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Kenyan immigrant in MN who received a bone marrow transplant could have coverage for her treatment discontinued due to health cuts

Posted by Administrator on March 10, 2012

Mellen Mingate recently received a bone marrow transplant to treat multiple myeloma, but cuts to Emergency Medical Assistance mean her treatment coverage could be discontinued. (MPR Photo/Jennifer Simonson)

Mellen Mingate recently received a bone marrow transplant to treat multiple myeloma, but cuts to Emergency Medical Assistance mean her treatment coverage could be discontinued. (MPR Photo/Jennifer Simonson)

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. — Dorothy Mingate is worried about her mother.

Her mom, 57-year-old Mellen Mingate, has multiple myloma, a cancer of the blood. Mellen Mingate lives in Brooklyn Park with her daughter and son-in-law and their three young sons.

“[Mellen] says her back hurts a lot of the times. And she has bone fractures everywhere in her body. And her blood count sometimes goes down and makes her weak,” Dorothy Mingate said, translating for her mother.

Mellen Mingate is an immigrant from Kenya who came to the country legally two years ago. Her daughter Dorothy, who’s now a U.S. citizen, sponsored her. Dorothy also happens to be a nurse who keeps track of the paperwork for her mom’s health odyssey in big three-ring binders. In December, Mellen Mingate received a bone marrow transplant.

Mellen Mingate doesn’t qualify for Medicaid or Minnesota Care because she’s not yet a citizen. She’s only been in the country two years, and she needs to be here five years to apply for citizenship.

Hundreds of Minnesotans, including Mellen Mingate, with severe illnesses are wondering if they’ll continue to receive outpatient medical treatment and prescriptions via the Emergency Medical Assistance program.

The state notified 2,300 non-citizens late last year that come January, it would only cover things like emergency room visits. While those cases are on appeal, key legislators and advocates say they’re making progress toward a solution.

EMA is a program of last resort for people like Mellen Mingate. The state budget agreement reached last summer cut state spending on the program by about a third, or almost $15 million.

Hundreds of EMA patients appealed the cuts, among them, the Mingates. Care continues while case are on appeal.

The Mingates were supposed to have a hearing by phone last month with an administrative law judge with the Department of Human Services, but it was postponed. Dorothy Mingate said she was told  the judge was too busy with other cases. Mingate said she won’t call to ask — she’s afraid of the outcome.

In the meantime, her mom is supposed to start back up on chemotherapy in two weeks. Holding her baby on the couch, Dorothy Mingate explains how daunting that will be if they have to cover it on their own.

“21 capsules that she takes for 3 weeks is about $7,400,” Dorothy Mingate said. “It’s not going to happen.”

Dorothy Mingate works as a nurse, and her husband owns a small tax preparation business.

Dorothy Mingate said if DHS rules against covering her mom’s chemotherapy, the family will have to make some tough choices about her care.

“I’ll be asking the doctor a lot, ‘What if she doesn’t get the bone marrow biopsy this time? What’s going to happen?’ Based on that, we’ll decide what to do,” she said.  Dorothy Mingate figures they can only cut corners so long before her mom weakens, and needs to go to the ER or the hospital, where the EMA coverage will kick back in.


But driving people to the most expensive kind of care — ER visits and hospitalizations — isn’t what lawmakers like Jim Abeler, the Republican chair of the House Health and Human Services Finance Committee, want to see. In a voicemail to MPR News, Abeler said he’s working on a bill to make systemic changes to Emergency Medical Assistance.     “I don’t believe I have any new money to spend on it,” Abeler said. “But I’m convinced if we can spend it more prudently, that we can still accomplish the goals of the people, the needs of the people we serve.”

Legislators, care providers and the Dayton administration have been negotiating for months to come up with a solution for families like the Mingates.  Those involved in the negotiations say they could have a solution as early as next week.

Source: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2012/03/09/emergency-medical-assistance-cuts/


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Canada takes action on marriage fraud for immigration purposes

Posted by Administrator on March 10, 2012

A change in legislation means that any immigrant who is sponsored to become a   permanent resident by a Canadian partner will have to wait five years from   the day they are granted residency until they can sponsor a new partner to   come to the country.

Under previous legislation, it was easy for an immigrant who had begun a   relationship with a Canadian to leave them as soon as they had residency,   and quickly sponsor somebody else.

Many Canadians who believed themselves to be in genuine relationships have   been victims of this kind of fraud, made all the more painful by the fact   they were still held financially responsible for the person they had   sponsored for up to three years.

Announcing the new rule, which follows a series of consultations on marriage   fraud held in 2010, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism minister   Jason Kenney said the action was being taken “because immigration to   Canada should not be built upon deceit.”

“Many of the people who took part in the consultations made it abundantly   clear that marriage fraud poses a significant threat to our immigration   system,” he said. “Our government has listened to the victims of marriage   fraud and all Canadians, and acted to crack down on those who engage in   fraud and abuse Canadians’ generosity and our immigration system.”

The new rule was welcomed by anti-fraud groups but Don Davies, the official   opposition critic on immigration, said he felt it would be better to stop   the fraudsters coming to Canada in the first place.

“Where I would put my focus is on prevention rather than the defeatist   position of the minister, which is simply to ramp up penalties after the   problem has occurred,” Canadian newspapers quoted him as saying.

Others have criticised the move for unfairly penalising immigrants who are in   genuine relationships that happen to end after their arrival.

It is difficut to estimate exactly how many people in Canada, which allows   around 40,000 spouses or common-law partners to be sponsored each year, are   victims of marriage fraud, but the organisation Canadians Against   Immigration Fraud says the number of reported incidents “grows every week”.

Although the minister’s speech focused mainly on immigrants who deceive   Canadians into sponsoring them, cases of Canadian citizens who are complicit   in marriage fraud, for money or other reasons, are also far from rare.

The department for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism warns on its   website that anyone who pretends to be in a relationship to help someone   come to Canada can face “serious criminal charges”.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/expat/expatnews/9131253/Canada-takes-action-on-marriage-fraud.html



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“I’m Getting Arrested” App Aims to Help the Undocumented Immigrants

Posted by Administrator on March 10, 2012

'I'm Getting Arrested' Smartphone App For Undocumented Immigrants Under Way

'I'm Getting Arrested' Smartphone App For Undocumented Immigrants Under Way

A group of pro-immigrant rights activists in Arizona aim to develop a smartphone application that would help immigrants notify friends, family and their attorney if they are detained and arrested during a traffic stop.

Arizona was the first state to pass a law to make it a crime to be an undocumented immigrant (SB 1070), leading to an increased crackdown and climate of fear among immigrants. A recent Department of Justice investigation on racial profiling of Latinos by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office found that Latinos were four to nine times more likely to be pulled over in a traffic stop than non-Latinos.

“When someone gets pulled over the first thing to worry about is the family,” said Lydia Guzman, the president of the nonprofit Respect/Respeto.

For years, the nonprofit’s emergency hotline has monitored cases of possible civil rights violations against Latinos by local law enforcement, provided information about rights, and tracked down missing family members in immigration custody after undocumented drivers are detained.

“It’s difficult. We try to get all of this information from them to reach their family, while at the same time we’re trying to advise them about their rights,” she said.

It was Guzman’s experience with Respect/Respeto and the increased crackdown on undocumented immigrants by local police using state laws that inspired her friend Todd Landfried, a spokesperson for Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform, to come up with an idea for a smartphone app that could do what the group does and more.

The app will allow users to notify family, friends, attorneys and even their consulate when they get pulled over by law enforcement or when they are facing an emergency situation that puts their safety or civil rights at risk.

With the touch of a button, Landfried says, the “Emergency Alert and Personal Protection” app will send a pre-set list of people information about the person’s location using GPS technology and date and time of the incident. The app will also have an option to record audio and video, which is a common function on most mobile phones, but it will take it a step further by sending the audio and video to a “web interface” where the data can be stored and accessed by lawyers, for example.

It will also inform them, in English and Spanish, of their civil rights if they are arrested during a traffic stop; for example, reminding them that they have the right to remain silent and have an attorney present during questioning.

Guzman says the app could help people make split-second decisions at a crucial moment about who to call and how to get help. She says it would also provide immigrant advocates a starting point to search for undocumented immigrants once they are in the detention system – a search that can sometimes take days.

In order to take the app from idea to reality, Landfried and Guzman recently launched a 30-day crowdfunding campaign to support the development of the app. If they reach their goal of raising $225,000, they will work with a software developer to have the app ready by July. Donors would get the app, which will cost about $2, for free.

The app is similar to the “I’m Getting Arrested” app that launched in response to the arrests of protestors involved in the Occupy movement. Landfried and Guzman say their app would be designed to specifically address the situation of undocumented immigrants pulled over in traffic stops. They say it would consolidate functions on the phone to allow users to document, store and send photos, audio and video to web interface that can be used to document racial profiling or violations of civil liberties.

Landfried says he believes Latinos are well-positioned to make use of such an app based on recent trends of Latinos’ usage of smartphones.

According to a 2010 Nielsen Company report, 45 percent of Hispanic mobile users have a smartphone compared to just over a quarter of white mobile users.

Landfried and Guzman say they hope the app can be a tool for tracking statistics of potential instances of racial profiling.

“Keeping in mind you have to protect the attorney-client privilege,” Landfried said. “If data was made anonymous, we can track how many times people hit the button for traffic stops and they can fill in later what the outcome was.”

“This is about protecting people. Everybody has rights, whether you like it or not,” he said.

Source: http://www.hispanicallyspeakingnews.com/notitas-de-noticias/details/im-getting-arrested-app-aims-to-help-drivers/14510/



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Kulahappy: Naswa kenya (Vampire Patient)-Funny Video

Posted by Administrator on March 10, 2012

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Kenyan high school athlete in New Jersey billed a rock star, breaking records all over

Posted by Administrator on March 10, 2012

Edward Cheserek, in front, training with his St. Benedict's Prep teammates in Newark.

Edward Cheserek, in front, training with his St. Benedict's Prep teammates in Newark.

NEWARK — One recent morning at St. Benedict’s Prep, Edward Cheserek was asked how long it took him to get to a practice at Branch Brook Park, about a mile away.

“If I hurry,” said Cheserek, an 18-year-old junior from Kenya, “about four minutes.”

He was not kidding.

Cheserek, a 5-foot-6, 130-pound runner with a timid demeanor and explosive legs, ran the second-fastest indoor mile by a high school student, 4 minutes 2.21 seconds, in January at the New Balance Games at the Armory in Upper Manhattan.

Last month at the Armory, Cheserek continued to send shock waves across the high school landscape. On Feb. 11, he ran the fastest indoor 5,000 meters by a high school student, 13:57.04, at the Millrose Games, and on Feb. 28, he set the meet record for two miles at the Eastern States Championship, breaking Alberto Salazar’s 36-year-old record by an eye-popping margin, 8:54.82 to Salazar’s 9:01.1. (Cheserek managed to accomplish that feat two hours after running the mile leg of the distance medley relay in 4:06.6.)

“The kid is a rock star; he’s running high school times that are faster than people who went on to be Olympians,” said Cheserek’s coach, Marty Hannon. “He shows up at these events and people want his autograph, but he is as humble as he is talented. He really takes all of his success in stride.”

The autograph seekers will return to the Armory Friday through Sunday, when Cheserek laces them up against the nation’s top runners in the National Scholastic Indoor Championship.

“My teammates and I are very excited about competing in this event,” Cheserek said. “Our goal is to win both the sprint and distance medley relays as well as the two-mile race, but in order to do so, we have to keep our focus.”

Dr. Norbert Sander, the executive director of the Armory, said that Cheserek “is light-years ahead of any other high school miler” he has recently seen, and that he has the potential to topple the mile record of 3:59.86 set at the Armory in January 2001 by Alan Webb of South Lakes High School in Reston, Va.

“If he breaks that record,” Sander said, “it would be off the scale, a real seismic moment.”

Cheserek, who was born into and raised by a poor family of sheep and cattle farmers in the Kenyan village of Kapker, was chosen by a missionary group in July 2010 to attend St. Benedict’s Prep on an academic scholarship.

“Before he came to us, he was living in a mud hut with no electricity or running water,” Hannon said. “But he’s a very bright, well-mannered kid who has made a very comfortable transition here. He fits in very well.”

Long before he flew to New Jersey, Cheserek was a running sensation at Kapcherop High School — about 300 miles west of Nairobi — having been crowned the 10,000-meter champion of the Great Rift Valley. He was also a nationally acclaimed midfielder on the school’s soccer team.

“We knew he was a good runner, but we had no idea how good he was until we began working out with him,” Hannon said. “Edward was doing repeat miles on the track between four and a half and five minutes, when the standard times are between 4 minutes 55 seconds and five and a half minutes; it was shocking.”

In December, Cheserek won the Foot Locker National Cross-Country Championship in San Diego. Leading up to that race, he competed in seven cross-country events in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island, and set a course record in each. He has been inspired by two Kenyan-born runners: Bernard Lagat, a four-time Olympian for the United States; and David Rudisha, who holds the world record in the 800 meters.

“I really look up to them,” Cheserek said. “It would be an honor for me to one day be considered in their class.”

Hannon, who noted that “most distance runners do not peak until they are about 29,” said he “could only imagine what kind of runner Edward is going to be in 10 or 11 years.”

In recent months, Hannon has received numerous phone calls from colleges and universities expressing interest in Cheserek. Those include Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Iona and Villanova.

But Cheserek said he had a great deal of distance to cover before running to the next level.

“Everything I have achieved motivates me to want to achieve more during my high school career,” he said. “I’m still young, so there is time for me to keep improving, even in the mile, but that will only happen if I keep working hard.”

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/09/sports/edward-cheserek-is-turning-heads-setting-track-records.html?_r=1

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Polls date the new frontier for conflict between principals

Posted by Administrator on March 10, 2012

The announcement by President Kibaki that the General Election could be held next year points to a split with Prime Minister Raila Odinga on the election date. (READ: Kibaki’s poll bombshell)

The President’s declaration contradicts Mr Odinga’s publicly stated position that elections would be held this year. The PM has consistently alluded to a December date.

On February 15, the Prime Minister told MPs that they would have a say in deciding the election date.

“It is too important to be left to me and President Kibaki,” he told Parliament. “The government will soon table a Bill to allow MPs to decide the election date. We are not going to make an arbitrary decision by ourselves. Let the members of the House have a say.” (READ: Kibaki: Court ruled polls in 2013)

In an interview last week, Mr Odinga reiterated his position that the elections would be held in December and that Parliament would be involved in deciding the date.

In alluding to MPs’ involvement, the Prime Minister was referring to a Bill that is pending before the House whose objective is to amend the Constitution and fix the election date in December.

Justice minister Mutula Kilonzo introduced the Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill 2011 to the House and it is expected back for debate mid this month.

Parliament’s oversight committee on implementation of the Constitution has been collecting public views on the minister’s proposals.

The team, chaired by Mandera Central MP Abdikadir Mohammed, sat on Wednesday to review the views and will present the report to the House, even with the new developments.

The committee has, however, been opposed to the amendment, arguing that changing the Constitution only a year after it was promulgated would send the wrong signal and pave the way for mutilation of the document as happened with the old one.

The proposals seek replace the second Tuesday August date with the third Monday of December in an election year.

In declaring that MPs would be involved in deciding the election date, Mr Odinga may have been sending the message that he would stand with the Cabinet decision for the amendment of the Constitution. It is the Cabinet that authorised Mr Kilonzo to take the Bill to Parliament.

While by the time of going to press we had not established whether President Kibaki and Mr Odinga had consulted and agreed on a date after the expiry of the 10th Parliament’s term in January, it is instructive that the latter has rejected the nominations of the chairperson and members of the National Police Service Commission citing non-consultation by the President.

Now, those in the know say Mr Odinga is not likely to raise public objection to the President’s position, which was announced while he was on his way back from Brussels.

“The PM is unlikely to raise issues with the President’s announcement. Although he has made his position clear on a December election, he was also prepared for a March date,” said a source with knowledge of the PM’s operations but who asked not to be named.

The President’s statement is a turnabout  from his earlier position as seen in his New Year and Jamhuri Day messages, in which he gave an indication that he favoured a December date.

It also contradicts the Cabinet’s position, which gave Mr Kilonzo the green light to draft the amendment Bill and set a December date. But, in defending his position for an election next year, President Kibaki, who has also supported Mr Kilonzo’s amendment Bill, explained that he did so in obeying the High Court’s directive.

In January the High Court ruled that the next General Election could be held in 2012 upon dissolution of the grand coalition or in 2013 after expiry of the current Parliament term.

Justices Isaac Lenaola, Mumbi Ngugi and David Majanja said the first elections under the new Constitution can lawfully be held in 2012 within 60 days from the date on which the national coalition will be dissolved by written agreement between the President and the Prime Minister. The judges said alternatively the election could  also be held within 60 days from the expiry date of the term of the current Parliament, which is January 15, 2013.

The Justice minister welcomed the President’s announcement, saying it was in order to respect the court’s decision. But he said he would seek direction from the Cabinet on his amendment Bill, which also seeks to change the Constitution to ensure that not more than two-thirds of MPs shall be of the same gender.

Mr Abdikadir Mohammed, while relieved that the Constitution may  not be amended after all, cautioned against a return to the days when the Executive controlled Parliament’s calendar.

Responding to the announcement on Saturday, Joint Government Chief Whip Jakoyo Midiwo described President Kibaki’s statement as inconsequential, saying that his ODM party wants elections in December.

“What powers was he using to announce the election date? Neither Kibaki nor Raila, and not even Parliament, has the powers to determine the election date,” the Gem MP said. He said the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission should announce the date.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/politics/Polls+date+the+new+frontier+for+conflict+between+principals+/-/1064/1363770/-/hmuggjz/-/index.html

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Raila: Arrest Uhuru and Ruto for fuelling anti-ICC sentiment

Posted by Administrator on March 10, 2012

Prime Minister Raila Odinga says Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto should be arrested for using “prayer” rallies to fuel sentiment against their prosecution at the International Criminal Court.

Mr Odinga said it was improper that individuals who have been indicted on charges that they sponsored the 2007/8 violence that claimed more than 1,000  lives were operating as free men.

“Crimes against humanity are worse than murder. Yet these suspects of crimes against humanity remain free to traverse the country holding ‘prayer meetings’ – while Kenyan suspects of the lesser crime of murder conduct their prayers only behind the forbidding walls of Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, often for years before their cases are heard,” said a blistering statement from the Raila Odinga Secretariat published by the Nation.

He said that instead of the suspects directing their energies to grand standing and voicing their innocence in public forums, they should wait to make their arguments in court.

“The guilt or innocence of suspected perpetrators is proved through trial, where the facts of the case are examined. No one becomes innocent through public grandstanding and shouting from the rooftops “I am innocent’,” said the statement.

“The suspects are not being tried by public opinion. The platform for these suspects to prove their innocence is the ICC. It is the platform they chose. In the meantime, they remain suspects in terrible crimes against Kenyans.”

Mr Odinga was responding to claims in Parliament Thursday when MPs allied to Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto tabled what has been described as a forged document alleging that the British government was working with the ICC to have President Kibaki indicted over the violence after he leaves office. (READ: UK accused of seeking Kibaki trial at ICC)

The statement was uncharacteristic of the PM who has been mostly restrained in his comments on the charged matter.

Yatta MP Charles Kilonzo, who tabled the document on Thursday, also accused the United Kingdom of propping up Mr Odinga and pushing for the detention of Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto at the ICC.

The document further indicated that the UK wants Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto arrested for allegedly threatening the security of the country through their so-called “prayer rallies” .

Since their indictment, the two suspects have been holding political rallies at which they have presented themselves as victims of persecution by powerful foreign forces through the ICC proceedings with the intention of killing their political dreams.

In doing so, the two have resorted to hyperbole and hysteria, and many in their communities of followed them.

Mr Odinga was on official business in Europe when the allegations were made.

Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto, who have indicated their intentions to vie for the presidency, have accused Mr Odinga, their principal competitor, of engineering the ICC proceedings in order to lock them out of the presidential race. Mr Odinga has laughed off the accusations, saying the ICC intervened after MPs — including allies of Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto — failed to set up a local tribunal to try those suspected of having sponsored the violence.

Despite the increasing odds against their possible candidatures, the two men, whose trials could begin after May, have maintained they would be on the ballot regardless of the proceedings. The other suspects in the case are Head of Public Service Francis Muthaura who has since stepped aside from his office and journalist Joshua arap Sang.

The National Security Intelligence Service and the British High Commission have both described the document as a forgery.

The UK has also denied claims that it was backing Mr Odinga’s presidential campaign.

“The UK has no interest in any particular outcome in the General Election and is not backing any particular candidates or parties,” the High Commission said Friday.

In his statement, Mr Odinga said he appeared to be the target of the “so-called UK Government document introduced into Parliament on Thursday.”

He said that those behind the document spoke of the possible indictment of President Kibaki in a desperate attempt to gain public sympathy and drag other individuals into the matter. (READ: UK denies Kibaki ICC plot)

“Kenyans watched ICC proceedings closely, and President Kibaki was mentioned nowhere as a perpetrator,” the statement said. He accused proponents of the campaign of defiling Parliament and rallied “all progressive Kenyans of sincerity” to take note that investigations on the violence were conducted and the Waki Commission compiled a list of suspected perpetrators that was handed over in “its entirety” to the ICC.

This appeared to be in reply to calls by a group of  pro-PNU youths who on Wednesday petitioned President KIbaki to trigger action that would see all those named in connection with the violence made public.

“The document is clearly a forgery, part of a smear campaign fabricated by the same political interests that earlier forged a letter purporting to be from Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o to the ICC.”

This was in reference to a 2011 letter attributed Prof Nyongo, the ODM secretary-general, to the ICC produced by MPs allied to the Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto pushing for the prosecutions. The document is now the subject of a court case.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/politics/Uhuru+and+Ruto+ought+to+be+in+jail+says+Raila+/-/1064/1363780/-/1bcbth/-/index.html

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Six feared dead in Nairobi explosion

Posted by Administrator on March 10, 2012

An injured victim of the Country Bus Station blast is wheeled into the Casualty and Emergency section of the Kenyatta National Hospital, March 10, 2012. At least six people were feared dead after a series of blasts ripped through Landhies Road near the Country Bus Station in Nairobi Saturday. BILLY MUTAI

An injured victim of the Country Bus Station blast is wheeled into the Casualty and Emergency section of the Kenyatta National Hospital, March 10, 2012. At least six people were feared dead after a series of blasts ripped through Landhies Road near the Country Bus Station in Nairobi Saturday. BILLY MUTAI

At least six people were feared dead after a series of blasts ripped through Landhies Road near the Country Bus Station in Nairobi Saturday.

Twenty others were rushed to hospital suffering injuries following the blasts suspected to have been caused by grenades.

Nairobi provincial police boss Anthony Kibuchi, who rushed to the scene after the blasts, confirmed the deaths and said police would get to the bottom of the attacks.

Police said that the four explosives were thrown out of a moving vehicle over a stretch of about 100 metres. The vehicle is believed to have sped off towards Eastlands although witnesses were vague about the description of the vehicle since the attacks occurred after darkness had set in.

The blasts caused a scare with those who escaped unhurt scampering for cover as police and rescue services rushed to the scene to take the injured to hospital.

By 9 p.m. the Kenyatta National Hospital had received up to 20 casualties who were undergoing treatment for various injuries, Kenyatta National Hospital spokesman Simon Ithai said.

The blasts came hours after Kenya Defence Forces spokesman Colonel Cyrus Oguna cautioned Kenyans to remain vigilant as troops pursue Al-Shabaab militia inside Somalia.

At a news conference in Nairobi Saturday, Col Oguna said Al-Shabaab remnants were out to cause disharmony between the forces and the local community and urged the locals to notify security agents on suspicious people and those visiting the refugee camps.

Deputy police spokesman Charles Owino also urged Kenyans to be more vigilant, saying that though the security agents were alert, the threat was still real.

The incident is the third to rock the city centre since Kenya went into Somalia in pursuit of the Al-Shabaab militia on October 16 last year.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Six+feared+dead+in+Nairobi+explosion+/-/1056/1363746/-/ixgl9r/-/index.html

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