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Racism stings blacks hardest at home

Posted by Administrator on March 11, 2012

Africans have perfected the ability to be annoying and outrageous at the same time. Last November, social networks were abuzz with indignation after a club in Ghana advertised a new policy: indigenous Ghanaians — read Black people — were no longer welcome at their establishment.

The Atlantic Lobsters and Dolphins Restaurant operated a “whites only” policy, which the owner later claimed was an elaborate joke. The Government of Ghana failed to see the funny side and quickly closed the restaurant down.

Three months down and it is Kenya’s turn to make silly headlines. It has always been known that Africans — black Africans — weren’t exactly welcome at some Kenyan hotels. This is especially so at the Coast, where some of Kenya’s and Africa’s best hotels and restaurants are found. But even in relatively cosmopolitan and non-discriminatory Nairobi, there are some odd unspoken policies regarding the desired colour and gender of hotel patrons.

There are hotels in the City Centre that will not allow unaccompanied women to patronise their facilities — usually on the grounds that such women “might” be prostitutes. This label, of course, applies only to black women. Single European women are warmly welcome, indeed.

And it is not just hotels. A couple of years back, a school in Nairobi was in the news when its headmaster stopped African students from enjoying the school’s swimming pool, stating that the pool was for Asian students only.


A look at the classifieds sections of the newspapers reveals a culture rife with open discrimination. There are housing estates in this age that advertising for tenants who “must be vegetarians” — a euphemism for Asians-only, since Africans are known to love eating animals and plants in equal measure and with equal pleasure. But it is the coastal hotels that take the trophy in discrimination.

Ironically, it is Africans who enforce the discriminatory policies against their own people. The security guards who stop Africans from entering the hotels are African. The hotel managers who draw up the policies are Africans. And the hotel workers who refuse to serve Africans are bloody Africans.

Perhaps the most blatant cases of anti-African attitudes by Kenyan Africans are to be found at Kenya’s international airports. Officials at one International airport are especially notorious for mistreating Kenyans, and Africans, while bending over backwards to please foreigners.

The charade begins at ‘Departures’, where stern-looking cops peruse documents and ensure that only travellers access the departure lounge.

But that’s only if you’re Black. Whites will walk in without showing any documents and the cops might even salute them, silly grins plastered all over their black faces.


The ‘Arrivals’ process is even worse. Whereas in other countries local nationals get priority, at this airport, the “Kenyans Only” queue is the longest and worst-served with immigration clerks often missing.

And on it goes. It appears Africans just don’t like seeing other Africans and the worst place to be an African is in Africa itself.

Source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/sports/InsidePage.php?id=2000053847&cid=349


12 Responses to “Racism stings blacks hardest at home”

  1. sam said

    Kweli kabisa. The guys back home need to know a mzungu doesnt care about them. Eg CNN reporting jana. I always get amazed when they treat a mzungu like a god at JKIA and treat a kenyan like a suspect. Its just sad. But io know it will change one day!

  2. Njenga said

    wow… i went to nakumatt at village market at gigiri and as i was checking out with my groceries (30k) to be exact, the baggar left to assist a mzungu who had a 500 ksh worth of goods! and i couldnt believe he abandond me!….. nyeusi tanjijukia zaidi ………………. so sad!

  3. cherono said

    Very True kabisa. Discriminated in a foreign land and also discriminated in the country we call home!! Where should we run to? I went home last year and after 18 hrs of travel, I had to stand in the “Kenyans only” line for over three hours. I could not believe it. The wazungus were just passing by…the so called supervisor was just moving up and down, feeling high and mighty, giving deaf ears to angry crowd. He should have sat his…and assist the clerks in getting us cleared!

  4. Kangemi said

    Two years ago, I was at Gertrudes Childrens Hospital in Nairobi paying a bill for a procedure for my son. The line was long and slow. The cashier had the audacity to call over a mzungu on the line to pay first. My exact words to the cashier were “if this lady pays ahead of me, I will raise hell in this place. She has to honor the line like everyone else.”..and yes, she did honor the line.

    Cherono, my experience at JKIA is just the opposite. The locals line always moves faster and I get through that airport about 4 times a year. Maybe mine could be a coincidence?

    • cherono said

      That sounds interesting! I am glad you did not have to struggle like us. I asked my cousin living in Nairobi and they said that is always the case. May be you were lucky. I don’t know.

  5. Palyne said

    This is very true. Years ago I had a humialiating experience while checking in at A BA counter at JKIA. I was on my way to a US college but I had previously been to US. I was probed with series of questions by a Kenyan woman who took my Passport away and then came back minutes later to question me. I had previously travelled to US and my port of entry was Memphis. One of the ?s…..”where did you travel in US” I said Oklahoma “how comes the stamp says Memphis” I tried to be as polite as I could since she seemed ignorant. She was worse than an immigration official and I vowed never to use BA again. I have also been in a restaurant in Kenya where the Mzungu was served better than me but do I say. Time to be proud of our identity

    • cherono said

      That is true too. I had the same experience. I realize that the check-in/departure clerks did not know the difference between F1 and “Residence”. They kept asking questions not related to my status. At one point I told them to give me my passport back so that I could show them where my stamped visa is since they were confused…terrible! What about the “Kenyan citizens” working at US embassy? They treat their fellow Kenyans like dogs…leave alone the US consulates themselves! Though It did not happen to me personal, I witness about three occasions that just broke my heart! An Indian family came and they treated them like gods. This is home and Kenyans are suppose to be treated like we are at home…SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE…soon or latter.

  6. ITHAVETHI. said

    Kubaguliwa na Wazungu, Wahindi, Waarabu, Wachina, Wareno na wengine walio na ngozi nyeupe, ni kitu cha kawaida. Nimeyazoea. Yanaudhi lakini yamekuwa mazoea: kazini, mahoteli likizoni, vyumba vya maamkulo, vyumba vya kupanga, kununua nyumba katika eneo fulani lenye wazungu wengi, na n.k. Lakini kubaguliwa na Mwafrika mwenzako, Mkenya mwenzako, Mmarekani mweusi mwenzako? Aah! Haikubaliki! Haiaminiki! Lakini ipo, na ni ukweli.

    Wakenya, wanaojulikana nyumbani na hapa Marekani kwa kuwabagua wenzao kwa misingi ya: ana gari la aina gani, ana shahada ngapi, amenunua nyumba wapi, anafanya kazi wapi, amemuoa nani, ameolewa na nani, wanao wanasomea wapi, anamjua nani serikalini, bra bra bra….. Mkenya unambagua Mkenya mwenzako. Walio na hiki wanatembeleana na walio na hicho hicho. Aibu.

    Nilipowasanya marafiki zangu wawili na kuandamana nao hadi hoteli ya Fairmont, The Norfolk, mjini Nairobi, hapo Krismasi iliyopita, hisia zangu zilikuwa zikinambia, ” Wewe ITHAVETHI kumbe mtu mchokozi? Wazee wanne Waafrika wa makamo ambao vitambi vyao vilikuwa vinapasua shati zao, walionekana wakigunaguna na kumnongoneza mfanyi kazi aliye kuwa akiwahudumia. Ilipofika ni wakati wetu wa kuhudumiwa na mfanyi kazi yule, nilimuuliza wazee hao walikuwa wakisema nini? Akacheka cheka kidogo kisha akasema, “Walikuwa wanauliza ninyi ni nani na mna gari ya aina gani.” Kwa ghadhabu na mori niliouridhi kutoka kwa Wamarekani weusi, nilipasa sauti: kumaanina wambie mimi ni ITHAVETHI kutoka Turkana na gari langu ni aina ya baiskeli!!!!!” Wakatutazama bila kusema chochote.

    Ubaguzi wa Wakenya kutoka Wakenya wenzao, hasa katika mashirika yanayoongozwa na wazungu sio siri. Nenda katika mashamba ya kupanda maua kule Naivasha, Ngata Farm, Nyahururu, Thika, na yale ya sukari ya Nzoia, Muhoroni, na Nzoia na utashikwa na butwaa. Wafrika ndio wanaowashauri wazungu kutowapa Wafrika huduma nzuri kama za kiafya, makao mazuri, mshahara mzuri …. Hicyo ndivyo tulivyo. Kujipendekeza kwa wazungu ili tunufaike sisi wenyewe.

  7. That African dude said

    Until the mind set of Africans change from thinking that mzungus are better than we are and until our so called governments stop allowing these mzungus to use Africa as a door mat, this bull shit will never end. Africans need to stand up for Africans. I am not saying hate other races but damn we are human beings too.

  8. That African dude said

    Makes no sense. How long are we going to allow this BS to go on in Africa. Mzungus are not the only guilty party here. You have African’s that go back home n holidays and treat there brothers and sisters like dirt. We need to open our eyes people. WTF.

  9. Katherine said

    Kenyans back home should atleast travel abroad and see how jungus look down upon blacks i mean not all of them but majority of them.I come from the south coast kenya and its true most places there discriminate blacks alot,its a big shame and here in australia no black person can be treated like a queen or king instead jungus stare at u with attitude.Kenyans back home should style up and that hotel should close down to serve as a warning.

  10. faith said

    It is a case of very low self esteem. We Africans believe that we should serve others and we deserve the very worst. Look at the way we behave at homes, keeping the best cutlery for guests, denying our families the best meat cut etc,the list goes on.We need salvation

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