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Video: Libyan Rebels locked Black Africans in a zoo cage and ‘forced them to eat Gaddafi’s flag’ in Libya

Posted by Administrator on March 9, 2012

A shocking video that appears to show Libyan rebels torturing a group of sub-Saharan African detainees has appeared on YouTube.

The footage shows a dozen or so men – suspected by Libyan rebels of fighting for the toppled government of Muammur Gaddafi last year – held in what looks like a caged zoo enclosure.

They each have their hands tied behind their back and are sat on the cage’s dirty floor.

More objectionably, each has the old Libyan flag stuffed into his mouth.

While a crowd of men gather round the enclosure jeering, their prisoners are made to hop on the spot.

The man filming the scene, who remains off-camera, can be heard shouting: ‘Eat the flag, you dog. Patience you dog, patience. God is great.’

It is impossible to verify whether the video, which was leaked onto YouTube last week, is genuine and where and when it was filmed.

It has emerged as the UN this week said that the Libyan revolutionary brigades accused of torture still hold captive three-quarters of detainees from the country’s civil war.

A lack of judicial police has prevented the government from taking control of more jails, the UN said on Wednesday.

Up to 6,000 detainees are estimated to remain in brigade facilities, while the Ministry of Justice has taken charge of eight detention centres holding 2,382 people.

The figures were revealed to the UN Security Council by Ian Martin, the UN special envoy for Libya.

Many of the detainees are sub-Saharan Africans whom their captors accused of being Gaddafi mercenaries, based in some cases purely on the fact that they have darker skin.

The UN human rights agency and aid groups have accused the brigades of torturing detainees during Libya’s nine-month civil war.

Mr Martin has urged the Ministry of Justice to accelerate the process of asserting government control over detention centres.

But he said: ‘Progress continues to be complicated by insufficient numbers of judicial police.’

He added: ‘We will continue to work closely with the authorities and to encourage them to ensure that inspections of known facilities are undertaken, that secret locations are identified and brought under government control, and that abuses are investigated.’

Accusations of the mistreatment and disappearances of suspected Gaddafi loyalists are embarrassing for Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council, which has vowed to make a break with practices under Gaddafi and respect human rights.

It is also awkward for the Western powers which backed the anti-Gaddafi rebellion and helped install Libya’s new leaders.

Gaddafi’s 42-year rule collapsed when his forces fled Tripoli in August, and the last of the fighting in Libya ended in October when he was captured and killed by rebels.

Libyan Ambassador Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgham told the UN Security Council that detainees held by the government, including a number of former Gaddafi ministers and senior officers, were treated well.

Mr Shalgham said: ‘However, let me say that there are areas where the state has not been able to control. There is not police or courts in those areas.

‘We cannot be responsible for all excesses everywhere. We are against them, we object to them and we hold the perpetrators of such acts responsible.’

Mr Martin said that while the armed brigades lacked clear lines of command and coordination, they continued to perform important security functions often for long periods without payment.

He said: ‘Contrary to the impression given by some media reports, although they seek guarantees that the transformation for which they have fought is securely on track, there is little indication that they wish to perpetuate an existence outside state authority.’



5 Responses to “Video: Libyan Rebels locked Black Africans in a zoo cage and ‘forced them to eat Gaddafi’s flag’ in Libya”

  1. moraa said

    Where is the super power. where are human rights activists. this people are suffering for mistakes which are not their own. God help them. sad indeed.

    • Crabtree said

      Superpower motive was oil and they thot after killing Gaddafi, they would get it! We don’t know whether they did but, they’ve never be interested in human beings especially blacks. God have mercy on those people and please Heavenly Father, bail them out of that mess!

      • Salim Al-haq Kiptoo Kimani Mwakindudu said

        ICC should Tell us why This is Happening! where are You Koffi Anani… Uhuru we need someone like you over there, Please mobilize the mungikis and save these Guys.
        I fail to understand Why, why and when BLACK People will have Leaders who will stand out and be counted during the most Critical Time.
        They watch our people Die and when a Uhuru stands out then they come for him after things cool off?

        Uhuru should appoint me as his attorney. , we cannot and shouldn’t let people kill others just because of their Inferiority complex!
        We Needed you and we Need You MR President, the Only and only Uhuru.

  2. OCTOPAP said

    Blacks were put on this earth to make every other person look good by comparison, we are hated all over; scraping the botton of the barrel man.

  3. no_sense said

    Gaddafi was right.These rebels are nothing but rats with no sense of right or wrong.Anarchy is not democracy.

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