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Gramps Morgan attacked by Kenyans on Twitter

Posted by Administrator on February 27, 2012

Gramps Morgan

Gramps Morgan

Reggae sensation Gramps Morgan had the wrath of Kenyans on Twitter after he tweeted saying that he was missing Kenya. “For some reason I’m missing Kenya this morning,” he tweeted.This led to a string of mockery from the Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT) some reminding him of the claims that his camera was stolen at Jomo Kenyatta International airport on his way back home after his last  trip in Kenya last year. “But we stole your camera,” mocked one of the tweets. Another one read: “You called us thieves. Are you missing Nairobery?”

Gramps was in Kenya for a week on a charity mission alongside his brother Peetah Morgan and singer Jboog when he lost the camera on his way back and expressed his disappointment on twitter. “I can’t believe they stole my camera out of my bag at the Kenya airport on British airways, I’m so hurt rasta Kenya why you do this to me?” He later declared his undying love for his Kenyan fans. “I love my Kenya people same way nothing don’t change.” Well, it seems Kenyans are yet to forgive him.

Source: http://www.the-star.co.ke/word-is/word-is/64278-gramps-morgan-attacked-by-kenyans-on-twitter


4 Responses to “Gramps Morgan attacked by Kenyans on Twitter”

  1. sokwemtu4 said

    Why attack him? Did you want him to jump and lip for joy after his camera was stollen? Maybe those who tweeted him mokery were the thieves. wezi nyinyi.

    • Gilbert Masitsa said

      Good job Sokwemtu4. I think you went to the school I went to. A friend of mine and his wife’s cameras got stolen in Kenya sometime back but that has not made them stop coming to Kenya for a visit – but with vigilance on their belongings though; lest these nairobers or nakurobers steal from them again.

  2. Frankie said

    chiefn gramp is just but human like everyone. if your stuff gets stolen one feels quite offended and lashes out on emotion. Im sure he got a grip of himself and was over the camera incident as he must have enjoyed himself lots in Kenya..

  3. Mosemmoja said

    He should thank kenyans because he will have to buy a better camera.

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