the ground, and began kicking her in the head.

“I don’t know how many times. He wouldn’t stop,” she said. “She just lay there on the floor [the ground], she was defenceless.”

Friends’ reaction

News of the incident was not well received by those who formerly worked with Esther.

One described Esther as a petite young woman but advised not to judge her personality by her small frame. Although Esther is small, her big personality and zest for life leads her to speak her mind and often help friends, she said.

“Esther is so full of life, she is very strong,” she told Gulf News.

Another co-worker said that friends were praying for her recovery.

“We are very sad to hear this news and we are praying she will be okay,” she said.


To report any criminal activity to Dubai Police:

n Call Dubai Police on 901

n Contact Al Ameen Service on 4004888



5 Responses to “A Kenyan Woman fights for her life following brutal assault in Dubai”

  1. Women should avoid dark and isolated areas, they should avoid dark alleys especially when jogging. I also ask young to respect young women and refrain from nasty behaviour of treating girls as if you have right. Think in your mind if it was your sister how would you feel?

  2. Netia said

    UAE structure;

    Those that matter; Emirati, Arab
    Those that give us image (tour,shop,top-jobs); white UK, US, AUS, SA
    Those that do our office work, accounts and man our shops; Indian
    Those that do our house work; Filipino
    Those that move rocks and other heavy labour; other Asian
    Those that we’d rather not have; all others esp blacks.

    • Marie said

      Netia..i have loved the way you have put up these structure…exactly, and thats the way most countries structure their social standing…i always wonder why kenya or other african countries just give the same order…blacks should learn from the actions of the past from all these races…

      thanks for that poem…its very politically powerful and i will copy it on my facebook if you allow me…

      Africans arise

  3. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    thanks @Netia with that awesome Emirate structure that speak a thousand words. Poverty leads pple back to slavery more ofen than not. Seeking for greener pastures have become the it thing but would rather find myself in all other parts of the world than in any UAE countries. These are the most promiscuious communities of world and over, all hidden in religion and clothing. They are the most inhuman beings on earth . It’s only in this part of the world you hear horror stories of mistreatments to non arabs in particular women. Let’s remember not too long ago a woman was found frozen in time and dead with all her documents and awaiting to be discarded to the sea only that they got found out. I bet someone enuf money that the murderes did not get convicted for after all it was not an Arab human . 1995-1998 there was a mass exodus of young female kenyans that went to try their lack out of poverty in UAE and boy , did they come back with horror stories especially the sexual orientation. My cousin was one of them and said the men would creep to the maids bed at nite and duing the day while the wives are gone they were gays . Majority of the the maids have spoken of a high pornagraphy viewage and that to me was a disbelief given the fact they point at every one else as sinners except them.
    If they were genuine employers with all right intentions , why do they take all travel documents away upon hire and only return them at their own free will an dhen they want. After my many travels , I came to conclusion if I was given an option to rot in Kenya and in extreme poverty and or be given a JOB in any UAE, I would rather take the first option and wait for my death. These people are inhuman and have no regards for humans they deem second class citizens of the earth. Do not be enticed by there outward appearance and soft spoken verbiage . All devils wearing a prada . I rest my case and quick recovery to the injured and the last thing for me would be , why do pple go their. It’s a bigger risk than being in Kenya.

  4. Achieng said

    I really feel for Esther and wish her a quick recovery. It is unfortunate that such incidents still happen in this century. I believe that God created all men black, blue,red, white whatever equal coz we all have red blood running thru our veigns. However, our intelligence measures are different and that is why we have a problem with in breeding coz u end up with mongloids, retards and idiots. I do not care what anyone thinks because for a fact, black can produce white, coloured etc but the rest cannot produce black hence u can guess which is a superior race. Am not a racist but am just stating a fact. I have a lot to say but wud rather not at the moment. No apologies fr being a black woman. The perpetrators shud rote in jail for all i care.

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