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Kenyan doctorate student in TX launches an informational channel-One on One with Casper

Posted by Administrator on March 14, 2012

A Kenyan student at the University of Texas at Dallas has launched an informational youtube channel to provided various information pertaining to Kenyans as the country moves to a time of structural and institutional changes.

Casper Kamau who is currently working on his doctorate in Political Science launched his series of programs on Saturday, March 10th. The program-One on One with Casper is aimed at informing the Kenyan communities both at home and abroad on issues that concern them.

You can watch the first program below.

Diaspora Voting: A Modest Proposal

With the coming of the new constitution also comes the ability of Kenyans living abroad to vote.  Voting is a popular safeguard that allows the citizens to select the type of leaders they want in power.  While it may be allowed by laws of the land for Kenyans overseas to vote, the methodology to do so is yet to be announced and I would argue discovered.  It is important to first examine what the law says about voting and then examine what plausible ways are available for people overseas to vote. There are three propositions I raise on how to get Kenyans overseas voting.  The options are mobile stations, mail-in registration or online voting.


5 Responses to “Kenyan doctorate student in TX launches an informational channel-One on One with Casper”

  1. mkulima said

    Way to go Casper . Young, intelligent and informative. That segment was very informative and clearly presented. It was short, but we hope to hear more, and get enlightened on what going on. Keep up the good job.

  2. Dr. Armstrong Kamau Cheggeh said

    Casper, We are watching this with Pastor Sammy & Lucy Maina. They send their love and they do appreciate the work you are looking. They are looking foward to more materials from you. Keep it up! Daddy.

  3. Great Work! We are looking forward to listening to more posts.

  4. Laban said

    Casper. Brilliant. Just goes to show that there is hope for our beloved country.; The Lord would use you to make the imprint that will cause a pernanent change in the way we have always done things and remained third world. Your ideas and originality shows a streak of genius and that must be in defiance of the belief that blacks do not have the brain capacity to come up with such original concepts. May God increase it more.
    Laban G. GItau

  5. Joyce wanjiru said

    Awsome work God bless you with much more ideas

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