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Family of Kenyan killed in Nebraska Car Crash Still Searching For Closure

Posted by Administrator on February 29, 2012

OMAHA, Neb. — The Douglas County Sheriff’s  Office said it is willing to exhaust all resources to find the driver who caused  a fatal hit-and-run Friday.

Deputies said Elly Mijungu died after swerving to miss a car that ran a  stop sign near 116th and Harrison streets. The Kenyan native hit another car  head-on as a result.

Five days after the crash, deputies are still searching for the driver  who fled the scene of the Feb. 24 crash. Douglas County deputies have asked for  the public’s help to find the car. It is described as a red or burgundy Ford  Taurus, or a car similar to that description.

The sheriff’s office said it is looking for closure for the family.

“We’re not looking just to write a ticket. We want to give closure to the  families that were affected by this fatality accident,” said Lt. Joe Martinec,  of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Mijungu’s family said it needs that closure to move on.

“There’s no way he’s out there and nobody knows anything. Somebody knows  somebody or someone,” Mijungu’s sister-in-law, Lina Oduwo, said.

Deputies said the driver didn’t hit anyone in the crash, and that is  making the car harder to find.

“With this we don’t have any type of physical damage or description that  would set this vehicle that we’re looking for apart from the others, so it makes  it real tough,” Martinec said. “We’re going to have to rely on somebody’s  conscience bothering them to come forward and do the right thing and say, ‘Hey I  think I’m your driver.'”

Authorities said if the driver does come forward, he or she only faces a  ticket, since the car wasn’t directly involved in the crash.

“It’s not even a misdemeanor,” Martinec said. “It’s just a traffic  violation. Basically, our hands are kind of bound with what we can charge him  with. We would have to get him for failing to yield or for failing to stop for a  stop sign, that would be it.”

Any charges against the driver would be up to the county attorney. The  family said that the situation is frustrating for them after such an unexpected  loss.

“If this person would come up and take care of his responsibility, we  would be glad,” Oduwo said.

The family, however, said that for now, even though they want to find the  driver, the focus is to get Mijungu’s body back to Kenya. They want to get him  back to his wife and son for a proper burial.

The family is accepting donations at any Bank of the West under the “Elly  Mijungu Funeral Fund.”

Source: http://www.ketv.com/news/30574440/detail.html#ixzz1npnoru9r


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