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Veteran politician Njenga Karume dead at age 82

Posted by Administrator on February 23, 2012

The Late Njenga Karume

The Late Njenga Karume

Former Cabinet Minister Njenga Karume died on Friday at Nairobi’s Karen hospital after a battle with cancer.

The minister’s battle with cancer saw him seeking medical attention locally and in India, but family sources said his condition deteriorated forcing them to rush him to Karen Hospital.

He had served in President Kibaki’s Cabinet and had stints in the defence and special programmes dockets.

President Kibaki sent a message of condolence to the family, relatives and friends and said he had “learnt with a deep sense of loss the death of his dear friend”.

“We thank God for the great moment we shared with a fine gentleman and political ally that Karume was to me and my family, and political associates and followers,” President Kibaki said.

The President described the late Karume as an astute businessman and a quintessential Kenyan who rose from humble beginnings to build a business and political empire through sheer hard work and determination.

He recalled that two weeks ago he visited Mr Karume at his home in Kiambu County and despite his failing health he exhibited great courage and passion for what he believed in.

Source: NATION

Karume’s Last Interview with Citizen TV


28 Responses to “Veteran politician Njenga Karume dead at age 82”

  1. Wepukhulu said

    Mzee RIP……..

  2. Gatuna said

    REST IN PEACE .YOU WERE A WONDERFUL MAN.The most industrious man i new

  3. Ngarash said

    Very generous man. Helped many, most who had no means to ever repay. RIP….

  4. ITHAVETHI. said


    Kifo kitu kichokozi, huwendea waso neno
    Wasopenda ukupuzi,wala tusi la mkono
    Wasotaka cha upuzi, wasonena kwa maneno
    Lazweni palipo pema, MICHUKI nawe KARUME!

    Kifo kitu kichokozi, humuacha mfidhuli
    Hunusuru yule mwizi, na wafishi wakatili
    Wenye choyo na ajizi, na kiburi cha thakili
    MICHUKI NAWE KARUME, Watrukana womboleza

    Lipenda kunyenyekea, wakuwa nacho kiburi
    Diposa kawapendea, kazio zikawa nzuri
    Popote walitoshea, mambowe kayakariri
    KARUME naye MICHUKI, Kisii twaomboleza

    Hawa waja nikwambie, wameimarisha mengi
    Tulija waheshimie, kila mara kwa makini
    Maisha tufurahie, walotendea miakani
    Waborana twomboleze, MICHUKI naye KARUME

    Nakumbuka siku zao, wawili walofanyia
    Mara hili mle kwao, kwingine kajitolea
    Amani nyumbani mwao, nchini pia kenea
    KARUME nawe MICHUKI, Rendille waomboleza

    Rambirambi twatumeni, kwa wale jamaa zao
    Wawekwe mle moyoni, na wote walio wao
    Na wafikapo mbinguni, wapate ya mapokeo
    Wamursi waomboleza, MICHUKI pia KARUME

    Wakenya elufu nyingi, watafika mazikoni
    Mawaziri tawa wengi, mabunge na madiwani
    Hotuba zitawa nyingi, hadi saa za jioni
    Walazwe palipo wema, Dasanach twomboleza

    Naditama kivulini, niwaze niloandika
    Liwaheshimu kindani, kwa utu wao hakika
    Wazimu barabarani, uvumi ulisikika
    Walazwe pema peponi, WAKENYA twaomboleza!!

    • jeff said

      a very good poem. Wish were on air tukusikie kwa news reciting it. Keep up. Meanwhile may the two great leaders rest in peace. May God also give strength to their families and their dear friend our President.

    • Hannah said

      Wow, shukran kwa shairi hili bora, naunga Jeff mkono akisema ni kheri tungeliweza kusikia ukilikariri. Hata vile kheri nusu ya shari kuliko shari kamili. Mungu awalaze pema mashujaa wetu na azidi kuibariki nchi yetu na wengine wengi.

  5. flornce said

    uve done your best.

  6. David said

    All these great leaders are dying.Sad.I hope the youngsters in parliament will rise to the occassion and put self interests aside for the sake of the country and the future of Kenya

  7. Regys m. said

    Hon.Njenga Karume R.I.P…

  8. Waswa Edwin said

    Rest in eternal peace our hero.Kenya has lost two great sons of the land in the very same week.We shall miss your presence but your legacy shall live within us.

  9. Njenga said

    job well done mzee…. lala salama 😦

    • ndegwa said

      pole sana kwa familia.may the lord rest his soul in peace.

    • Gilbert Kibet Langat. said

      I cannot add anything, Njenga u said it well. We in Molo miss you especially when we see you name kila mahali, Njenga Karume school, buildings and all the help you did help the community in general. Lala salama mzee for sure!!!

  10. POKO said

    Another old geezer croaked. Happy day for kenya. This old tribalists are leaving the scene. Reap what you sowed.

    • leo said

      Poko! you are slowly turning into attention seeker. You are so guilty that you are now trying to cover up your mess by attacking every blessed person that passes on. You should not have made your 1st distasteful comment about the late Hon. Michuki and now Hon. karume. Smart Africans dont fight with the dead. Hopefully you are a Mzungu otherwise if you are especially a Kenyan, you gonna reap alot poko so keep sowing.

      • Ngarash said

        Leo, Well said. I love the internet for all it gives us, but the one one thing that I really despise it is for the cover it affords imbeciles, and especially in comment sections. I wonder if some people would comment if we did not have aliases and were held accountable for our words. Hon Karume was one of the most generous people in Kenya. He served as asked in many areas of the government without prejudice. His wealth was from his own hard work. Yet, some idiots seem to celebrate his death even before he is interred into his grave…

        And Poko, death is not what you sow!! Judgement day will give you your reward for what you sow in this world – Even you will die, and I pray that, for your soul, even 1/1000th of the people who feel Mr Karume’s loss mourn for you. How many have you helped? With an attitude like that, I doubt whether your own family receives any compassion from you.

        Respect the dead – I am sure your own parents, if you are a Kenyan, would reiterate that point and smack you on the head for such idiotic comments!

        RIP, Hon Karume, and may there be someone to fill in the void you have left.

    • cherono said

      I got to ask Poko this, how are the dead men gonna sow what they reap? They are gone. Since you now understand that people reap what they sow, you should be busy sowing good seeds/deeds and not uttering distasteful, venom here. Be careful this might come right back to you…you are not immune and “the harvest will be plenty”.

  11. POKO said

    I can not claim that Karume was bad or good, I leave that to God. That is why he should reap what he sowed. As for Michuki: am not the only one asking for honesty in his mourning. Read daily nation ” Let us mourn Michuki with Honesty by Mr. Agwa”

    Fortunately, I try to use the brain that God gave me, therefore, I refuse to dance unless I hear music.

    And yes, I’d still say the same thing with my names.

    Karume was a tribalist.

    • Jay Kay said

      Bud do u ever know when t shut up? u should have closed ur trap 100 comments ago. Really.

    • john said

      You are a very sad young person full of hatred for successful people you personality will affect your life negatively and you will be lucky to attain half age of these great men. if you hit 40 count yourself lucky. people like you have high chances of getting hypertension cardiovascular diseases,diabetes and strokes than happy people who are not haters.

  12. Let learn something from Njenga earning money through honest mean Njenga was one of the most successful businessman in kenya although he had no diploma in business management for many years he distributed beer in kiambu district and imagine those days there were no cellphones computer or even ordinary telephones. I don,t know how bar owners made their orders. The roads were so bad that trucks brokedown so often. Mr Charles Rubia also owned a distribution company called mwamba and yet despite Rubia having good education his company was most of times faced with liquidity problems

  13. Ndii Mugikuyu,urenda atiia? said

    Dont Mince words for Poko which in sheng means(Malaya)
    Nii Kiguii, go Seek attention somewhere else ‘Nguii Inoo’

    R.I.P.Michuki & Karume Job well Done !!!!!!!

  14. maria said

    rest in peace my dear leaders

  15. Shortie (Kadogo) said

    R.I.P. Hon Karume. Our country has lost two great leaders. May almighty God bless their Souls

  16. grace said

    To Mr.Albert Kigera Karume .we are sorry for the death of your father Mr Njenga Karume may God rest his soul in peace . yours Julius ,Grace Mumbi of Dallas Texas.

  17. Mama Watoto said


  18. Wambui Gaitho said

    People like Poko should not be responded to because it sounds like he is a hateful, jealous, frustrated person. These are the kind of people who turn into serial killers. People should just ignore him totally and not even read the trash he posts. The old men lived long lives. Being over 80 years is no joke. Poko, with his hatred and jealousy, cannot get anywhere near those years. Such people die early.

    May the two great men of Kenya rest in peace.

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