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Mariga’s Hummer Impounded For Donning Personalized Licence Plates

Posted by Administrator on March 7, 2012

IN THE WRONG FIELD: Mariga’s vehicle impounded. KRA: No personalised number plates allowed.


7 Responses to “Mariga’s Hummer Impounded For Donning Personalized Licence Plates”

  1. kihoria said

    I think if Kenya want to move on with current world they should do off with Colonial and Dictatorialship of laws they adapted from British over 40 years ago. Many cars here in USA bears the personal registration provided you are paying for that SPECIAL PLATE NUMBER,and the money is going to the Department of motor Vehicle.So I don’t see any problem with Mariga’s Regitration the problem is the Country He is registering to and Driving in that country which is still in colonial system.

    • Kenyan said

      I beg to disagree pal, Kenya is Kenya and not USA. The local laws of any country have to be followed to the letter. It is indeed irrelevant where such laws were adopted from be it colonial or otherwise. Respect for the law is paramount. Yes you can have personalized plates, but please drive your car in the USA. if you want to drive it in Kenya have your plates according to Kenyan laws.

  2. Will said

    I think it’s time for the government to move into liberated kind of thinking. There’s so much revenue they can generate by just allowing those who can afford personalized plates to install them. Mariga on the other hand should have consulted the relevant authorities before flashing the wrong registration numbers.

  3. Kangemi said

    License plates aside, whenever I see anything about Mariga in the Kenyan media it has everything to do with displaying his wealth. Also, he has so many people in his “entourage” which makes one wonder what all those people are up to. Of course, it is totally his business and his money but I wish he would learn from the likes of Alan Iverson and Mike Tyson etc who made $150 Million and $300 respictively and have nothing to show for it right now.

    • Netia said

      Actually Allen Iverson is not that broke; somebody made a smart investment decision for him that whilst he blew away most of the $150m, there is some $32m investment somewhere that is generating around $1m annually so he is certainly not dead broke. With regards to Mariga, conservatively he has made around $5-6m over the last 5 years and has an annual income of around $1.3m, so whilst a 7m car may seem excessive by average Kenyan standards, its certainly only a dent for a +300m fortune. Having said that, professional sports has a very short lifespan and therefore some of these excesses of youth will certainly come to haunt in 10-15 years. The one Kenyan sportsman I actually admired was the late Samuel Wanjiru who despite a short time on the scene invested heavily in various projects such that by the time he died he was worth around 400m.

  4. maLAIka said

    who the heck is mariga?????somebody help!!!!!!

    • Kangemi said

      Malaika, he is a Kenyan professional football(soccer) player currently with Parma professional team in Italy. His brother plays for Celtic in Scotland. Very talented and a tender age of 23(I think).

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