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Video: How Kenya might look like in the year 2031

Posted by Administrator on March 6, 2012


4 Responses to “Video: How Kenya might look like in the year 2031”

  1. Nairobian said

    Whoever came up with this is being extremely pessimistic… come on… Give Kenya a chance. I think we have had our bad days already. We are only going to get better. Lighten up and take your medications as ordered by your psychiatrist. Or try a beer once in a while…

  2. i find this very very negative mindedness dont ever try to think like that again please never again

  3. Dave said

    If more than Doctor have declare is a patient “Mentally Unstable” well, I don’t think will expect that person to make sounded judgement. In any community wether developed or developing they have their receiving end. Please don’t critic sick head because, they are not health enough to reason out, that is why they need your help.

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