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HIV positive maid spikes child’s porridge with her menstrual blood

Posted by Administrator on March 6, 2012

Masvingo(ZimEye)A maid has been found guilty of willful transmission of HIV after her fresh blood was found in the porridge she was feeding a child she was taking care of.

Pelagia Mureya(17) of Choto village in Chief Magonde`s area, Chinhoyi, left court attendants numb after she was found guilty of mixing her blood with the pre-school going child’s porridge.

Gutu magistrate Vhitorini Nyasha sentenced Pelagia Mureya to 12 months in prison for willful transmission of HIV. Two months were suspended on condition the accused does not commit a similar offence a similar offence in the next three years.

A court attendant who listened to the ordeal vomited as she could not withstand the crude ordeal.

The court heard that on February 13 2012, the accused prepared porridge for the child who was going to crèche. After preparing the porridge Pelagia then fed the child. As the child ate the mother then noticed a drop of blood in the porridge and ordered her child to stop eating. She asked the maid where the blood came from but she professed ignorance. The mother took the porridge, the victim and the accused to Gutu Rural Hospital where it was confirmed that the blood belonged to Pelagia and that she was HIV positive.

The hospital advised the mother to report the matter to the police leading to Pelagia`s arrest. In court Pelagia initially professed ignorance of the matter but she gave conflicting statements under cross examination. She was asked whether she had ever slept with a man in her life and she said she did not.

When the court adjourned to verify the issue, Pelagia changed her statement and said she had slept with several men. She then told the court she suspected the blood could have dropped off from her pants into the porridge without her knowledge.

The court did not believe her argument leading to conviction for willfully mixing her blood with the victim`s porridge.

Shell shocked people battled to find answers as to why a maid would get to such levels of cruelty against an employer. Some argued employers are sometimes cruel to their workers and workers would craft nasty ways of fixing them. However many people believe the ways of hitting back are too harsh.

Source: http://www.zimeye.org/?p=47529


10 Responses to “HIV positive maid spikes child’s porridge with her menstrual blood”

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  2. 12 month is not enough for an evil act she has commited,if she had a problem with her boss, she was surpose to ideal with her boss not an innocent soul.that is death she has put on a child and the childs health growth has realy been affected. she deserves years not month that is not punishment at all

  3. kennjal said

    that is evil one indeed. but i don think the child will b infected coz the blood will be weaken by da hot porridge n it will go direct in the stomach n if thea is no any blood contact in da process of digestion, da porridge and da virus wil be like a waste ending up in da toilet. I don’t want to believe the child wil get infection.

  4. peris said

    oh my God yak..unbelieverble where is this world headed to.this woman is not only evil she is a murderer.poor innocent child may God help the child.my prayer is the test to turn negative.

  5. Vin said

    Thats absurd n inhumane . May God alone judge her

  6. OMG… this is disgusting! She is heartless and…. omg, I luck words for this uncouth behavior! 1 year is not even enough for this, I tend to think she would do it again – God forbid that this happens again.
    However, I do challenge our fellow African Employers to as well treat their employees, especially their house helps, ‘maids’ with dignity as well. I’ve seen it, and most of us have witnessed how they’re treated. They are as well human, they have feelings, they have goals and will to succeed, they just luck the means and probably some guidance. So, when leaving our children with them, treat them well, and they will owe it to you when one day, they succeed!

  7. Paola said

    That Idiot how can she be soo heartless……….to an innocent kid? she deserve more that just 12months……

  8. John Miles said

    That is on thinkable , but thinkable 4 this Sick lady & 2 a little child……..She should get LIFE!!!!!!

  9. Virgy. said

    What a f**kg Idiot.

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