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Kenyans rounded up in UK immigration swoop

Posted by Administrator on March 11, 2012

NINE immigration offenders have been caught in a series of UK Border Agency raids across the town.

On February 29, officers from the agency supported by Wiltshire Police went to the Shaftesbury Centre, in Percy Street, where migrant workers were attending a training event.

After checks were carried out, six people there were found to have committed immigration offences.

Four people – three Kenyan men and a Kenyan woman – remain in detention pending their removal from the UK while a Kenyan woman and a Sudanese woman were released to report to a local police station  while outstanding immigration claims are considered.

If they are found to have no right to remain in the UK, they will also face removal.

On the same day, UK Border Agency officers went to a residential address in Shenton Close, where a Kenyan woman was arrested.

She was placed on immigration bail to report to a police station while arrangements are made to remove her from the UK.

Earlier this week, officers made two further arrests at residential addresses in Swindon.

On Tuesday a Kenyan woman was arrested in Edinburgh Street while a woman from Swaziland was detained at Cricklade Road.

The Kenyan woman has since been released to report to a police station while an outstanding immigration claim is considered while the woman from Swaziland remains detained pending removal.

Those arrested were found to have committed a range of immigration offences including overstaying visas, working illegally and failing to leave the UK after asylum claims were turned down.

UK Border Agency regional director for the South West, Jane Farleigh, said: “We carry out frequent operations in Swindon and Wiltshire and immigration offenders should know that they have nowhere  to hide.

“Where we find people who are in the UK illegally we will seek to remove them.

“We are happy to work with employers to let them know what checks need to be carried out to make sure their staff have the right to work in the UK.”

Source: http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/9579644.Officers_swoop_in_immigration_raids/



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Racism stings blacks hardest at home

Posted by Administrator on March 11, 2012

Africans have perfected the ability to be annoying and outrageous at the same time. Last November, social networks were abuzz with indignation after a club in Ghana advertised a new policy: indigenous Ghanaians — read Black people — were no longer welcome at their establishment.

The Atlantic Lobsters and Dolphins Restaurant operated a “whites only” policy, which the owner later claimed was an elaborate joke. The Government of Ghana failed to see the funny side and quickly closed the restaurant down.

Three months down and it is Kenya’s turn to make silly headlines. It has always been known that Africans — black Africans — weren’t exactly welcome at some Kenyan hotels. This is especially so at the Coast, where some of Kenya’s and Africa’s best hotels and restaurants are found. But even in relatively cosmopolitan and non-discriminatory Nairobi, there are some odd unspoken policies regarding the desired colour and gender of hotel patrons.

There are hotels in the City Centre that will not allow unaccompanied women to patronise their facilities — usually on the grounds that such women “might” be prostitutes. This label, of course, applies only to black women. Single European women are warmly welcome, indeed.

And it is not just hotels. A couple of years back, a school in Nairobi was in the news when its headmaster stopped African students from enjoying the school’s swimming pool, stating that the pool was for Asian students only.


A look at the classifieds sections of the newspapers reveals a culture rife with open discrimination. There are housing estates in this age that advertising for tenants who “must be vegetarians” — a euphemism for Asians-only, since Africans are known to love eating animals and plants in equal measure and with equal pleasure. But it is the coastal hotels that take the trophy in discrimination.

Ironically, it is Africans who enforce the discriminatory policies against their own people. The security guards who stop Africans from entering the hotels are African. The hotel managers who draw up the policies are Africans. And the hotel workers who refuse to serve Africans are bloody Africans.

Perhaps the most blatant cases of anti-African attitudes by Kenyan Africans are to be found at Kenya’s international airports. Officials at one International airport are especially notorious for mistreating Kenyans, and Africans, while bending over backwards to please foreigners.

The charade begins at ‘Departures’, where stern-looking cops peruse documents and ensure that only travellers access the departure lounge.

But that’s only if you’re Black. Whites will walk in without showing any documents and the cops might even salute them, silly grins plastered all over their black faces.


The ‘Arrivals’ process is even worse. Whereas in other countries local nationals get priority, at this airport, the “Kenyans Only” queue is the longest and worst-served with immigration clerks often missing.

And on it goes. It appears Africans just don’t like seeing other Africans and the worst place to be an African is in Africa itself.

Source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/sports/InsidePage.php?id=2000053847&cid=349

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Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga to Release a Song

Posted by Administrator on March 11, 2012

By Sandra Birungi

News from Nairobi indicates that comedian Eric Omondi and his brother Fred Omondi have managed to persuade Kenyan  Prime Minister-Raila Odinga to record a song with them.

The collabo titled Kanyaga, a swahili word meaning step, is set for release next month. With Kenya going into the election period and Raila a top contender for the country’s biggest office,he might have picked a leaf from President Museveni’s song ‘You want another rap‘ that garnered him a support from the youths.

Meanwhile, more news from Kenya indicates that American RnB sensation Joe Thomas will be in Kibaki’s land come next month in a single concert.

The show is being organized by Capital FM Nairobi and sponsored by Tusker Lager, who took Shaggy, Eve and Cabo Snoop to Nairobi last year. Entry fee is Kshs 3,000.

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Excitement over invention by Kenyan in UK

Posted by Administrator on March 11, 2012

His friends say he is crazy while a UK newspaper called him unbelievably intelligent. He could be both or neither after turning down $1.2million (Sh98million) for an invention cobbled together in his bedroom.

Curious why someone could refuse such a big sum, I set out to meet Erik kariuki, a 31-year-old Kenyan inventor based in Bedfordshire, UK.

In the comfort of his bedroom, Kariuki combined a hamster cage with a fish tank to make an underwater housing for pets.

The affable Kariuki says he came up with the idea after visiting Dubai three years ago and experienced an aquatic life in one of the hotels where a restaurant is built under water.

At the restaurant, diners munched fish fingers as real fish swam on with little care.

There was also a beautiful giant aquarium with a tunnel running through it.

Visitors walked through to view the many species of fish.

The peaceful co-existence between human and nature as well as the tranquility in that tunnel made him start thinking about what he could do for his hamster pet back home.

“I immediately remembered how bored my small rodent pet was just having a wheel and other traditional toys to play with. I imagined how enriched its life would be if it experienced the same euphoric feeling I was having when walking through that underwater tunnel.”


Kariuki’s dwarf hamster, a species from arid habitats, would be fascinated to interact with species from wet habitats such as fish.

Back to his flat in the UK, Kariuki started putting his Dubai experience into action; by finding ways to make something viable for pet lovers. He came up with a cage/tank contraption designed so that a pet could enjoy a wet-free aquatic view of fish, just like the diners he saw in Dubai.

He made sketches over and over again until he came up with a near perfect design that he presented to a professional product design and developing company in America.

The American company made Kariuki’s dream a reality after fine-tuning the idea into an irresistible magnificent prototype. It is through this American product developer and hundreds of mailshots of the invention for hamsters which Kariuki sent out that potential investors approached him.

One morning, as he prepared to go to work, he received a call and the man on the other end of the line wanted to clinch a quick deal with Kariuki over his invention. The problem was that the man, who said he presented a big pet accessories company in America, wanted to buy off the invention from Kariuki for Sh98 million but the inventor’s role in the invention would be over as soon as the deal was sealed.

Confused and surprised by the huge offer as well as the requirement that he sells off his idea, Kariuki hesitantly but firmly said no to the caller.

As it normally happens, he regretted his quick decision. Perhaps he should have thought over it and consulted experts for advice before giving an answer.

But the more he thought about it, the more he felt his decision was prudent. The American company would have paid for the investment over a period of four years at $300,000 (Sh24 million) per year, and this was not a bad idea for a young man struggling to meet ends in a foreign country.

One of Kariuki’s associates, a director with a social media company, with fast experience in intellectual property dealings informed him that that kind of deal was typical; where the buyer of a patent or concept does not pay everything at a go, but does so yearly depending on the performance of the product in the marketplace.

Kariuki was vindicated when the local newspaper, Bedfordshire on Sunday, published the story and the product design company that helped him with the design called to tell him that he made the right decision to reject the offer.

They were concerned that Kariuki was being led down the garden path like so many other inventors before him.

Protect invention

To protect his invention, the company advised Kariuki to patent the product and in June last year, he launched an application for the UK patent under the ‘Rodents Arkwatic’, or ‘RodArk’. He is also focusing on getting a US patent as well since pet products have a large market in America.

Since news of the invention broke, Kariuki’s Twitter page has gathered many followers who are predominantly in the pet industry — from vets to pet insurance firms and even web marketers as well as pet product suppliers.

“It is a unique product and I believe, in a short time, we will be entering the market,” says a confident Kariuki.

With the patent in hand, Kariuki has already, opened negotiations with two Italian manufacturers of pet accessories but he says royalty payment figures are yet to be discussed. “I am not too keen on being bought off. I am insisting on a royalty payment agreement that would be ideal for both parties. That way, on successful performance of the product, we shall both benefit with me taking a smaller percentage of the profits.”

He says he wants a partner who can work with him to develop and market his first invention as a finished product so that he could reap full benefits from his idea, instead of selling it off lump sum.

With or without any partners, Kariuki says, he hopes to see his invention hit the shelves in the UK later this year. And that this is the first of the many inventions he is set to create.

Source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/sports/InsidePage.php?id=2000053887&cid=4&currentPage=2

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Video: Kenyan calls CNN from Nairobi to complain over erroneous story

Posted by Administrator on March 11, 2012

There were grenade attacks in Nairobi yesterday where 6 people died and least 68 injured. Instead of reporting it as such CNN went on to claim that there was violence in Kenya with misleading graphics and implied that the violence was widespread and did not specify that this was an isolated terrorist attack in a specific part of the country.
Disappointed, angry and frustrated, Kenyans then stated a twitter hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN which trended worldwide.
CNN is notorious for airing negative, demeaning and sensationalist reports on Africa.

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Kenyans incensed over CNN gaffe

Posted by Administrator on March 11, 2012

Kenyans on the micro-blogging sites, Twitter and Facebook, on Sunday criticised the global television network for depicting the Nairobi grenade blasts as an eruption of “violence” in the country.

The East African economic and political hub is on the edge given that it may be just months away from the next General Election.

Having experienced a bloody episode of violent political conflict after the last polls, and given the fact that the suspected masterminds are still roaming free, any threat to peace and tranquility in the country is often met with virulent uproar.

The Twitter offensive, gained momentum with hash-tags (keywords used to follow conversations on the platform) #SomeoneTellCNN and #CNNApologise gaining popularity.

That the US-based network, used a banner with a scorching Kenyan flag with screaming message of “Violence in Kenya” irked Kenyans to an extent that they pushed for a Twitter apology from the CNN correspondent in Nairobi, Mr David McKenzie.

“Our reporting last night was accurate, the banner used in the bulletin was not. Apologies to all,” Mr McKenzie, under siege from the Kenyan online community, tweeted.

“We’re having the offending video pulled. Again apologies for the mistake. It was changed on air, but not online.”

But, even as he promised that future bulletins would not have the controversial banner, the microbloggers’ did not abate.

“Africans are not going to let anyone hijack the narratives of their individual countries,” added another.

The country’s vibrant online community oozed patriotism about Kenya being “the country with the best athletes on the planet, MPESA (mobile transfer service)” and other historical and tourist attractions.

“(President) Obama will not run for re-election again. We are done outsourcing presidents to them,” noted one microblogger.

That it came just moments before Kenya’s Pamela Jelimo and Hellen Obiri won the women’s titles at the world indoor games in Turkey, stepped up patriotic tweets.

“#SomeoneTellCNN hakuna mbrrr cha! (everything is alright!),” noted another blogger.

“Kenya is not under attack…give us a break. Did you cover us when we got a new Constitution?” yet another added.

There were also the hilarious, but serious, tweets, such as those mimicking the “you-should-know-people” line, which entered the daily lexicon as a line to tell a person to watch your tongue.

“Having people like DJ Razor, DJ Burn, DJ Bunduki and DJ Krowbar does not make us a violent nation,” noted a blogger. ‘Bunduki’ is the Kiswahili word for ‘gun’.

Brand Kenya, the body tasked with marketing Kenya, the bloggers said, ought to sue CNN for tarnishing Kenya’s image.

Depictions of violence and strife, have in the past led to travel advisories being slapped on Kenya.

As a result, tourists and businessmen, who flock to the country, are usually forced to change their itineraries, leading to a loss of revenue to Kenya.

“We’re not perfect, we have our dark moments, but we won’t be part of their ‘white saviour’ agenda,” the tweets went on and on.

Others called on the Government Spokesman, Dr Alfred Mutua, to demand an apology from CNN over the broadcast blunder.

“They defiled our flag!” an irate blogger complained on Twitter.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/Tech/-/1017288/1364148/-/13j3cxo/-/index.html

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