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Canada takes action on marriage fraud for immigration purposes

Posted by Administrator on March 10, 2012

A change in legislation means that any immigrant who is sponsored to become a   permanent resident by a Canadian partner will have to wait five years from   the day they are granted residency until they can sponsor a new partner to   come to the country.

Under previous legislation, it was easy for an immigrant who had begun a   relationship with a Canadian to leave them as soon as they had residency,   and quickly sponsor somebody else.

Many Canadians who believed themselves to be in genuine relationships have   been victims of this kind of fraud, made all the more painful by the fact   they were still held financially responsible for the person they had   sponsored for up to three years.

Announcing the new rule, which follows a series of consultations on marriage   fraud held in 2010, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism minister   Jason Kenney said the action was being taken “because immigration to   Canada should not be built upon deceit.”

“Many of the people who took part in the consultations made it abundantly   clear that marriage fraud poses a significant threat to our immigration   system,” he said. “Our government has listened to the victims of marriage   fraud and all Canadians, and acted to crack down on those who engage in   fraud and abuse Canadians’ generosity and our immigration system.”

The new rule was welcomed by anti-fraud groups but Don Davies, the official   opposition critic on immigration, said he felt it would be better to stop   the fraudsters coming to Canada in the first place.

“Where I would put my focus is on prevention rather than the defeatist   position of the minister, which is simply to ramp up penalties after the   problem has occurred,” Canadian newspapers quoted him as saying.

Others have criticised the move for unfairly penalising immigrants who are in   genuine relationships that happen to end after their arrival.

It is difficut to estimate exactly how many people in Canada, which allows   around 40,000 spouses or common-law partners to be sponsored each year, are   victims of marriage fraud, but the organisation Canadians Against   Immigration Fraud says the number of reported incidents “grows every week”.

Although the minister’s speech focused mainly on immigrants who deceive   Canadians into sponsoring them, cases of Canadian citizens who are complicit   in marriage fraud, for money or other reasons, are also far from rare.

The department for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism warns on its   website that anyone who pretends to be in a relationship to help someone   come to Canada can face “serious criminal charges”.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/expat/expatnews/9131253/Canada-takes-action-on-marriage-fraud.html




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