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Kenyan woman and her daughter plead guilty to Medicaid fraud in Baltimore

Posted by Administrator on March 1, 2012

A Kenyan practical nurse and her daughter, who are from Germantown, pled guilty to a scheme that placed a seriously ill infant in unlicensed care, the State’s Attorney General’s office said Friday.

Licensed Practical Nurse Hellen Njeri Ngatia and her daughter, Gladys Muthoni Ngatia, pled guilty to Medicaid Fraud and Conspiracy to Commit Medicaid Fraud.

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Michael W. Reed sentenced Hellen Ngatia to three years incarceration, suspending all but 90 days. She was placed on three years supervised probation and ordered to perform 150 hours of community service within 18 months, the Attorney General’s office said in a press release.

Gladys Ngatia was sentenced to three years incarceration, all of which was suspended. She was placed on three years supervised probation and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service within 18 months, the press release said.

The investigation revealed that Hellen Ngatia was hired on April 19, 2009 by MBL Associates, a nurse staffing agency. She was to provide nursing care to a 16-month-old in the Rare and Expensive Case Management System, a Medicaid waiver program that is designed to provide health care to people with complex medical needs, according to the release.

According to the plea, Hellen Ngatia sent her unlicensed daughter to the client’s home to care for the infant over the next nine months; Medicaid was billed for the services of a Licensed Practical Nurse and paid MBL Associates $41,258.56.

The company self-reported the incident to the Board of Nursing and has returned the money to the Medicaid program, according to the press release.

Source: http://germantown.patch.com/articles/germantown-mom-nurse-plead-guilty-to-medicaid-fraud


14 Responses to “Kenyan woman and her daughter plead guilty to Medicaid fraud in Baltimore”

  1. Sokoine said

    POKO, what you gotta say about this Kenyan woman and daughter scandal? I certainly “like reading your posts”…

  2. ITHAVETHI. said

    Naelewa maisha hapa Marekani sio kama tulivyofikiria. Uchumi wa nchi hii tulioutegemea sana utupe utu tulioukosa mle nyumbani sasa umesambaratika. Seuze tena umeleta misukasuko katika vibeti vyetu tusijue la kufanya. Nyumba tulizotegemea zituboreshee maisha yetu hapo miaka ya baadaye ziligonga mwamba. Kazi tulizokuwa tukizibadilisha mara kwa mara sasa hazipatikani. Wanaliona jina langu mimi kama mhamiaji kesha wanasema… aah! Tutamuajiri huyu wetu Thomas James.

    Ni wakati wetu sasa kuelekeza macho yetu nyumbani kwa kufanya hili na lile ili iwe kama bima yetu pale ngalawa litakapogonga mwamba. Kujihusisha na vitendo njama zisizofaa kutayafanya maisha yetu hapa iwe magumu zaidi hasa tutakapowekwa kizimbani. Sheria Marekani hufuatwa neno baada ya lingine, bila kutowemo mkato wowote.

  3. Wanjiku (mama Njoki) said

    Think of this analogy…Not all muslims are terrorists..but why do all terrorists happen to be muslims? All bad cases here day in day have one name of one tribe only. I am not sure if it is just a coincidence, or there is a marginal propensity to….jijazieni…iam one of you but munatuabisha bwana! hizi short cuts too much. kaibeni jamhuri you’ll get waway with it…

    • mukami said

      Wanjiku, this is not about you and Poko. each and every person is responsible for their own lives. your responsibility is to be a good example to your own children and fellow country men and to advocate for laws that serve all kenyans. making naive comments does not and will not make any difference.

      • Wanjiku (mama Njoki) said

        “Naive” comments will indeed make a difference, at least for people like you who do not see the larger/bigger context! Jesus left all the good ones to go and address issues with the minority “rotten” apples, whilst he was himself a good example to the many. Solving a vice starts with addressing the root cause of the problem nor burying our heads in the sand. We call it as it is!tunaiba sana! we need to find out why is is just this our kiuk tribe always?!!!!!Meza wembe.

      • mukami said

        and how exactly do you intend to do go about “addressing the root cause of the problem?” the only person you can control is yourself. the way to protect ourselves from troublemakers is through the law…. period! that’s what a civilized society does. talking isn’t gonna do it. you sound like those ignorant Kenyan politician who are all bark with no bite..sorry

    • cherono said

      Wanjiku, I see your point, but I think in the global/international arena, we are seen as kenyans rather than viewed based on tribal lines. When these people commit such heinous activities, they say “kenyans” thus giving kenya a bad name. I think there are always gonna be ‘bad apples” in every tribe. It could be a coincidence, may be better methods of reporting or may be that there are many kiuks in Diaspora than other tribes. Besides kiuks has the largest population in kenya…

      • wanjiku (Mama Njoki) said

        Well stated Cherono! very factual and objective! i rest my case…will use your answer to educate others. Mukami, you can also learn from Cherono on how best to answer such questions in the future.

  4. Wanjiku (mama Njoki) said

    and how exactly do you intend to do go about “addressing the root cause of the problem?” …go ask your local pastor…and yes i am a Kenya politician..how did u know?

  5. john said

    wanjiku na mukami tigai mbaara muri anyumba imwe. Cherono is very right.

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