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Kenyans rounded up in UK immigration swoop

Posted by Administrator on March 11, 2012

NINE immigration offenders have been caught in a series of UK Border Agency raids across the town.

On February 29, officers from the agency supported by Wiltshire Police went to the Shaftesbury Centre, in Percy Street, where migrant workers were attending a training event.

After checks were carried out, six people there were found to have committed immigration offences.

Four people – three Kenyan men and a Kenyan woman – remain in detention pending their removal from the UK while a Kenyan woman and a Sudanese woman were released to report to a local police station  while outstanding immigration claims are considered.

If they are found to have no right to remain in the UK, they will also face removal.

On the same day, UK Border Agency officers went to a residential address in Shenton Close, where a Kenyan woman was arrested.

She was placed on immigration bail to report to a police station while arrangements are made to remove her from the UK.

Earlier this week, officers made two further arrests at residential addresses in Swindon.

On Tuesday a Kenyan woman was arrested in Edinburgh Street while a woman from Swaziland was detained at Cricklade Road.

The Kenyan woman has since been released to report to a police station while an outstanding immigration claim is considered while the woman from Swaziland remains detained pending removal.

Those arrested were found to have committed a range of immigration offences including overstaying visas, working illegally and failing to leave the UK after asylum claims were turned down.

UK Border Agency regional director for the South West, Jane Farleigh, said: “We carry out frequent operations in Swindon and Wiltshire and immigration offenders should know that they have nowhere  to hide.

“Where we find people who are in the UK illegally we will seek to remove them.

“We are happy to work with employers to let them know what checks need to be carried out to make sure their staff have the right to work in the UK.”

Source: http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/9579644.Officers_swoop_in_immigration_raids/



8 Responses to “Kenyans rounded up in UK immigration swoop”

  1. Herb said

    It must be a difficult place to live, looking over your back constantly, noma sana.Why now though, uchumi nini???

    • ITHAVETHI said

      Wahenga hawakukosea wakinena, “Asiyekuwa na mwana, aelekee …..” na ” …………..hakwambii toka,” ” Mashariki au Magharibi, nyumbani ndiko kwema. Nimesema na sitachoka kusema. Uwepo na usiwepo na vibali katika nchi hizi za ughaibuni, mwisho ya mambo yote tutajiona nyumbani.

      Siseme ufunge virago wakati huu na kuelekea tulipotoka. La! Nisemayo ni kuwa angalao fanya jambo ndogo nyumbani ili pale utakapofumaniwa, utajituliza ukiwa mambo yatakapokwenda mrama. Usiwe mmoja wa wale watakaochekwa na kurushiwa maneno ya utani kama, ” yule jamaa aketie pale hakujisaidia miaka mitano au kumi au ishirini alioishi ng’ambo,” iwe ni Marekani, Uingereza, Ujerumani, Uswizi, Ureno, Ufaransa na kwingineko.

      Hakikisha una makao, kaploti, kashamba, au chochote kile kitakacho kusitiri ilivyo. Si kuwa hawatuhitaji tena. Ni uchumi ambao umewapata wakiwa wamelala.

      • wanjiku (Mama Njoki) said

        Can someone advise fellows to look for greener pastures elsewhere instead of kuambia kila mthii arudi jamhuri…huko pia kumejaa!! the question is kama you are “illegal” get your bleep right, other wise MOST legal residents are doing so well in their respective countries statistics suggest. I agree with ITHAVETHI only if you are refering to illegal residents..bila karatathis……….na kama unakaratathi na bado unasota, then you have no business living in diaspora, rudi Kenya..idiot!

  2. juddy said

    Umenena ndugu,wengi wetu husahau tulikotoka,

  3. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    I lived in UK for 3 years and here is my two cents. Most Kenyans back then went to UK for green pastures but very uniformed or misinformed . no one ever told them the hussles and huddles you have to jump to earn a living . Had I been told frankly i would never have boarded that train to miseries. It’s the most traumatic experience , living in fear of getting caught and when and how. They used to deport people in work uniforms and never a minute to collect your belongings. If you add that to the pressure of the requests and demands from relatives at home you dive into a very dark world and happiness is no longer anywhere visible or foreseeable. I have to agree with ithavethi , if you get anywhere in the foreigh lands and it’s not happening , home is the very best place and after 3 years, i woke up one day , went down memory lane of my time in UK and I realised i was very sad all the time and gloomy and that was not me. I had amassed money in the bank and had no idea of it. i was just running , here and there and never had fun of any kind. I thought of everything and I concluded Ican’t put the money on the plate and eat and or buy happiness. My relatives can ride on that wave but they were not going through any hurts and pains ,fear and worry. So I did the next best thing. I just woke up , dressed , carried my debit card, and the first stop was to a travel agency and I booked myself a plane to home in 2 days. Ladies and gentlement I did not even shop or care of anyone or anything. It was my life and I needed the joy and happiness and I sure recovered once back home. And in short my darkiest moments in my life was the 3 years I spent in London and I don’t wish it on anyone. DONT FORCE YOURSELF TO A AN EVIRONMENT THAT’S WORKING AGAINST YOU. It ‘s ok to travel, try your luck and if red flags are all over , please take off before hell get’s loose on you. Home is home no matter what.

  4. kenya_is_4_kenya said

    Infact, Kenya should also do a raid in Nairobi and Mombasa etc… i guarantee you that we will find child molesters, murderers, fugitives etc hiding amongst us in plain view…. Those so called Indians, Chinese etc, i bet they too over stay their tourist visa’s while in Kenya…. please Ojode et al please do your job!!!!!!

  5. wanjiku (Mama Njoki) said

    Whats wrong with so much “racism” and “hate”, Jameni waacheni jamaa waput food on the table huko UK and US na kwengineko. Britain wamekuwa tuu much! What about sis wakenya tukifukuza ma-illegals jamhuri?? kuna americans wengi illegal Kenya. wanafanya jobs bila papers na wengine wengi somali, ethiopians, congos, tnzanias, the list is endless. Home is where your food is….Going back to Kenya may not be an alternative if hakuna joboo huko. Relatives can only support you this much…not long term. Why are guys not thinking about the canadian alternative?? it is soo easy to go there and get their greencard! email me for more details if interested for advice…willeric27@yahoo.com

  6. Johana Thuku said

    wanjiku (Mama Njoki) we actually do need to cleanse Nairoibi of illegal Somalis. Look at the trouble they’ve brought. Kenyans greed have let them sell the entire Nairobi to Al shaab and the ever ungrateful refugees. This problem started years back and has fully matured . Now They have hide outs. Corruption has gave way to all this. We are not hating or being racist, but we are just realistic and again with good observations of what”s going on. Yes!! we need to bring home bacon and whatever else , but at what expense. I agree with you it would be easier to go to other places but not to UK and in particular UAE( this is a very inhumane land and they know it). Due to the so many illegals we have , all businesses have been taken over and now kenyans in their own Land have to just sit back and watch. This is neo colonialism. The land belongs to Kenyans and should have all top priorities and should be encouraged to progress not being suppressed.

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