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Domestic violence:Mwiki man killed by girlfriend

Posted by Administrator on February 27, 2012

Police in Mwiki on the outskirts of Nairobi are holding a woman over the murder of her partner. Neighbours say the woman stabbed her longtime boyfriend to death following a domestic row. NTV’s Mashirima Kapombe reports on this latest domestic tragedy.


2 Responses to “Domestic violence:Mwiki man killed by girlfriend”

  1. NOORA said

    what is causing all ths love to turn sour to death point…………….why not walk away……………………………..u wont die if ur single….

  2. peris said

    oh my God this is shocking.its affecting our relationship with men outside kenya,they no longer trust us though we are very innocent.our country needs prayers this is too much now.the other day my fiancee asked me from which region i come from i dont have to feel bad coz he is human and want to be on the safe side.prayers and more prayers is all what we need.

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