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Kisumu to have its First Large food festival in April 2012

Posted by Administrator on February 28, 2012

“Taste of Kisumu”- A 3 day Festival will give attendees a taste of Kisumu’s culinary expertise and culture, showcasing the diversity of Kisumu’s dining community and promoting Kisumu as an emerging tourist hub.

Taste of Kisumu will feature restaurants &food, musical acts and family fun. Taste of Kisumu will be organized on a larger scale than most festivals & at a more competitive scale with regards to international standards. In the years to come, the organizers intend for this festival to be the LARGEST Food Festival In East Africa.

The expected results from the festival include improving Tourism prospects in the region. Festivals are just as much a tourist attraction, both locally and internationally as monuments or geographical wonders. The taste of Chicagofor example, brings in over 3.5 million attendees in a span of one week.

In the long run, expected growth from this annual event will create  a vast seasonal employment opportunity for many of the Kisumu residents including but not limited to security, entertainment, cleaning, vendor stations, cooks, attendants etc.

You only need to walk in Kisumu for a day to realize that it becomes a more diverse city every year.  Cohesion comes from appreciating what each different culture brings to the table.  This will be showcased via the difference exotic foods and music that will be feature at the event. Apart from the staples from the nyanza region like Fried fish, “Aluru” (Quail), “Aliya” Dried cured fish and Peanut Sauce, you will find mutura from central and mursikh  from Nandi among other Kenyan delicacies to be tasted at the event.

Festivals are not uncommon In Africa. Calabar Carnival inCross   River StateNigeriais estimated to  have raised over $5 million (Ksh 500 million) in revenue for the state and its residents in 2011 and is expected to have doubled its growth in 2012)

The taste of Kisumu Will include fun filled family events and activities  that will draw in the crowds.


The best restaurants and caterers (Must be based in Kisumu) will provide an unmatched culinary experience


  • Daily Easter Egg Hunt and Egg painting for Kids aged 3-10 in a large hay patch.
  • Ugali Eating Contest
  • Foot Ball Juggling Contest
  • Gunia (Sack Race)
  • Best of Taste of Kisumu Award

Arts and Crafts

  •  Display and or vendor showcase of kisumu arts and crafts

Family Fun Zone

  • Carnival with great games and rides


  • Vendors & Corporate entities can set up promotional and Sales booths


  • Stage performances that include Live music and Artists.

Contacts for this event are

Website               www.tasteofkisumu.co.ke

Facebook            www.facebook.com/tasteofkisumu

Twitter                 @tasteofkisumu

Mobile                 +254 714 832 508

Email                     tasteofkisumu@gmail.com


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Ambassador Odembo pays a courtesy visit to Beth Mugo in US hospital

Posted by Administrator on February 28, 2012

Ambassador Elkanah Odembo and Cabinet Minister Beth Mugo chat after the US envoy paid her a courtesy call at a Pennsylvania hospital

Ambassador Elkanah Odembo and Cabinet Minister Beth Mugo chat after the US envoy paid her a courtesy call at a Pennsylvania hospital

On Friday 23rd February, Ambassador Elkanah Odembo visited Hon. Beth Mugo; the Minister for Public Health & Sanitation who has just completed the first phase of preventive treatment for breast cancer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


The Ambassador found the Minister looking well and in remarkably good spirits in the company of her husband Ambassador Nicholas Mugo.


Hon. Mugo shared with the Ambassador that she had held discussions with Senior Vice President of thePerelmanCenterfor Advanced Medicine at the University of Pennsylvaniaon a proposal where the University would support a cancer program in Kenya.

The Minister also affirmed that the Cancer Prevention and Control Bill was up for debate in Parliament and hence the government was committed to prevention and control of cancers.


Ambassador Odembo in return briefed the Minister on discussions he has held with a number of US based Cancer Institutions like the MD Anderson Cancer Center & others, where Kenya would benefit in Cancer research, screening, control and prevention.


The Ambassador also informed the minister that there were several Kenyans in the US who were Cancer researchers and Oncologists who were willing to work with the government for the betterment of cancer management in the country.


The Ambassador further stated that it is critical and essential that the Government of Kenya establish an infrastructure that would facilitate the engagement of Kenyan Medics in theUS.


These Diaspora Medics have keen interest to support Kenya’s effort to improve and enhance health care and health services, especially the Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Hon. Mugo supported the Ambassador?s views and reiterated that linkages are very important and she would liaise with her colleague in the Ministry of Medical Services; Hon. Anyang’ Nyong’o to tap into the Diaspora’s expertise and capacity in order to enhance Kenya’s Health system’s ability to manage cancer through prevention, early detection and prompt affordable treatment.


This courtesy call took place a day after former cabinet Minister Hon. Njenga Karume passed away after a long battle with prostate cancer. Hon. Mugo and Hon. Nyong’o have both come out publicly that they have been diagnosed and treated for cancer.


Minister Mugo was also optimistic that sharing her experience would help to enlighten Kenyans on the importance of recognizing possible warning signs of cancer and taking prompt action for early diagnosis and treatment.


The minister also said she would be returning to Kenya in a few days time, and Ambassador Odembo observed that Minister Mugo has actually continued to attend to some of her Ministry duties even while in the US.

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