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Video: How Kenya might look like in the year 2031

Posted by Administrator on March 6, 2012


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Kenyan model quizzed over boyfriend’s death

Posted by Administrator on March 6, 2012

Police have questioned renowned model Diana Nekoye Sifuna over the death of her boyfriend Charlie Grieves-Cook, who died after jumping off from the woman’s third floor apartment.

Nekoye, a former MNET Face of Africa contestant recorded a statement with CID officers who went with her to the house on Lang’ata Road, where she recounted to them what happened that Saturday night, when Grieves-Cook died.

Lang’ata divisional Police chief David Bunei confirmed that Nekoye had been questioned and was cooperating with officers investigating Grieves-Cook’s death.

The deceased was a Commercial Advertising Photographer at EyeQueue Productions based in Nairobi.

“Our officers have spoken to her and she is assisting us with the investigation. She is very crucial in the whole investigation because she has a firsthand account of what happened at the scene,” Bunei told Capital News on telephone. Nekoye recorded a statement on Sunday evening.

In her statement to the police, Nekoye said she rushed to the balcony when the thugs were gone and found Grieves-Cook holding onto a metal bar, his legs hanging in the air and she wasn’t able to pull him up.

She went back to the house to try and get something that could help her pull him up back up but when she returned to the balcony, he wasn’t there. That is when she saw his body lying on the concrete where he had fallen, most likely after running out of energy.

Bunei said they would also interview a guard who was shot by the gangsters when he tried to confront them with a panga. No suspect had been arrested by Monday.

“The guard sustained injuries on the arm and is in hospital. Once he is discharged we are also going to speak to him because it is part of the investigation,” he added.

Grieves-Cook, a renowned commercial photographer and a tour company director died on Saturday night when he fell off the third floor balcony of Nekoye’s house while fleeing gangsters who had attacked them in the house, according to police and guards at the apartment.

A guard at Desert Rose Apartments where Nekoye stays told Capital News that the model was last seen there late Sunday, when she went with police officers who had re-visited the scene.

“Nekoye was here yesterday (Sunday). She had not been here since Saturday when the incident happened. They came with the police who went up to her house on 3rd floor. The police had come to re-visit the scene and they were even shown where Grieves-Cook landed and died when he fell down,” the guard said.

There were visible blood stains on the spot on the concrete floor where Cook landed and died.

“You can see we just washed the blood yesterday…but you can see these stains, this is where he was found and rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead,” the guard said. Grieves-Cook’s body was taken to the Lee Funeral Home.

Capital News unsuccessfully tried to contact Nekoye for the better part of Monday.

A lady who identified herself as Sheila picked up Nekoye’s phone and told this reporter the model was notwilling to discuss the matter with the press “at the moment because she is still devastated.”

“This is Sheila, Diana’s friend. She has told me to inform you she is still devastated and she does not want to talk to anyone, especially the press,” the lady said before she hung up the phone.

According to the guard at the apartment, Nekoye and her boyfriend Grieves-Cook were in the house at about 8 pm when two young men dressed in track suits casually walked in.

“Nekoye stays on third floor and you see there was a party on the second floor, so the main gate was open and these two young men dressed in tracksuits just walked. The guard on duty thought they were going to the party but later on he heard a gunshot upstairs and he rushed to see. That is when he was confronted and shot in the arm,” the guard told Capital News.

Police believe the assailants were after Grieves-Cook because even after entering the house they did not steal anything.

“There is every reason to believe they were after Grieves-Cook because they searched around the house and were asking where he is and when they failed to locate him, they shot on the wall and fled,” a police officer privy to the investigation said.

Source: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/lifestyle/2012/03/05/kenyan-model-quizzed-over-boyfriends-death/#.T1Tazg_wsg8.twitter

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HIV positive maid spikes child’s porridge with her menstrual blood

Posted by Administrator on March 6, 2012

Masvingo(ZimEye)A maid has been found guilty of willful transmission of HIV after her fresh blood was found in the porridge she was feeding a child she was taking care of.

Pelagia Mureya(17) of Choto village in Chief Magonde`s area, Chinhoyi, left court attendants numb after she was found guilty of mixing her blood with the pre-school going child’s porridge.

Gutu magistrate Vhitorini Nyasha sentenced Pelagia Mureya to 12 months in prison for willful transmission of HIV. Two months were suspended on condition the accused does not commit a similar offence a similar offence in the next three years.

A court attendant who listened to the ordeal vomited as she could not withstand the crude ordeal.

The court heard that on February 13 2012, the accused prepared porridge for the child who was going to crèche. After preparing the porridge Pelagia then fed the child. As the child ate the mother then noticed a drop of blood in the porridge and ordered her child to stop eating. She asked the maid where the blood came from but she professed ignorance. The mother took the porridge, the victim and the accused to Gutu Rural Hospital where it was confirmed that the blood belonged to Pelagia and that she was HIV positive.

The hospital advised the mother to report the matter to the police leading to Pelagia`s arrest. In court Pelagia initially professed ignorance of the matter but she gave conflicting statements under cross examination. She was asked whether she had ever slept with a man in her life and she said she did not.

When the court adjourned to verify the issue, Pelagia changed her statement and said she had slept with several men. She then told the court she suspected the blood could have dropped off from her pants into the porridge without her knowledge.

The court did not believe her argument leading to conviction for willfully mixing her blood with the victim`s porridge.

Shell shocked people battled to find answers as to why a maid would get to such levels of cruelty against an employer. Some argued employers are sometimes cruel to their workers and workers would craft nasty ways of fixing them. However many people believe the ways of hitting back are too harsh.

Source: http://www.zimeye.org/?p=47529

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Kenya on US blacklist over terrorism laws

Posted by Administrator on March 6, 2012

PHOTO | FILE Justice minister Mutula Kilonzo has said that the Financial Action Task Force, a US team, had disclosed that Kenya had fallen short of some measures to ensure that the legislation was up to date.

PHOTO | FILE Justice minister Mutula Kilonzo has said that the Financial Action Task Force, a US team, had disclosed that Kenya had fallen short of some measures to ensure that the legislation was up to date.

The US has put Kenya on a blacklist of countries that do not support the fight against terrorism.

And it has given Kenya a three-month ultimatum to enact laws that criminalise financing of terrorist activities.

However, Washington did not indicate what measures it will take if Kenya fails to fully implement the Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act and pass other legislation that criminalises terrorism and its financing within three months.

Justice minister Mutula Kilonzo on Tuesday said that the Financial Action Task Force, a US team, had disclosed that Kenya had fallen short of some measures to ensure that the legislation was up to date.

The absence of the laws risks the lives of Kenya Defence Forces soldiers in Somali as it leaves a window for terrorists to raise money at a time when KDF is trying to weaken the militants by curtailing their sources of income. (READ: Kenyan soldiers willing to die for their colleagues)

This is also considered as the driving force behind several travel advisories usually issued against the country. Tourists will also be hesitant  to visit the country until the relevant laws are passed.

“This  undermines our ability to attract investors who maybe afraid of using our banks,” Mr Kilonzo said.

The minister said that Kenya had been advised to come up with proper legislation on terrorism to cover five critical areas. The first are laws to adequately criminalise terrorism financing.

The other is to ensure that a fully operational Financial Intelligence Unit is established while the third one is to establish a legal framework for identifying and freezing terrorists’ assets. They are also expected to raise awareness within the law enforcers and also implement effective, proportionate and dissuasive sanctions to anybody who does not comply with this legislation.

The minister, however, said that save for a few amendments that are needed, the country had enacted all the necessary laws like the Prevention of Organised Crime Act and the Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act, among others.

He also said the CBK had  issued the necessary directives to banks regarding the legislation.

Official’s visit

The US Department of Treasury Official in Charge of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes, Mr Luke Bronin, was in the country last week and met Internal Security minister George Saitoti, Central Bank governor Njuguna Ndung’u, acting Finance minister Njeru Githae and representatives of Kenya’s financial sector .

Mr Bronin said it was time Kenya addressed the strategic deficiencies in anti-money laundering and combated the financing of terrorism, which had been highlighted by the international Financial Action Task Force.

“Strengthening anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing laws is now more important and timely than ever,” he advised.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Kenya+on+US+blacklist+over+terrorism+laws++/-/1056/1360894/-/9qm7g0z/-/index.html

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Man in court for urinating on his mum

Posted by Administrator on March 6, 2012

NYAHURURU, Kenya, Mar 6 – A man who allegedly urinated on his mother while drunk was on Tuesday arraigned before a Nyahururu court and charged with the offence.

Paul Gachohi Gituku was also charged with creating disturbance in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace by attempting to beat up his mother for failing to give him food.

He appeared before Nyahururu District Magistrate Victor Kiptoon where he denied committing the crime.

The charges stated that on the night of February 26, at Maina village in the outskirts of Nyahururu town he returned home while drunk and engaged the mother, Ann Wairimu, in a confrontation while she was sleeping with a woman friend.

He then started urinating on the bed that the two women were sleeping on and threatened to be beat them both.

The court heard that Gachohi used abusive words on the two for several hours before he picked a panga and threatened to attack his mother.

The two women raised an alarm that attracted neighbours and also rushed to the nearby Maina AP post where the officers accompanied them to the scene.

They found the accused in the house holding the sharp panga ready to attack anyone who came near him.
The court heard that the officers immediately arrested the accused and took him to Nyahururu police station where he was locked up.

Gachohi was released on a Sh30,000 bond and a surety of a similar amount or a cash bail of Sh10,000 until March 21 when the case will be heard.

Source: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2012/03/man-in-court-for-urinating-on-mum/

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Georgia Senate votes to bar illegal immigrants from state colleges

Posted by Administrator on March 6, 2012

Illegal immigrants would be barred from attending all of Georgia’s 60 public colleges under a bill the Senate passed Monday.

If Senate Bill 458 becomes law, Georgia would join Alabama and South Carolina in barring these students from public colleges. State college and university officials have said the legislation is not necessary because they have already taken steps to ensure that illegal immigrant students are not taking slots away from U.S. citizens and students legally in this country.

Monday’s 34-19 vote makes SB 458 the biggest measure concerning illegal immigration to advance in this legislative session. It follows up on House Bill 87, a sweeping piece of legislation that Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law last year and is considered one of the toughest laws passed by a state legislature in recent years targeting illegal immigration. Parts of that law are now being reviewed by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. All of this underscores just how important a topic illegal immigration has become in Georgia.

Deal and House Speaker David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, have said they have no plans to tinker with HB 87 , noting that some portions of the law have been in effect for just a few months. That spells an uncertain future for SB 458, which calls for some tweaking of that law, as it heads into the House. Another bill targeting illegal immigrants and public colleges, House Bill 59, has yet to pass out of committee.

SB 458 applies to the 35 colleges in the University System of Georgia and the 25 in Technical College System of Georgia.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Barry Loudermilk, R-Cassville, said it guarantees that taxpayer-supported colleges only serve citizens and those who are in the country lawfully. He and other supporters said it’s wrong for illegal immigrants to take slots at these schools since they can’t legally work in the country after graduation.

Loudermilk amended the bill to strike all references to  “post-secondary education.” As part of that amendment, he addressed the  concept of “public benefits” and clarified that illegal immigrants  can’t receive them, “regardless of whether such benefit is subsidized by  the state or federal funds.”

That phrase goes after a key argument long made by University System officials. Chancellor Hank Huckaby and others have said the bill isn’t necessary because public colleges already comply with  federal law because illegal immigrants do not receive the public benefit  of  taxpayer-supported in-state tuition. Instead, they are charged   out-of-state rates, which are about three times more expensive.

During earlier testimony on the bill, Huckaby said the system’s number of “undocumented” students dropped from about 500 last year to about 300 this year. Students are classified as undocumented if they don’t produce documents to show they have a lawful presence. They may or may not be in the country illegally.

He also spoke of a policy that prohibits illegal immigrants from attending any campus that had to turn away academically qualified students. The policy applies to the state’s five most competitive colleges, including the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech. Illegal immigrants can attend the system’s other 30 colleges provided they pay out-of-state tuition, which is about three times as expensive. College leaders and Senate Democrats said this higher charge covers the cost of instruction.

Loudermilk, though, said that illegal immigrants are illegally receiving a public benefit whether they are paying in-state or out-of-state tuition.

Federal law does not bar illegal immigrants from attending public colleges, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The agency wrote in 2008 that “individual  states must decide for themselves whether or not to admit illegal  aliens into their public postsecondary institutions.”

About a  dozen states, including Texas, allow illegal immigrants to   attend  public colleges and charge them in-state tuition if they   meet specific  requirements, such as signing an affidavit stating that   they plan to  file for legal immigration status.

Senate Democrats, in a minority report, wrote that denying illegal immigrant students the chance to further their education “will limit their ability to contribute to Georgia’s economy” and “cost Georgia money in the long run.”

But Loudermilk said illegal immigrant students won’t contribute to the state’s economy because they can’t legally work in the country. “Their option,” he said, “is to take the education they receive and go overseas.”

To stop that, he said illegal immigrants “should not receive a publicly funded, taxpayer benefit.”

SB 458 also includes some minor changes to HB 87 concerning when people must show “secure and verifiable” forms of identification to get public benefits, including grants, business permits and professional licenses.

Source: http://www.ajc.com/news/georgia-government/senate-votes-to-ban-1373563.html?cxtype=rss_news

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Poll: 48pc of Kenyans ready for woman president

Posted by Administrator on March 6, 2012

Gichugu MP Martha Karua. Almost half of Kenyans will vote for a woman president, a new opinion poll showed March 6, 2012. FILE

Gichugu MP Martha Karua. Almost half of Kenyans will vote for a woman president, a new opinion poll showed March 6, 2012. FILE

Almost half of Kenyans will vote for a woman president, a new opinion poll shows.

According to a survey by Infotrak Harris released Tuesday, 48 per cent of Kenyans indicated willingness to elect a woman as the country’s fourth president.

A further 63pc said they would elect a woman for the position of governor.

If a woman was to vie for the Senate, she would garner 58 pc of the vote. 77per cent said they would vote for a female MP and 72per cent for a female County representative.

In general, an impressive 8 in every 10 Kenyans (82per cent) would vote for women if they contested for various elective positions in the forthcoming General Election.

According to the poll, Martha Karua emerged as the most influential female politician over the past year.

61pc of Kenyans found the Narc-Kenya leader to have inspired them the most, and a further 11per cent cited Water minister Charity Ngilu, the late Prof Wangari Maathai also influenced 8per cent of Kenyans.

The women who inspired were found to be bold, principled, good planners, human rights activists and hard workers.

Other women mentioned include: Supreme Court judge Njoki Ndungu, ministers Naomi Shaaban, Beth Mugo, Esther Murugi, Margaret Wanjiru, Elizabeth Ongoro and Linah Kilimo. Others were MPs Millie Odhiambo, Hellen Sambili, Rachael Shebesh and Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s wife Ida Odinga.

Apart from the women, Mr Odinga, Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and US President Barack Obama among others were mentioned as persons that have inspired Kenyans in the political arena.

27per cent of Kenyans said the PM inspired them whereas 10pc felt inspired by Mr Kenyatta and 8per cent by President Obama.

Other influential male leaders were: Peter Kenneth (6pc), Mwai Kibaki (5pc), William Ruto (4pc); Kalonzo Musyoka, Mutula Kilonzo and Raphael Tuju (3pc) and Musalia Mudavadi (2pc).

Those polled (48pc) also said they preferred an honest person who would pass the integrity test as their leader. They said such a leader should use engage in the politics of ethnicity and have visionary and credible agenda for the nation.

17pc said they would consider development records, 10pc manifestos and 6pc would consider addressing the cost of high living as well as fighting corruption.

Other factors that the electorate will look at also include development of infrastructure -5pc, contribution to gender equality and listening to the people’s needs -4 pc, and finally contribution to the resettlement of IDP’s paying taxes as well as being role models.

63 pc of Kenyans believed that the government is committed to promoting gender equity.

The commitment is shown through  providing equal employment opportunities, fighting for women’s rights especially female genital mutilation and early marriages and the support provided to various women empowerment institutions.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/politics/-/1064/1360314/-/8v5igh/-/

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Sauti Sol and Just a Band to perform in Austin TX beginning this weekend

Posted by Administrator on March 6, 2012

Just a Band

Just a Band

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol

Two Kenyan bands will be inAustin this weekend for the South by South West Musical festival (SXSW) which is set to kick off on March 9th-18th.

Just-a-Band and Sauti Sol will be taking part in the annual music festival which features songs, films and interactive and will be performing under the World music category.

They join a group that is drawn from as many as 60 countries around the world.

The event is a launching pad for new creative content. New media presentations, music showcases and film screenings provide buzz-generating exposure for creators and compelling entertainment for audiences.

The event will be hosted at several venues in Austin.



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Winnie “Foi” Wambui of Maximum Melodies passes away

Posted by Administrator on March 6, 2012

Winnie "Foi" Wambui the lead vocalist of Maximum Melodies who passed away on Friday 02 March after being hit by a lorry

Winnie "Foi" Wambui the lead vocalist of Maximum Melodies who passed away on Friday 02 March after being hit by a lorry

NAIROBI – Gospel group Maximum Melodies has lost one of its members. Winnie “Foi” Wambui passed away on Friday 02 March 2012 in Nairobi. She had just attended one of the meetings organized by her group when she was knocked down by a Lorry on a Nairobi Street as she proceeded to her  other engagements.

She was the lead vocalist of Maximum Melodies. She was also a dancer and the accountant of the group working in tandem with Rael. Born on 20th February 1985, she had just celebrated her 27th birthday. She will be buried on Friday 9th March 2012. The website www.winniewambui.com has been set up to pay tribute to the gifted singer.

Meetings in preparation of her final send off are being held daily at Maximum Miracle Center (Embassy Cinema) from Monday 5th March,2012 – Thursday 8th March 2012 between 6.30pm and 8.00pm.

Please contact 0711 359 478 for more information or send donations to 0711 359 478 by MPESA (KENYA) or Call 408-624-2718 for contribution in the US. Rest in Peace Foi.


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We are ready to pay tax, say sex workers

Posted by Administrator on March 6, 2012

Commercial Sex Workers demonstrate to protest harassment by authorities and call for protection of their human rights in Nairobi March 6, 2012. The workers said they were ready to remit taxes to the government as long as they are recognised and their rights protected. JAYNE NGARI

Commercial Sex Workers demonstrate to protest harassment by authorities and call for protection of their human rights in Nairobi March 6, 2012. The workers said they were ready to remit taxes to the government as long as they are recognised and their rights protected. JAYNE NGARI

Sex workers have said they are ready to remit taxes to the government as long as they are recognised and their rights protected.

The Kenya Sex Workers Alliance (KESWA) Tuesday argued that they are in an “industry that controls massive revenue” which would otherwise contribute to the economy of the country if tapped by the taxman.

“There is a lot of revenue in the industry and we are ready to pay our taxes if the government decriminalises sex workers in this country,” said Doughtie Ogutu, one of the KESWA founders.

Their position came just weeks after Nairobi Mayor George Aladwa formed a committee to check whether prostitution should be legalised in the city.

The committee, led by assistant town clerk in charge of reforms Daniel Masetu was mandated to analyse city by-laws that make prostitution illegal and advise the mayor. However, until then, Mr Aladwa said frequent crackdowns on prostitution would continue.

The sex workers claimed they were in it by choice because they are adults and no one should condemn them but recognise them as a way of fighting HIV and Aids.

“Who says that people should judge others? Who knows what people do behind doors? There’s only one being who should judge us and that is God. If we have sinned, it is Him who should say so,” said John Mathenge, the KESWA Coordinator.

The Ministry of Health estimates that at least 30 per cent of HIV patients are sex workers or those who bought sex from them. The National Aids Control Unit indicates that another 15 per cent of new infections occur among prostitutes.

It’s not clear how many sex workers there are in Kenya, but the Unit shows that there are 7,000 commercial sex workers in Nairobi alone. KESWA claimed it had 40,000 followers.

On Tuesday, they held a demonstration in Nairobi to mark the World Sex Workers’ Day where they argued that they have been subjected to discrimination despite the country passing new laws for equality.

Prostitution for material gain may be outlawed under the Penal Code although the punishment meted to men is different from that given to women.

Under section 153 and 154, a man found to gain from prostitution “in any public place” is charged with misdemeanour, an offence liable for any term of sentence or corporal punishment on being found guilty for the second time. The woman on the other hand would be charged with felony.

They wore face masks and carried banners some reading “My body, my business”, “My body, my choice” and “show us the money for our health.”

“Sex workers are violated every day, but they are not able to access health and legal services because of discrimination.

“A lot of times some us are raped, but no one would believe or help us get treated,” argued Ms Ogutu.

While they acknowledged prostitution is illegal, they said they are ready to compromise with the government on how they should work within the available laws.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/We+are+ready+to+pay+tax++say+sex+workers/-/1056/1360534/-/d6eago/-/index.html

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