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John Michuki dies at the Aga Khan Hospital

Posted by Administrator on February 21, 2012

The Late Cabinet Minister John Michuki

The Late Cabinet Minister John Michuki

Cabinet Minister John Michuki died of a heart attack on Tuesday at the age of 80.

The Environment minister and Kangema MP, who was a close political ally of President Kibaki, died at the Intensive Care Unit of the Heart and Cancer centre of the Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi. (Read: Michuki admitted to city hospital)

Mr Michuki was taken ill on Sunday morning two days after returning from a London Hospital, where he had been undergoing treatment since December.

Hospital sources at the time said he had been admitted in critical condition.

On Monday rumours swept social media that he had died, drawing a clarification from the government that he was in hospital and was responding to treatment.

Mr Michuki¹s last official assignment was the Durban Environmental Conference in South Africa between November 28 and December 9, last year.

He flew back home from Durban but left for the United Kingdom just before Christmas for treatment.

The minister arrived back in the country on Thursday last week from London in the company of his wife Josephine and went first to his Nairobi home.

He was later rushed to the Aga Khan hospital at 3am. His death was announced by President Kibaki last night as he left for London to attend an international conference on stabilising Somalia.

The President described him as a dear friend, colleague and patriot.

He said Mr Michuki would be remembered as a focused public servant, determined businessman and issue oriented politician.

“He was a true family friend and dependable ally. In this time of mourning we pray to God to give his family and constituents the strength and fortitude to bear the great loss,” said the President.

At the Durban meeting, Mr Michuki stated Kenya’s determination to help reduce the blow of global warming, but called on the rich countries to boost the poor ones.

He was absent on Monday during the 12th Special Session of the United Nations Environmental Programme (Unep) Governing Council Global Ministerial Environment Forum in Nairobi.

Mr Michuki will be best remembered for streamlining the matatu sector by imposing tough regulations for owners and crews, popularly known as the Michuki Rules.

He was also at the centre of the government March 2006 raid on The Standard newspaper’s offices, which he defended with the controversial remark “If you rattle a snake you should expect to be bitten.”

Mr Michuki was born in 1932 at Muguru Village, Iyego Location, Kangema Division in Murang’a County.

He was educated in Kenya and overseas, serving as a Finance Permanent Secretary in the government of Mzee Jomo Kenytatta.

On joining politics, he was appointed an assistant minister in the Moi government.

Mr Michuki had earlier served as executive chairman of Kenya Commercial Bank. He was in his fourth term as MP for Kangema Constituency.

He had a reputation as a ruthless and efficient manager. In the Internal Security ministry, he cracked down on Mungiki gangs, which had killed more than 500 people.

Murang’a County was once notorious for the sect, which had instilled fear among residents through bizarre killings and extortion.



71 Responses to “John Michuki dies at the Aga Khan Hospital”

  1. Muthoni said

    RIP hon Michuki…you were a true HERO..

  2. Zareyn said

    U were a true kenyan.we luvd u.may u r.i.p

  3. may ur soul find peace

  4. Paloma said

    May God rest his soul in peace.he has left a legacy

  5. Betty .W. Kefah said

    Am Still shocked by this news…………RIP HON. JOHN MICHUKI

  6. We are saddened to hear of your sudden loss.RIP Hero!!
    Hon John Michuki

  7. kimemiah_j said

    Words fall short of expressing my sorrow for Kenya’s loss. R.I.P John Michuki .

  8. spaciozar vane said


  9. POKO said

    Michuki was 80 and still a govt employee? Who is footing the bill he incurred abroad?

    The man was too old o be clinging to a job.

    RIP though. No wonder there is 40% unemployment.

    Those of you who will react to my piece with yelling: calm down. Kufa ni lazima kuishi ni bahati. We all must die. michuki has been on the stage pretty long enough, and he was also arrogant during the PEV.

    But I shall not judge a man’s soul. Reap what you sowed.

    • Jaylo said

      @POKO, Please take a minute to first mourn the passing of the MP. Once you do, please marinate on this…..You are a dumb idiot who needs to be stripped of the gray matter between the ears.

    • wanjiru said

      well, its funny how your statements contradict each other…Kufa ni lazima kuishi ni bahati we must all die………..But i shall not Judge a man’s soul. U reap what u sowed………..WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shortie (Kadogo) said

      Poko you can kiss my black ass if you can make such statement about Michuki. Do you even pay tax after selling your stolen donkeys and goats to ask such question? I can bet you are a cattle rustler somewhere in pokot county that lives on killing and stealing cattles from innocent hard working Kenyan. You should be ashamed of yourself. Michuki was one of the best leaders Kenya has ever had. You may not know that because of your ignorance. God bless Michuki’s soul.

      • Dave Mining said

        Mining Said
        Well, sad for the sudden death, he murdered innocent many people in the name of Mungiki and during PEV before relinguishing the sword of dead after accomplishment, hope he was send to Hague, but not too late. OUR ALMIGHTY WILL ASK!!!!

      • leo said

        poko! why dont you call yourself Deaf Moarning instead of dave morning? Mara you are sad,mara you are happy mara you are poko mara you are dave mining, Just let the man R.I.P and like it or not, he is a national treasure and yes he was still serving his country well @ age 80. Whatta blessing?

      • joe said

        stupid man we una gari yako kwa njia ama polis station ndio utoe filingz hapa kwanza ulifika clas…*some text missing*..no wanda?…nkt!!!!!

      • ferrarri elgee said

        Amen shortie am with you on that he was a good man n many will miss him.

    • cathy Njeri said

      Poko, you’re the kind who want every thing on a silver plater,
      My friend, you may not have liked Hon. michuki, but there people who he means too much to, and you would rather shut your big mouth,
      Hon .michuki; R.I.P; we loved you ,as our representative.

      • flornce said

        Poko is just a good for nothing son-of -a bitch. wonder wether your brain is normal. u can go to hell and rot there

    • Sheryl said

      Poko… ur name says it all. Is this bitch serious? how can u make such a statement? Michuki was a great man. U can shove ur idiotic opinion. Nkt!

    • martin said

      poko waht ever he was an mp not like you a no one

    • Poko in such time it is better to mourn or not say anything which can be construed as negative. Now, regarding Michuki deeds, time will eventually paint his true picture not with passion but with historical facts.

  10. Peter Nyababu Marieta said

    Too sad

  11. wanjiru said

    Sad, indeed, he may have not been the best of persons to all of us. but he was a father, a grandfather may be a great-grand father and a friend to some people. RIP Michuki colonial u may have been but a doer u also were..

  12. Crabtree said

    Rest in peace my Honourable MP! We shall dearly miss you! Yet another reminder ~ we’re all strangers in this life! May God’s peace and grace be upon his family at this dark moment!

  13. jonah said

    U’ll be remembered 4 eva.

  14. R.I.P hon.Michuki..we will always hold you close at our hearts for restoring sanity in our roads..

  15. robert said


  16. Antony kakuro kilakoi said

    We loved you but God luve most,rest in peace.

  17. Mary wanza said

    R.I.P Hon Michuki

  18. ITHAVETHI. said

    Kwanza ni wingi wa majonzi. Pili nikutuma rambi rambi zangu familia ya Bw. Michuki ambaye Wakenya wengi watamkumbuka zaidi kwa umaahiri wake wa kuzima yote yaliomkandamiza mwananchi wa kawaida. Ni nani atakayemuenzi uongozi bora wa marehemu Michuki ambaye alileta adabu na kuitoa fikra mbovu za kichaa katika sera ya usafirishaji wa abiria.

    Bw Michuki alikuwa kiongozi shupavu aina ya pekee ambaye hakufuata mienendo ya viongozi tulionao bungeni ambao walizifikiria tu tumbo zao badala ya kuwatumikia wananchi. Wakati wenzake bungeni walikuwa wakipuja mali ya umma na kujiongezea posho na marupurupu mengine, Bw Michuki alikuwa katika shughuli kabambe za kutekeleza kazi alipewa na wananchi. Mara kwa mara alikuwa mkimya, hajibu kitu wala haguni, hakuwa mnafik, huku akifanya kazi yake kwa ustadi na busara huku Wakenya wa tabaka mbalimbali wakimpigia vigeregere vya hongera kwa kazi nzuri.

    Wakati viongozi wengine walipokuwa waliyatwaa huku wakijigawia mali na mashamba ya mashirika ya serikali kama KEFRI, KARI, ADC, KEMRI, NYS, KISUMU MOLASSES, yakiwemo pia MAKABURI NA VIOO VYA MABARAZA YA MIJI, ENEO ZA MAJESHI, MAHOSPITALI, MISITU YA SERIKALI…..Bw Michuki alisimama kidete na kusema …LA HASHA!!!! Wabunge walafi na wadaku walipiga domo na kupayuka huku wakiapa kutoripa kodi, Bw Michuki aliwapuuza kwa kuchapa kazi katika wizara yake huku akiimarisha mazingira ambayo tayari kazoroteka.

    Kwa kweli hatunae tena, lakini fikra zake zitaishi katika historia ya uongozi nchini Kenya kwa muda. Ameacha jambia lenye makali kwenye pande zote. Jambio hili litakuwa maandiko yake kwa miaka itakayofuata. Alikuwa kama kamanda aliyeanguka katika uwanja wa mapambano katika ulaji mlungura, uzorotaji wa usalama nchini, uzorotaji wa hali ya jamii nchini mwetu, na ukosaji imani kwa serikali katika kutatua matatizo yanayowakera watu wake. Ni kujitolea kwake, mathalan, kulipowafanya wengi kama POKO kuzubaa na kujikunakuna vichwa huku wakitabasamu kwa utendaji wake wa kazi.

    Marehemu Michuki aliweza kubaini hila na njama za baadhi ya viongozi wetu wenye hulka za kifisadi ambao madoea yao ya kutanguliza mbele binafsi na tamaa ya mali, kiasi wasijue nani awemo nani asiwemo. Kwa marehemu Bw Michuki, aliamini kwamba ni kheri kufa kama umesimama kuliko kufa kama unapiga magoti. Ukweli huo tuliuona kutoka kwake. Naiombea rohowe ilazwe palipo pema peponi. Amina!

  19. Stephen maingi said


    Lookmat Nairobi river,clean though some idiots are pulling his efforts down,look at the trees he initiated around globe round about ,look at cars belts though we do not use them,This man is an hero,he deserved to work till 150yrs,This is the kind of leaders we want,ruthless and efficient manager.Am deeply touched.R.I.P

  20. wilson sancha said

    You were a true servant of the people,u ill be remembered for the much effort you place in the transport sector.R.I.P Hon Michuki

  21. flornce said

    May the Angels in Heaven receive you. And may you rest in Gods side.

  22. Wa cheers said

    It hurts,shocks,render som1 void…nuwng wom uav lost.inu th hymps r celebratng down hea bt inu in heaven th devil zin despair n homa kali bcz one of lineage of mighty gabriel ako area.R.I.P Sir.make smooth ways 4us n nice transport 2tht lvly Jerusalem 2ko nyuma Afande.bon voyage

  23. We apprct you good work rest in peace.

  24. moraa said

    we will miss you and the michuki rules. R.I.P

  25. jane said

    You were a true Hero. Rest in peace

  26. Judy onyango said

    You fight for our safety in transport sector we luv that but,you like discriminating so much.We’ll miss u vinoma.May your soul rest in peace.

  27. RIP in peace our Hero

  28. Charity Mwirigi said

    R.I.P Michuki

  29. Peter said

    I hav 2 mourn as an environmentalist

  30. Peter said

    I hav 2 mourn as an environmentalist RIP

  31. u were such a HERO!may ur soul rest in eternal peace.we ve appreciated u here on earth n i know u shall b received well in heaven..a state burial is a must have.

  32. hellen said

    We’ve lost a hero.If ever there was a star,he was the one.May his soul rest in eternal peace.Hon Michuki we Kenyans we will miss you.God be wit U till we meet again.

  33. we love u for your great courange for our nation may your soul rest in peace our hero Hon. michuki

  34. We have lost an important role model in our government may God rest his soul in eternal peace R.I.P

  35. Carol said

    RIP Hon, Michuki – shall miss you and the michuki rules.You were a hero+

  36. i cnt come to term wit hs death.wat a loss

  37. ANDY RONNY said


  38. kiloma said

    A product and a beneficiary of a colonial system who finally and most defiantly fought for the common good for all especially on transport, security and Environment. You had a heart for commoners and it is personal for me after working for you for 5 years. Condolences to Lady Josephine, Martin, Francis, Jane and the rest of the family,
    RIP Hon J N Michuki

  39. dkren said

    May the God of all comforts comfort the bereaved family…..

  40. Reginah said

    Rest i Peace Hon. Michuki. We loved you and we will ever live to remember you and your good deeds to Kenyans.

  41. EVA K. said

    Rest In Peace Hon. Michuki. its still hard to believe that u are gone. we hope to get a leader as loyal and efficient as u.

  42. johnie said


  43. We alwyz kip on rememberin you

  44. Scovvie said

    We laved u bt God laved u most u wil forever b rememberd by ua gud deeds R.I.P n may our gud lord give strenght 2 ua left family……

  45. POKO said

    Na mmenivamia….hmmm! Michuki meant much to his family. fact: he was too old to be working, period. And he was an arrogant a.hole in hi last years.

    Kenya did not belong to him. But judging is to God, coz if i was God, he’d be in hell. me thinks he died coz Hague be awaiting.

    The old geezer just died, big deal. I cry for 26 year old Careen chepchumba.

    For Michuki? His time to die had come. I stand by my story. And it is fact.

    • ITHAVETHI. said

      Poko, hebu nitazame tutazamane. Ha! Umenitazama? hebu tena nenda chooni ujitazame tazame, nauchanue makope kisha upumue kidogo. Je, umefanya hivyo? Haya, sasa sikiza kwa maakini. Je, uliona hisia za uso wako zimejawa na hila chafu cha kuchukia waliowema. Silka yako ya kusahau na kupuuzia viashiria vya hatari vilivyoikabidhi jamii ya Wakenya tangu jadi, inanizubaza. Maoni yako ni sawa, lakini swala kubwa ni hili, hakuna kitu kizuri unaopo kitendwacho na mkweo(kama unaye) ambacho waweza kumpongeza? Huoni katu wewe una dosari? Dosari ya kupayuka, dosari ya kupuliza mdomo ambao haukuelekezi popote?

      Isitoshe wewe Poko! Hakuna chochote kizuri ambacho marehemu Michuki aliwafanyia Wakenya wa tabaka mbalimbali, wewe ukiwemo? Kama Wakenya wa Wilaya za kaskazini na kaskazini mashariki wa makabila ya Waturkana, Wagabra, Wadaasanach, Wahamar Koke, Wakaro, Wasomali, Wasurma, Wamolo, Warendille, Waboranana wengineo wapendezwa na kazi nzuri ya Bw Michuki, mbona wewe unajifanya kuwa Mkenya Mmarekani ambaye tena amesahau alikotoka? Kila mtu ana dosari, ITHAVETHI akiwa mmoja wao. Lakini ukweli ni kwamba kuna kitu kizuri katika kila mmoja.

      Dharao ulionayo kwa kiongozi huyu aliangaa Taveta, Kasipul Kabondo, Nyaribari Machache, Karatina, Gatanga, Kiserian, Njoro, Bahati, Nairegi Angare, na kokote kazi yake ilioonekana inasheni hisia za kinyaa, za uchafu, za kufokafoka, kana kwamba wewe unategemea Sosho Welfea kujimudu. Hakika yapepese macho yako, tafakari mambo ya kadhia za dunia na bila shaka utaonekana ukiwa kiumbe ambacho chajawa upweke na uyatima. Unakaa kama Mkenya wa pekee ambaye anafaa kaptula ya kaniki wakti wa msimu wa baridi, kaptula yenye vitobo tobo, isiyo na shati wala staha. Ukosaji heshima kwake, wenda wazimu wako, usodawi wako, ujuba na ufidhuli wako utkutumbukiza palipo punzi yenye ulunzi mwembamba mkali. Mmmmmmmmmmmm….!

      Rohowe marehemu Michuki ilazwe pema penye wema. Amina!

      • POKO said

        Elizabeth my dear,

        My first language was swa, and I mean kiswahili sanifu. Therefore, I don’t take stock in broken swahili.

        Secondly, this is the fact: Michuki was 80 years old, why are yo’ll sad? The man lived his life, can we say the same for 10-year old onyango who was shot by cops in Kisumu? Or electrical engineer Careen snuffed by some thugs…thanks to a non-functioning govt.

        We will never know the greatness of Onyango or Careen. As for michuki:


        I have no tears of death for folks who have lived enough. Period.

        NO TEARS. I am not his family, I don’t know his worth, to me or my family. But he used my tax money…and raided Standard and sent mungiki to kill.


      • kifagio said

        Something told me that you should be a typical Luo what hates anything or anybody sounding Kikuyu. You are the ONLY Luo who do not value Michuki’s contribution to our nation. Others are hailing one of their great leaders. Just like Kenyans were united when we JM, Mboya, Ouko, etc were murdered. Rise above tribal resentments, Puko.

        We you talking about ithavethi’s broken Swahili? You should be kidding. Whenever you are reading his commentaries, know that it is all advanced Swahili. I love it. Remember me of my secondary Swahili. Ask around Poko. Kiswahili yako ni hile ya kuomba kasichana. “Mkosa mila ni mtumwa, Puko. Try to write yours. Bure kabitha, Poko.

      • kinyozi said

        Leave Poko alone guys. Ithavethi floored him good.

      • wachera said

        Wo…! ithavethi you are a brilliant scholar. just curious does your name ithavethi mean elizabeth?

      • Shortie (Kadogo) said

        Poko is a retard, you might as well leave him alone.

    • Crabtree said

      Good job Ithavethi! Poko is a frustrated and bitter human being thus the anger towards everybody and everything! Prolonged bitterness leads to mental issues and that’s the reason he’s so cold! Crazy people have no feelings! Poko, please check with a psychatirist before you harm yourself! R.I.P Mheshimiwa!

  46. cherono said

    Rest in peace mweshimiwa. To the family and relatives, may God comfort and strengthened you at this very challenging moment.

  47. Bernard Gechiko Nyabwari said

    Kenya has lost a good man. He believed in peace love and unity. He has left an exam to be emulated. Let us remember the great things he achieved for Kenya. As a human being it was impossible to be loved by all that means as a human beings he also had weaknesses. In African philosophy concerning the departed, we don’t talk about the negatives of the dead. I hope to see Michuki in heaven.

  48. Wanjiru Terry said



    R.I.P you have faught a good battle, may the angels receives your soul in the kingdom of the Father.

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