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Kenyan assault victim’s sister is now by her bedside

Posted by Administrator on February 29, 2012

Esther Wanjru Mwikamba

Esther Wanjru Mwikamba

Dubai: Kenyan assault victim Esther Wanjiru Mwikamba is no longer waging the fight of her life on her own in a coma at Rashid Hospital.

Her sister Lucy has flown into Dubai and is staying by Esther’s bedside in the intensive care unit, praying for a miracle to save her oldest sibling.

When the life of a family member is hanging on a thread, Lucy said you hope against hope for the smallest sign that your prayers will be answered.

“The doctors have told me that she’s still bleeding and she’s not responding to medication or treatment,” Lucy told Gulf News in an interview. “Esther’s condition is still the same, there are no changes.”

Esther has been on life support in the Rashid Hospital trauma centre since she was admitted in the early morning hours of February 18 following a brutal assault by an unknown assailant in a parking lot behind Crowne Plaza on Shaikh Zayed Road.

Diminished brain activity

Doctors have told Lucy that the 26-year-old former sales clerk at a major music store in Dubai is experiencing diminished brain activity.

Dubai police, meanwhile, said that an Emirati man remains in custody while a second man has been released on bail as investigation continues into the incident. A check of the online case file reveals no charges have yet been laid.

Lucy, meanwhile, is attempting to bring her mother Anna to Dubai to visit Esther with the hopes that hearing her mother’s voice may help aid the healing process.

Mother Anna remains in Thika, a small industry town lying about 40 kilometres north of Nairobi. “I’m fine, I’m okay, but my mom is not. We need her here,” Lucy said. “When my mother talks to Esther, maybe she will wake up, we don’t know.”

The outpouring of tweets, online postings and phone calls from the Kenyan community in the UAE eager to help ease the burden on the Mwikamba family means a great deal, Lucy said.

“It feels good to see there is so much support for my sister,” she said.

In recent days, small groups of up to 20 people have joined in an ongoing vigil of sorts outside Rashid Hospital, offering whatever support they can to Esther.

Kenya Ambassador to the UAE Mohammad Abdi Jillo visited Esther at Rashid Hospital last week along with Kenyan community leaders from the UAE.

After the visit, Jillo told Gulf News that it was “heartbreaking to see her in this condition” and said embassy and consular diplomatic staff are helping the family, including legal assistance as the case moves through the courts.

Jillo said the embassy would work to help process travel papers for mother Anna if needed. “The probability is that the mother doesn’t even have a passport, but we can arrange for one as soon as possible,” Jillo confirmed.

Source: http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/crime/kenyan-assault-victim-s-sister-is-now-by-her-bedside-1.988265


17 Responses to “Kenyan assault victim’s sister is now by her bedside”

  1. herina said

    Esther ‘We say,its impossible:He says,all thngs are posible.luke 18:27.We say,i cn’t go on:He says,my grace is suffcient 4U-2nd cor 12:9.We feel alone:He says,I will never leave u nor 4sake u .Heb13:5.’Our good God will always stand by u and He will never let somethn bad to happen to u.Get well soon dear

  2. cherono said

    Pole, my prayers are with you…may you live to tell it all my dear. keep fighting, you are strong. May God be with the entire family as they go through this challenging time…this is just beyond words…may the criminals have peace-less days and nights the rest of their lives…

  3. NOORA said

    poleni sana,and am still praying…GOD be with u n family…why is it taking long to get the mother there,it has bn over 2wks,,,embassy shd b able to get her a passport n visa in a day???its an emergency…agonising with the mother!

    • tabby said

      i agree,to get a passport in kenya for such case will only take hours, and keeping on mind Dubai is not America or Europe the visas are very easy obtained.

  4. ITHAVETHI said

    Maofisi ya balozi zote za Kenya kokote ulimenguni hufunguliwa kwa nia moja tu: kuwatumikia walio serikalini, jamaa na marafiki zao. Mbele ya macho na jinsia zao, dhamana ya mwananchi wa kawaida haimo hata. Na wanaketi pale katika ofisi za Ubalozi ambazo ni mali ya umma, wakisoma habari za Esther Wanjiru Mwikamba ambaye yuko mahututi, BILA KUONA SONI wala kuinua mboni na makope ya macho yao.

    Mbona Mhe Balozi kule Dubai, UAE hawezi kumwezesha mamake apate kibai cha kusafiria? Wizara ya Mambo ya Kigeni inafanya nini kuhusu swala hilo? Aibu kubwa hii. Watumishi wa serikali katika balozi zote wahitajiwa kuhudhuria washa ya kuwafunza jinsi ya kuwahudumia Wakenya wote ( bila kutarajia hongo) kutoka kwa serikali za Magaharibi.

    Kwako Esther, kumbuka kwamba wakati serikali ya binadamu inakutoroka na kukuepuka, tegemeo lako na letu ni kwa Mwenyezi
    Mungu ambaye ndiye muweza yote. Tunakuombea Rabuka awe kinga na suluhisho la hali ulio nayo na upate nafuu haraka iwezekanavyo. Amina!!

  5. BOSS said

    Anybody knows the where abouts of POKO. What can he say about this. Pokooooooo………..!

  6. POKO said

    One thing they can do as they wait for her mother is have the mother record songs or words for her, then they can play the recordings next to her. Play them all night and day…things she heard as a child. One man received that miracle not long ago in chicago after 3 months in a coma: with recordings of his kids, wife and loved ones. The doctors said that is all they were left with, to talk him into coming back.

    Just hearing her mother talk may actually cox her back.

    Fight on Esther, we are all rooting for you.


    • ITHAVETHI said

      Aaaah! Maneno matamu kwa Esther kutoka kwa Poko. Nilijua huyu Poko anao moyo wa HURUMA kama Wakenya wenzetu ambao wana roho ya kuwatakia wengine kheri na wema: palipo msiba, penye ugonjwa na majanga mengine yatupatao sisi wana Adamu. Huo nd’o Poko. Shikilia uzi huo huo. Eeeh….ESTHER Ni wetu na WEWE PIA NI WETU. Karibu nyumbani tena.

      • Sokoine. said

        Poko is showing signs of maturity this time around, its good for Esther and everybody else he stung with his previous immature comments. Kudos Poko, keep it up.

  7. It is strange how some people are so cruel. It make one wonder how they think ,when doing a fellow human such did and yet you want to be respected as a family or parent.They only want be consider themselves as human and any body else is not. Being a human one should take other people are human and blessing from God.
    How would the world be ,if only you were the only one in the world like “Adam”.You would be calling on God all the time time to create more people because you would be so lonely and bored. Then when almighty God has done all this for you ,you again decide that you want be alone in the world and start torturing other innocent people for no reasons at all.Just because you think they are desperate for you money.
    We pray to God to bless this young girl and make her health be good

    • POKO said

      Omera, dont preach here. Go to Dubai and see if they will listen.

      • Desmond said

        Poko, after reading your comments, these two 7yr olds say that you’re obnoxious and myopic. Isn’t that something? Shame on you!

  8. FAITH said

    May the hand of the Lord reach you Esther and perfect you from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet.May you live and not die to declare the works of the lord in the land of the living.May the nations of the world come to the knowledge of the saving grace through your healing testimony.

  9. Elizabeth kogo said

    I was in the same position last year when my ex hit me several times on the head with a hammer! mom was able to come and it is probably through her presence n the many prayers that i was able to come out of a 2 week coma am doingf good now, and the case is now in its final stages in court. many people even on this page prayed for me even when they didnt know me! thank y’all i believe n pray that Esther will be healed i encourafe her family to keep prayin n believe in a miracle.

    • Omar said

      Happy to know that you’re up and running dear, hope that Esther too will be up and running A.S.AP, God willing.

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