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Kenyans pray for recovery of assault victim as she experiences diminished brain activity

Posted by Administrator on February 25, 2012

Consulate officials try to contact her family in Mombasa even as she experiences diminished brain activity.

Esther Mwikamba

Esther Mwikamba

Dubai: Friends of a Kenyan woman hospitalised after a brutal weekend assault in a Dubai car park are offering their prayers and support as police further probe the incident.

Esther, 26, was still listed in critical condition in Rashid Hospital on Tuesday amid visits to her trauma centre ward by friends who personally stayed by her bedside to offer what little help they could.

Friends told Gulf News Tuesday that officials with the Kenyan Consulate are gathering information about the incident and are attempting to contact Esther’s family in the Mombasa area of Kenya.

Gulf News was referred by the Kenyan Embassy in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday to consulate offices in Dubai but officials could not be reached by press time for comment on the early morning Saturday incident.

One suspect detained

Medical authorities have told close friends at the hospital that Esther, a former sales clerk at a major store in a Dubai mall, is experiencing diminished brain activity.

Dubai police have confirmed that one Emirati man is in custody and another released on bail following allegations by two women accompanying Esther on the night in question that an unknown assailant punched and kicked her following a skirmish.

Sam, a Kenyan national who works and lives in Dubai, visited Esther in Ward 16 at Rashid Hospital and found her unconscious in her bed, surrounded by medical equipment.

“She’s still unconscious. It’s devastating to see a very young lady in such a condition,” Sam told Gulf News. “Esther is a happy girl, she has always lived a good life. It pains me to see such a small woman in such tragedy.”

Sam said he knows some of her former co-workers and her friends in Dubai and said she is loved for her optimism, high energy and her thoughtfulness for others.

Living alone in Dubai

Esther hails from Mombassa, he said, and was living in Dubai without any family in the city for support, so close friends were even closer, he said.

“Esther is a good friend to everyone who knows her,” Sam said. “She has very good energy and we’re all praying for her that she will make it through this.”

Another Kenyan national, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said she was alarmed to hear the news of Esther’s injuries and said others in the Kenyan community are shocked.

When the woman posted the news on her Facebook page, phone calls poured in yesterday from concerned family members back home.

“I’ve been on the phone all day, my family is calling because I put it on Facebook,” she said.

News of the tragic incident has led to an outpouring of prayer in the Kenyan community in UAE estimated to be more than 30,000 people.

“People are praying for Esther, everyone is praying for her,” she said.

Source: http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/crime/kenyans-pray-for-recovery-of-assault-victim-1.984412


4 Responses to “Kenyans pray for recovery of assault victim as she experiences diminished brain activity”

  1. NOORA said

    hav been following this ladys story,and its heartbreaking….very sad….i hop the culprits r brought to book,ad its high tym all arabs ,n others respect women n law….and stop making unwanted sexual advances on women who r minding their bizniz….i happen to be in the gulf ,so i know how this foolish men act………….prayers with essie n family.

    • Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

      @Noora, in UAE there are no culprits as long as they assulted a woman. The most inhaman society in the world. The beating is one scenarion but alot more happenings there go unreported particulary on sexual orientation.

    • Libran said

      It is common action of Baloochi’s especially in Satwa area! So many complaints i hear every day!! They do not even spare a pregnant women!! They threw a stone @ a pregnant women aiming her baby bump (tho this happened a few years ago!!!) They have no mercy!!!

  2. Nikita said

    This is my sister. I cant believe this!!!! i wish i was there with her. i love her with all my heart.. i love you esther.

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