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Despicable Injustice to an 11 year old boy in Nairobi

Posted by Administrator on March 5, 2012

We often hear stories of children who have been subjected to utmost cruelty by the people who are tasked with keeping them safe, well here on KTN tonite, our reporter Betty Kyallo brings us the story of an 11 year old boy, who now has to live in pain, fear and psychological trauma, after his private parts were chopped off by a city council askari. His crime: playing football in Uhuru Park.


11 Responses to “Despicable Injustice to an 11 year old boy in Nairobi”

  1. shiru said

    omg am speechless

  2. NOORA said

    my goodness…………this pple shd be castrated..the council shd know who was on duty that day at uhuru park…..justice for this boy must be served…………..shame shame….hav pple gone mad in society…inhuman!!!!!!cant imagineeee this……nkt!!

  3. The county council shud stop being so inhuman.let that
    person who did that act put himself in the shoes of that innocent boy and his parents and feel what they ard feeling now.even an animal cant perfom such act if given opportunity.lets behav like human beings who are sound mind and let justice be done to that child.

  4. moraa said

    why why did it have to happen

  5. Paul said

    This is inhumane….. Crimes done on earth will soon be repaid in heaven and on earth…. My prayers to this young man!

  6. Paul bii said

    Is this a reality or just a fairy tale ? This is horrendous. The guy who did this should be subjected to the same ordeal.

  7. dakudads said

    seriously? in the 21st century. each time i feel like going home, i just have to read another disgusting story and stay PUT…..why is our humanity?

  8. wanjeri said

    when you find the man who did it, better be an eye for an eye and let him dance to the tune of his music, gosh, people don’t fear God!

  9. Nairobian said

    Kenyans! kenyans! kenyans! One minute we can be very civilized, next minute we can be the most primitive people! I thought Kenya should be getting close to becoming a ‘second world’ country but I guess I was wrong. We are still very much a thirld world country…

    My balls crinched when I saw this… All they needed to do was jerk up with kid and then send him home in tears but instead…

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