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ABAPFUBUZI: Meet Kigali’s male sex workers

Posted by Administrator on March 8, 2012

It’s Friday evening. Like any other person who wants to go back home, I am waiting for a KBS (Kigali Bus Service) at the Gitega bus stop near Sky Hotel toward Nyamirambo.

A nice Volkswagon Taureg driven by a beautiful lady comes by and parks. Suddenly, a handsome boy in a nice polo shirt and blue jeans pops out of the shadows and enters the car. I wouldn’t have noticed them if it were not for the nice car! But I hear the boy behind me saying: ‘Ah! Yamubonye nyine! Amafaranga araje yimene!’(She got him! He is going to get a lot of money for that!).

Curiosity gets the better of me, and was lucky that the youthful lad who let the cat out of the bag also joined me on the bus. On the bus, a conversation ensures on what the lad joining me called the ‘phenomenon’ of Abapfubuzi in our beautiful City.

So who are ABAPFUBUZI? I sought him out, prying deeper into this issue of the young man, beautiful woman, nice car and money. Welcome to the world of Abapfubuzi. “He is one of them, he is my friend and I knew he was waiting for that lady to go and work for money,” youthful lad tells me about his 20-year old colleague, a Mufupbuzi, which can be literary translated as the ‘one who makes half-cooked food better’.
“Some are single women or women who are not satisfied (in matters of sex) by their husbands;  they go out and look for teenagers who are still ‘strong’ to satisfy their sexual desires,” the youthful lad tells me and adds: “Being handsome is not enough; you have to be an expert in ‘those things’. How do they work? ….What makes them do that risky job? … Some consequences…
Below is the extract of an interview that The Chronicles (TC) had with one of them… Trying to understand the issue better, I sought out one of the Abapfubuzi, who recounted his experiences on condition of anonymity. Call him Jean Paul. A second year student at the Kigali Independent University, Jean Paul is a lanky, handsome lad, the dram man for most women. 

I am told you are  Umupfubuzi? I can’t talk about that!! 

But we talked on the phone and you accepted that I come here and we talk!!? Ah that was you!! Now, yes I am one (Umupfubuzi)

Tell me about it? I will only talk to you under one condition: Promise me that you won’t mention my name!

Yeah! I promise I have been Umupfubuzi for three years now. I completed my secondary studies in 2007 and from then up to 2009 I had no job, no money; I just problems and every second was a struggle! Worse still, I am an orphan, my mother died when I was still a baby (in 1987) and my father died in 2005, from then I struggled a lot as I was the only kid both my parents ever had but my father had other kids who live with their mother. When he died, I went to live with my step mother but life was not easy there. In March 2006, I decided to rent my own house, using the little money inherited from my father. But I also had to pay school fees. I was in S5 and struggled to complete my S6 but failed to get a government scholarship to university. Betwwen 2007 and 2009 it was ‘hell’ for me.

But how did you get involved in this? That’s what I was going to tell you! I have umujama wanjye (a friend of mine) who showed me the way. I told him all my struggles and he told me that he can help me if I accept! When he told me about the type of ‘job’ and convinced me about the money one earns, I didn’t hesitate. He established for me contacts with a beautiful rich woman, who I first met in a restaurant; she liked me and we ‘sealed the deal’!

Are you still together with the woman? No, she went abroad and I got another one! Man, with this job I have almost everything I want!! She gives me everything, sometimes when her husband isn’t around; she gives me their nice car to drive around. But I think by the end of next month (March) I will have bought mine. I am now studying and she got me a nice job, that’s why I look like this! How do you ‘meet’? She calls me and tells me the place; I go there and wait for her! She doesn’t like delays. After ‘we are done’…, she asks me what I want and she gives me money. She is rich man!! If you are a VIP mupfubuzi, you work from home! Just calls!!

Some risks…? Of course!
Like what? Man, we are not allowed to put on condoms! AIDS man!! But that’s a ‘small problem’ when you have been through different life struggles like I did. I don’t care!
Anything else? People out there have to know that we don’t just do it because we are stupid or don’t want to work. Just life struggles!

What others say… As reported by igihe.com, Florence Uwayisaba, Vice-Mayor in charge social affairs in Kicukiro district said that such women are dishonourable. “They have to know that our culture, the Rwandan culture doesn’t allow such things; those women who are seeing abapfubuzi aren’t only destroying their own image, they also destroy the true image of a true Rwandan woman,” Uwayisaba says.

She also has no kind words for the married women who seek the services of the youthful lads. “When you think that you can be satisfied by another man other than your husband, there you are finished!” Uwayisaba adds. For 47-year old Therese Nyirabanzi of Kagugu in Gasabo district, such women are an embarrassment to the Rwandan womenfolk. “I know those women exist. But they have to remember that our values as Rwandan women do not include having sex with boys fit to be called our sons,” Nyirabanzi told The Chronicles.

Source: http://the-chronicles.net/index.php/magazine/575-abapfubuzi-meet-kigalis-male-sex-workers.html


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