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Mike Sonko Name Now Formal

Posted by Administrator on February 24, 2012

Makadara MP Gidion Kioko has now formally acquired Mike Sonko as part of his official names. Sonko and his Kipkelion counterpart Magerer Langat, in the Kenya gazette of February 10, 2012 say they have formally assumed new names. Energy assistant minister Magerer’s official names were Langat Jonathan Kiprono but he has now moved to have Magerer added to his identity.

The two first term and youthful legislators, through their advocates, placed notices in the Kenya gazette to inform the public of their intention to formalise their names. “Notice is hereby given that by a deed poll dated 1 February, 2012, and duly registered by our client, formerly known as Mbuvi Gidion Kioko, formally and absolutely renounced and abandoned the use of his former names and in lie therefore assumed and adopted the name Mbuvi Gidion Kioko Mike Sonko,” the gazette notice No. 1607 signed by C.M. Ongo to advocates reeds in part.

On his part, although the Kipkelion MPis known by the name Magerer, only Langat Jonathan Kiprono was appearing in his identification documents. “Notice is hereby given by a deed poll dated 25th August 2010 duly executed and registered by my client, formerly known as Langat Jonathan Kiprono, in lie of notice formally and absolutely renounced and abandoned the former name and thereof assumed and adopted the name Magerer Langat Jonathan Kiprono,” gazette notice No. 1605 signed by M. K. Kurgat reads in part. Sonko has consequently applied to the national registration Bureau to have a new Identity Card (ID) bearing the five names. The MP also in documents seen by the Star has formally written to the ministry of lands to have all his properties registered under the new names.

Source: http://allafrica.com/stories/201202240582.html


One Response to “Mike Sonko Name Now Formal”

  1. Mama Watoto said

    How many people change names and we dont even get to know about it. Sonko kweli he loves attention. Wait till he is 70 and his grand children will be calling him guka Sonko.. he will drop it like hot cake!

    at least this is not as bad as being arrested or him throwing a fit mwagaring unga on himself… mheshimiwa

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