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Drug peddling, lottery fraud by Kenyans and Nigerians force Indian cops to seek strict visa rules

Posted by Administrator on February 25, 2012

Police officials have said visa conditions for citizens from African countries, especially Nigeria and Kenya, should be stringent as there have been many cases of visa violations and involvement in crime by these nationals.

The issue was raised in a national conference organised by the Narcotics Control Board (NCB) in Bangalore held in January. A senior police officer, who participated in the seminar, said that some nationals from Africa were involved in drug peddling and e-mail and lottery frauds across the nation.

He said many of them violate visa rules and overstay in India. If they come on student visa, they do not return to their country after completing their studies. Those on business visas, too, overstay and indulge in crimes. It was then decided to approach the Union government to look into the matter.

“The Union government must treat the issue seriously. Visa conditions should be tightened. Nationals from Gulf countries are not able to enter the US easily and get visas after stringent verification. We should also do something similar for African citizens,” said an officer.

The police have arrested 14 foreign nationals in the past three years in connection with drug peddling under the provisions of Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

Deputy commissioner of police for crime (east) B Dayananda said that many come to city on student visas.

They join colleges, but only a few attend classes regularly. They indulge in crimes like drug peddling to lead a lavish life. Some are also involved in cheating cases like lottery and e-mail frauds.However, he added that regular raids and arrests have brought down cases of drug peddling involving foreign nationals.

Duke arrest a good beginning



The arrest of a foreign national under the Goonda Act in May, 2011, the first such instance in the country, seems to have deterred other foreigners from peddling drugs in the city.

A Nigerian national Ndukwe alias Martin Duke, 31, was detained under the provision of the Karnataka Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, Drug Offenders, Gamblers, Goondas, Immoral Traffic Offenders and Slum Grabbers Act, 1985, widely known as the Goonda Act. He was booked after being arrested thrice for selling drugs.

Duke had entered India through New Delhi on a student visa. He later came to Bangalore and met another drug peddler Joe Pappajoe in 2009.

Duke started selling cocaine near pubs, bars, restaurant, pizza joints and other places frequented by the yuppies.

He was booked thrice under the NDPS and Indian Foreigners Act by Ashoknagar, Hennur and Banasawadi police.

The city police commissioner invoked the Goonda Act after NDPS failed to deter him from peddling drugs.

After his arrest, other peddlers of African origin fled fearing they might get detained under the Goonda Act.

However, the police said that these days, a new gang is peddling drugs in the city. “We have information that a new team, including foreign nationals, has become active in the city. We are collecting details about the gang and will nab them soon,” an officer from Central Crime Branch (CCB) police said.

Source: http://www.dnaindia.com/bangalore/report_drug-peddling-lottery-fraud-force-cops-to-seek-strict-visa-rules_1654569


3 Responses to “Drug peddling, lottery fraud by Kenyans and Nigerians force Indian cops to seek strict visa rules”

  1. criminal hater said

    Kenyan involving themself with Nigerians to commit crimes in foreign countries should be jailed once they are deported back to Kenya to prevent them from commiting similar crimes or from corrupting young people. I have always been against issuing visas to Nigerians wanting to visit Kenya because those issued with visas end up using Kenya as a base to commit crimes in other countries thus tarnising the image of Kenya

  2. peris said

    somebody who happens to be a Nigerian origin living in Australia called me a racist after suggesting the same thing u have done criminal hater.am also against issuing of visa to Nigerians wanting to come to kenya.Nigerians ni moto wakuotea mbali if they are not drug peddlers they are fake pastors..

  3. charles said

    Nigerians! Nigerians! whats wrong with you people? whenever you go you cause Havoc!!!

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