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Video: The Thika Superhighway nightmare

Posted by Administrator on February 25, 2012

The Thika Highway has been a nightmare for motorists and pedestrians alike. The road lacks visible signage, putting the lives of motorists at risk. The Traffic Department says the blame lies squarely on road users, who constantly disregard police instructions, despite the presence of highway patrol officers to offer guidance.


5 Responses to “Video: The Thika Superhighway nightmare”

  1. Mangunzo said

    just put the f*****king signs!! Educating educating kitu gani…people will read and follow the signs. Use the green with white verbiage; almost universal standard signage. Get rid of the colonial colored signage, will reduce the confusion and save lives. Borrow a leaf from the United States interstate highway system.

  2. sokwemtu4 said

    I agree with Irenepaul. There were signs ut up on the Nairobi Nakuru hwy but in just a few weeks all the signs were stolen. Kenyans need to be civilized.

  3. mwangi said

    Sawaz they where are our engineers? If the signs are being stolen for scrap metal why not come up with another material to put the signs or better still use the same signs but solar powered so ni stima, you touch you die simple! last i checked Kenya can use solar energy all year round with small battereies backups for rainy days and night time! Is that rocket science and we want to dream of nuclear power when we cannot protect road signs!!!! Tsskkk

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