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Kenyan assault victim still in coma, mother arrives

Posted by Administrator on March 3, 2012

Esther Wanjiru Mwikamba

Esther Wanjiru Mwikamba

Dubai: The case of a Kenyan woman who went into a coma after allegedly being beaten up by three men continues to draw the attention of Kenyan diplomats and nationals. The latest visit was of the Mayor of Mombasa, who came with the mother of the victim.

The 26-year old Esther Wanjiru Mwikamba is still in the intensive care unit of Rashid Hospital in Dubai. There is no improvement in her condition.

Esther’s mother, Anna Mwikamba, arrived on March 2 on a ticket offered by the Kenyan Airways and is staying with another daughter, Alice.

The Kenyan Welfare Association will bear the expenses of her stay in the UAE.

Every day nearly a dozen Kenyans come to see Esther at Rashid Hospital.

Esther was assaulted by three men on Feb.18 outside a nightclub on Sheikh Zayed Road near Crowne Plaza.

A local newspaper had earlier reported the police had arrested three Emiratis in connection with the incident and that two had been released on bail while another was still in custody.

The Kenyan community is worried over the deteriorating condition of Esther.

A week ago the Kenyan Ambassador to the UAE, Mohammed Gello, visited her. Gello said: “The most important thing now is to see she recovers from the illness. And it does not matter people of which nationality beat up her. What we want is the culprits are brought to justice.”
He told The Gulf Today that they are ready to offer minimum legal fees.

“We have full faith in the Dubai Police and we are happy the way they have handled the case.”

An official of the welfare association of over 30,000 Kenyans living in the country, Haarith Shahbal, told The Gulf Today: “We are sharing the pain one of us is going through. And we are always there all the time. The Kenyan community’s response has been very encouraging. We are happy that Esther’s mother has arrived.”

Source: http://gulftoday.ae/portal/76d2a865-cd72-49bc-b138-62edf5ce2bae.aspx


3 Responses to “Kenyan assault victim still in coma, mother arrives”

  1. POKO said

    Someone tell the family to live Esther something recorded when they leave the room…to play again and again.

    Voices of her family and how they love her. This chic got strength, she will pull thru. S’mone pass the word.

  2. POKO said


  3. ITHAVETHI said

    Ewe Esther endelea kupigana hadi utakapokuwa mshindi. Kwa nguvu na mamlaka ya Aliye Hai, bila shaka utajumuika tena na jamaa yako kule Thika, huku hoi na vigelegele vikisikika Ruiru, Gatuanyaga, Kirimambogo, Muka Mkuu, na vitongoji vingine.

    Shukran kwa Shirika la Kenya la Taifa, Wakenya wenzetu waishio Dubai na pia Mhe Balozi. Shutuma kwa Wizara ya Mambo ya Kigeni ambayo ilichukuwa muda mrefu kumwezesha mama Esther awe na mwanawe wakati huu mgumu. Pongezi kwa Waziri wa Mambo ya Kigeni kwa kuchukuwa wakati muda mfupi kuwatafutia vibali wabunge wanawake kumi na watatu ambao sasa hivi wanabeba vikapu vinono vinono katika maduka ya Macy’s, Nordstrum, Marshalls, JC Penny, Sears nk huku akijikuna kuna kichwa kama inafaa Mama Esther kusaidiwa. Mtende akutendaye, usimche asokutenda.

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