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First ever Kenyan Diaspora music label releases hit single-Chuki Za Nini

Posted by Administrator on March 14, 2012

By Harrison Maina, AjabuAfrica.com

WORCESTER, Mass,_A new, first ever music label by a Kenyan living in the Diaspora, Jobless Corner, is set to release a new hit single, Chuki Za Nini(Why the Animosity), that  officially drops in the market tomorrow, Saturday, March 10, 2012.

However, even before the official launch,  Chuki Za Nini is already making waves in several clubs and radio stations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, France, China, Australia  and the US.

The new single was referred to by the Buzzed Magazine as an “incredibly addictive Genge-Bongo tune.”

Having opened for acts like Bamboo, Nameless and Nonini, Jobless Corner has made its mark as a headliner among the recently rising music labels in East Africa.
The new title track off their debut album, Job Application (Oxygen Media/iTunes), Chuki Za Nini is a Love themed song about a couple that is being separated.
The edgy, upbeat song is getting play among the top Kenyan/Swahili radio and mix show adds across the U.S. and just broke into the Reverbnation Bongo Billboard Chart.

The video (Jobless Corner Visuals) has a creative immigration theme that has never been done before. Chuki Za Nini will also be featured as a soundtrack on a new TV show based on the lives of Kenyans living in the Diaspora.
Chuki za nini represents a solid debut effort for Jobless Corner. It is infused with catchy tunes, clever lyrics and irresistible beats.
The song was produced by multi-talented producer/writer Sir Keggah , a young Kenyan who has worked on singles for other established acts such as Jimwat, Bamboo, Nyota Ndogo, lyrical Erico and J Ellah from the Joint ya Chava crew.

Mdabu “Mtu Wa Watu” front, and Abu Cnear in a cover picture for their new blazing dance hit single, Chuki Za Nini produced by Jobless corner. /Ajabu Africa

Mdabu “Mtu Wa Watu” front, and Abu Cnear in a cover picture for their new blazing dance hit single, Chuki Za Nini produced by Jobless corner. /Ajabu Africa

The lead artistes in Chuki za nini are Abu Cnear, a Tanzanian and MdabuMtu Wa Watu” (“Man of the people”) from Kenya.
Both were discovered by Keggah while they opened for Nonini during a recent visit to the US and were signed into the label with Chuki za nini being their first Single.
Abu is also an Artist and has sold hundreds of paintings some of which don the walls of Safari Cafe, a Kenyan ethnic food restaurant in Worcester, and Simba lounge, a popular dance spot for Kenyans in Lowell.
Abu Cnear and Mdabu have cleary established themselves as seasoned artists bringing a breath of fresh talent into the music scene.

“We are all very excited about the new single.The artists we are promoting are very talented and are happy with the outcome of Chuki Za Nini,” said the producer, Keggah who also owns the label during a telephone interview with Ajabu Africa News on the eve of the eagerly awaited release.
Abu and Mdabu have already earned ardent supporters such as celebrity blogger, Leo Faya.
The song is already a favorite Dj pick among major established DJs and the song premiered on several radio stations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and the US.
Jobless corner is the first record label in the US to produce fresh talent and create major waves both in the Diaspora and East Africa. iHeart Radio’s 254 Channel has pegged Jobless Corner as “the ones to watch out for.”
Clearly, fans have been paying attention.
Keggah stated that the group hopes the new single will provide top notch entertainment to their fans everywhere and inspire other talented artists out there in the Diaspora who have no support to produce their songs to come out and join Jobless corner in their quest to produce more music.
“What we have, mostly in the Diaspora, is many music production studios but no record labels at all owned by our people that can go the extra mile to develop and market an artist.
But now, any aspiring artist can contact us and we will work with them to develop their talent, market them, finance them, promote them  and help them help others in the process,” said Keggah. However, in a departure from the common trend among many of the artists in Kenya who try to emulate the western culture and infuse pop and techno into their music, the success of Chuki Za Nini shows sticking to your roots and the beautiful African culture will always score big with the fans.
The music video for Chuki Za Nini will be released on March 10, 2012 to the public. Listeners can sample the captivating video on you tube. Jobless corner also plans to make various appearances to entertain Kenyans and other Africans in the Diaspora.
The group is also providing free ring tone downloads to the public for a brief period of time.   Text Chuki to  +15087628393 for the free Ring tone to be sent directly to your phone Limited time offer ends March 15th,2012.


Email: joblessmusic@gmail.com

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