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Kenyan student wins prestigious award in Australia

Posted by Administrator on February 21, 2012

Francisca Atonga who is studying for an advanced diploma of accounting at Challenger Institute of Technology in Perth, Western Australia, has won the institution’s prestigious International Student of the Year Award. The training at Challenger Institute includes job placements and Francisca is working part time as an assistant accountant at the Australian Asia Association.

Her placement at Challenger Institute of Technology was arranged by the Australian Education Consultants in Centro House, Westlands, Nairobi through the TAFE group in Australia. Geet Chana, a Director of AEC, said, “Every effort is made by us to find an institution of higher learning in Australia which suits each individual student.”

The institute’s business lecturer Peter Kerr said, “Francisca’s two years of study have been characterised by excellence. She compliments her sterling academic performance with delightful people skills and is a team player. These characteristics are very much in demand by employers.”

Unlike many people who detest the sight of taxes and balance sheets, Atonga is fascinated by accountancy. She commented: “The course at Challenger Institute focuses on practical and hands on learning which will help me to obtain employment. Through the combination of studying and part time work, I have gained confidence to tackle any area of accounting.”

In addition to providing certificate and diploma courses, Challenger Institute has articulation arrangements with Murdoch and Curtin Universities. Qualifications at diploma, or advanced diploma levels can be used to apply for university entry. They may also provide credit for up to one year in a three, or four-year degree course.

Source: http://www.the-star.co.ke/lifestyle/128-lifestyle/63476-kenyan-student-wins-prestigious-award-in-australia


2 Responses to “Kenyan student wins prestigious award in Australia”

  1. PatMuigaiDallas said

    There is our beautiful lady, showing that only ,she has beauty but brains.All that smile from a number of ladies would be hiding weakness but in her case she is making African shines and shows that Kenyans are extremely good worker who are quick to learn any thing ,work with other in a good team work relationship and respect other people culture.
    Near future ,Kenyans because of their good education and experience will replace Indians as the most sort about workers in engineering, nursing ,computer, teachers and many more.
    Kenyans have dominated nursing field and are known to love their patients.That is a big step for Kenyans .Who can also beat Kenyans with all those wonderful education institutions.
    Keeps up Kenyans !!!!!

  2. Herb said

    Congrats!!,this is the type of news that we want to hear and read about, not some Kenyan found with illegal drugs in Phillipines, or some Kenyans joining Nigerians in what the do best, mass production of fake currency and passports somewhere in india.Hio ni aibu mtupu.Hongera Francisca.

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