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Death Announcement: Zack Kiplagat Rono dies in Kenya

Posted by Administrator on March 9, 2012

The late Zack Kiplagat Rono

The late Zack Kiplagat Rono

A Kenyan in Arlington has lost his father Zack Kiplagat Rono who passed away after a road accident in Athi River on Saturday. Chris Kaptich lost his father barely a year after his mother passed away.

Chris has been in the US for only two years.

Prayers in Chris’ support will be held at 918 Lake Bluff Dr. Lake Dallas, TX 75065 on Friday from 6pm to 9pm.

You presence and prayers will be highly appreciated


10 Responses to “Death Announcement: Zack Kiplagat Rono dies in Kenya”

  1. Sam said

    My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr Rono. I didn’t know him, but I do know that losing one’s family-member is always difficult. May the Lord give you all the strength to endure and bring you closer together through this tragic time. May he rest in peace.

    • kiptoo said

      Pole Sana Kaptich & Family, may peace be with you at this Time.

      Thanks very Much by being ONE kenyan who has honored his father by not Love .
      By not posting phone Nos. and bank accounts; that is what I call CLASS and you father was a Noble man to have taught Class.We are and will be there with you.

      Again Pole Sana.

  2. fuko said

    This is POKO in a sheep’s skin.

    • Nyangune said

      Fuko, I’m with you on this one! POKO/KIPTOO is surely a tribalist! However, my condolences to this family!

      • Salim Al-haq Kiptoo Kimani Mwakindudu said

        Tribalism? what is tribal in a compliment to a Family that is mourning?, just by stating -” ONE Kenyan family in the Diaspora which stands out with Class?”- when is the Last time we show a Death announcement here in jambonews without Bank account #s and phone #s from all over the 52 States.

        why are you Guys so simplistic and bottom Line stupid? What if Daily nation & Standard would have Death and Funeral announcements with account Nos and phone #s ? STUPIDO; don’t you see how it turns most of us OFF?

        This Family has names from Kiks,Kales, Merus and I spell it out for yeah C_L_A_S_S, Honor and Integrity, PERIOD
        Those who don’t like it can choke on that! I don’t know this guy but he impressed me, he did one thing that I and others have been writing about?
        I Identify not with his name, tribe or Origin, But with Class and Level of thinking.
        By the way I have changed my name to accommodate my line of heritage-yep I am Too Tribal to be a tribe?

        I never go to those Others but definitely meet me there today Sunday march 11 2012.

  3. POKO said

    huh? Who are u baptizing Poko? I am not the only now who notices the classless kikuyu way of living.

    Funerals: Bank accounts & Numbers posted.
    Immigration arrest: Bank account and numbers posted
    Pastors daughter marries: note that 99.9% of Kenyan pastors abroad are Kikuyus: not doctors, engineers or anything but pastors: Mchango.

    Hii ndugu zetu, ni kukosa class. kyuks can have all the money they can get, but class forever eludes them. Hakuna class kabisa: they will always be tunnel rats.

    Now there: That is the real Poko.

    • Kenyan said

      Couldn’t agree more. Ati nyanyake amefariki jamhuri, we need a fundraising so he can travel to bury her….lol! Someone he has never seen in 20 years or more! And this person will never leave the usa!! ati decided to invest the money on other projects “after a careful thought” aishhhh

  4. Kamau said

    Poko.. for real No Doctors kikuyus? really? Engineers too how about that BIG company l work for and l have like 10 kyuks engineers .. How sad NO wonder we will not get anywhere with people like you in first word country with a third world way of thinking. This was the wrong place to post such a pathetic post and you need to apologize to Chris.

  5. Ngetich Albert said

    pole sana dear son dad loved you and God loved him most may he rest in peace……………………..

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