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UPDATE: Though she cannot speak to her mum, tears from Kenyan woman in coma in UAE says it all

Posted by Administrator on March 3, 2012

Mother and sister of woman in coma after Dubai assault optimistic about her recovery

Hannah Mwikamba (second from right), mother of Esther Wanjiru Mwikamba, interacts with members of the Kenyan community in Dubai. When she is not by Esther’s side, she reportedly sits in the lobby and weeps silently.

Hannah Mwikamba (second from right), mother of Esther Wanjiru Mwikamba, interacts with members of the Kenyan community in Dubai. When she is not by Esther’s side, she reportedly sits in the lobby and weeps silently.

GULF NEWS: Dubai: Though she could neither speak nor respond cognitively, coma patient Esther Wanjiru Mwikamba’s “tears’ said it all.

The Kenyan assault victim’s condition has “improved” these past few days, her family said. Esther’s mother, Hannah, arrived from Kenya early morning on Friday to be by her bedside.

“It [mom’s presence] makes her better. It’s positive because you can see Esther crying,” Lucy, Esther’s younger sister, told Gulf News during a visit at the Intensive Care Unit in Rashid Hospital.

A rosary lies on top of Esther’s chest for continued protection. She has been on life support since February 18 after being brutally assaulted by a man in a parking lot in Dubai. The case is still under police investigation.

While Esther’s brain activity has diminished, according to the doctors, Lucy believes that her sister could still hear them.

“Even if her eyes are closed, you’ll see tears drop. But when you ask the nurses, they’ll tell you it’s just fluid. But we believe it’s tears,” Lucy said. “It started when I arrived. Like yesterday, the whole day she was crying. I know she’s in too much pain.”

Mother’s arrival

When Hannah arrived past midnight on Friday, she did not waste time and headed straight to Rashid Hospital which granted the family’s request to see Esther.

“They only gave us 10 minutes, but it went for 30 minutes. It was very difficult [for our mom to leave the room]; I had to beg her,” Lucy said.

Hannah’s first words to Esther were still fresh in Lucy’s memory. “She talked to her, begging her to wake up. She told her, “You are my daughter, my first born, it doesn’t matter how you are, and how you’re gonna be after waking up. But we love you so much and the moment you wake up, I’ll take you back home,” Lucy said, adding that they prayed together and anointed Esther with oil before leaving her side.

Lucy has not stopped believing that Esther, who put her through college and the family’s sole breadwinner, will soon wake up.

Hope lingers

“By the grace of God, the situation is okay. We are just waiting for God’s time for her to eventually wake up and we’ll all go back home to Kenya,” Lucy said.

Hannah has been emotional since she saw Esther. When she’s not by Esther’s side, she would sit in the lobby and silently weep. Her hands remain clasped all the time and she would whisper prayers for Esther.


21 Responses to “UPDATE: Though she cannot speak to her mum, tears from Kenyan woman in coma in UAE says it all”

  1. NOORA said

    my my….God heal ur child,,,hear her sisters cry,her mothers cry..her own cry,,,,dry the tears of many..including mine.restore her health,,Father i ask of u..believing thru ur Sons blood,JESUS CHRIST……….AMEN,AMEN,AMEN..THANK U .finally the mother arrived,thanks to al who assisted,Thank God.

  2. ken nyaga mburia said

    God works in ways we cannot tell.She will be well and speak to us. Quick recovery

  3. ITHAVETHI. said

    Esther, please, continue holding on to that precious live. You will surely live again! You are truly a good fighter. God works in a miraculous way. Fight on, put that heavy body armour and ashame the human devil. Amen!!

  4. kihoria said

    God Almighty remember this Lady and wake her up, the way you remembered Lazaraus and woke him up.Wipe the tears of pain from her Mom who is Sleepless now.Ngai maririkane Amen.

  5. mumbeh said

    God give the mother strength and not to loose faith especially this time of lent,let us light a candle for her and continue praying for her recovery.

  6. herina said

    Often we lose hope and think this is the end,God Smiles from above and Says,’Relax,Sweetheart,it’s just a bend,not the end….Lets all have faith in Jesus and pray for our beloved dear sister Esther all will be well in Jesus name.Mumy Hannah and sis Lucy be strong the Lord that we serve will never abardon Esther.Get well soon

  7. Usiwaze said

    Hang on Esther.

  8. Elizabeth kogo said

    last year on my birthday, my ex tried to kill me by hitting my head several times with a hammer! it happened here in Wichita kansas n my mom had to travel to th states to be with me. through her prayers n her belief in the powers of the rosary, n through prayers from many other people, including people on this site, i came out of a 2 week coma and now am well again, walking and leaping and praising God! my mom n i really feel what Esther’s mom is going through now. if anyone has her mom’s number, please send it to me at reggykogos@gmail.com, coz mom and i really want to encourage her n help in whichever way we can.I thank everyone here who prayed for me and even contributed money for my mom’s ticket.Thank you very much. the case is now in its final stages in court. and am alive!

    • mwangi said

      Amen Ms Kogo, kweli time passes and look here you are! Many of us read about your case, shed tears and prayed and God answered !!!
      Now to Esther we are praying for you gal! Keep fighting and am sure you hear your mothers voice and her love! May the good Lord bring you back and testify like Elizabeth!

      • Elizabeth kogo said

        Amen Mwangi! Esther will be well! I am praying for you dear. May God hear your mom’s and our prayers and bring you back to good health!

    • cherono said

      Praise God! It just dawn on me that I remember reading your story and tearing up and wondering how on earth could someone do that?. Isn’t God wonderful! I am glad you are doing Ok and even able to communicate with us here. I hope you have gained full recovery. Kongoi Jeisu! Esther will pull through it too and will have a powerful testimony that will ashame the devil once again. We thank God for healing you Elizabeth Kogo.

      • Elizabeth kogo said

        Kongoi Cherono! God has been so merciful to me! I still dont remember what happened on that day, but thank God police had enough evidence!I also learnt that he shot me with his gun(which I had no idea he owned) and the bullet jammed!IF that is not divine intervention, then I dont know what is! God is so present in my life! I have recoverede fully but my left leg and hand are still numb, but am coping!THanks for your well wishes! Esther will surely get bwell. I have no doubt about that

      • Shiku said

        I remember you Elizabeth Kogo. We prayed for you even when you went into a coma and some doubted you will make it. But we serve an awesome God and here you are back on this very forum that brought us close to you when you did not even know so many were praying for you. The same God who healed you is the same God who will heal Esther. May I also take a chance to say Thank you to Jambonewspot for keeping us updated on Miss Esther. I now feel like I know Esther and I feel like I have a personal stake in her health. You kept us abreast of Elizabeth Kogo’s situation and subsequent recovery and now she is commenting on the same forum. Good job Jambo and God bless.


      • cherono said

        And this is yet another reason why I trust in this faithful God. He will never let us down nor forsake us. I am glad you are doing well my dear. Thanks for sharing with us. I just can’t stop these tears of joy and I know in due time, we will get to hear Esther’s voice as well for he is faithful and just. My dear, may you gain full recovery in Jesus name.

  9. kihoria said

    Arabs the Killers and Mudderers I don’t know why they exist……….

  10. Jay said

    Esther all will be well….. we prayed for Ms Kogo she now has a testimony we are told there is no testimony without a test….May God remember the good deeds you have done to your family and the people around you we all are trusting together that you will get out of that coma…. Mom we are all with you on this onemay our good
    God give you strength to hold on and in Gods Name we belive…..

  11. leo said

    waterhell mr Jambo? Post my stuffs. please do.

  12. leo said

    You know we have got no wrights. How ever, we’ve got a lot of wrongs’

  13. kate said

    Many prayers for you Esther , you will be healed and your mom can take you home.

  14. Elly said

    Am here in Dubai and i know our Jehovah God will heal Esther in Jesus name.

  15. The good Lord is watching over you Esther.

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