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Video: Kenyan calls CNN from Nairobi to complain over erroneous story

Posted by Administrator on March 11, 2012

There were grenade attacks in Nairobi yesterday where 6 people died and least 68 injured. Instead of reporting it as such CNN went on to claim that there was violence in Kenya with misleading graphics and implied that the violence was widespread and did not specify that this was an isolated terrorist attack in a specific part of the country.
Disappointed, angry and frustrated, Kenyans then stated a twitter hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN which trended worldwide.
CNN is notorious for airing negative, demeaning and sensationalist reports on Africa.


3 Responses to “Video: Kenyan calls CNN from Nairobi to complain over erroneous story”

  1. CNN should be kicked out of Africa they hate us so much that a road accident is broadcasted as a WAR .

    • Wakarindi said

      I truly agree with you! They are always on the look out for violence in Africa. Even when kids are playing outside and shouting joyously, if it is in Africa, CNN will still say they had machettes killing each other. It is a shame, let us kick them out of Africa.

  2. cathy said

    CNN, tarnish Africa or not, the truth will always come out. Whant do you stand to gain ????

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