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UK based Kenyan murdered after going home for charity work

Posted by Administrator on March 15, 2012

Titus Musee was a former manager at Woodlands Nursing Home, Caterham

Titus Musee was a former manager at Woodlands Nursing Home, Caterham

A retired nursing home manager had his throat slit for just £60 after returning to rural Kenya to do charity work.

Titus Musee, 66, former manager at Woodlands Nursing Home, Caterham, was working in a remote area not far from the capital Nairobi on February 5 when he was mugged and murdered for his wallet and  phone.

Two of his alleged killers have been caught by police and are said to have confessed and police are hunting a third man.

If convicted they face the death penalty or life in prison.

Mr Musee, who lived in West Ewell, worked as a nurse at Tooting Bec Hospital before becoming a highly respected manager at nursing homes in Cheam, Sutton and Caterham.

He came to Britain from Kenya in 1967, aged 23.

After he retired Mr Musee returned to his home country where he had been helping to build a well and run a corner shop serving rural villagers. He was due back in the UK next month.

Councillor for West Ewell Jean Steer, said: “He’s gone out to do good and help where it is really needed and he has been attacked like this. My feelings are one of absolute horror and my thoughts  are with his family who must be absolutely devastated.”

Kenya has become known for its high levels of crime and terrorism.

Last September David Tebbut was shot dead at a beach resort in the country and his wife Judy was kidnapped.

The British Foreign Office (BFO) has advised against travelling to low income areas of Nairobi and only last week, a number of people were killed and injured after a series of grenade explosions at  a bus station in Nairobi’s Business District.

Jane Moyo, head of media relations at Action Aid which has worked in Kenya for over 40 years, said: “Any death where ever they happen and murders are completely tragic and absolutely dreadful  particularly when someone is doing their best working on aid work and it’s always very sad.

“Obviously our hearts go out to whoever is affected. We do know that it can be dangerous particularly now with the problem over terrorist attacks and it’s always an issue and you have to take security very seriously. We know just how difficult the situation can be in Kenya at times.”

A spokesperson for the BFO said: “We are providing consular assistance to the family and we understand that the matter is being investigated by the Kenyan authorities.”

Source: http://www.croydonguardian.co.uk/news/9592446.Retired_nursing_home_manager_murdered_in_Kenya/


7 Responses to “UK based Kenyan murdered after going home for charity work”

  1. Our kenyans youth value material things than life, when i was young many thugs feared to kill and if they get money they let the victim go.

  2. Jay Kay said

    Blame it on the dire poverty that majority of Kenyans have, not a good reason to kill though, if u r expatriate carry a licensed firearm and please don’t spend many days in rural Kenya where every1 knows u just came in with Forex. Rural Kenya has more violent robbery than in Urban where you melt into the crowds.

  3. wanjiku (Mama Njoki) said

    This is the very reason i rarely visit Kenya. I last visited 2 years ago and am not missing it for stuff like this! I was in a rural village, our own home imagine hapo lari, and got mugged mchana while with my young sis and bro in a local small restaurant, they even slapped the hell out of us, and was left with severe bruise. My bro hand was dislocated in the scuffle!! Shame on Kenyan security. Wajinga left with my passport and a few kenya shillings. Thank God the US embassy bailed me out, by being a us citi and gave me temporary papers to fly back here. I will probably wont go back soon.

  4. juddy said

    @mama Njoki,crime is everywhere even here in state,someone will go on a killing spree.It is our country and we will still go back .

    • Kangemi said

      Mama Njoki wouldn’t utter a word about never wanting to go back if the crime happened in the west. What amazes me is the whining and complaining by diasporan Kenyans about their homeland. Wherever you are, someone sacrificed and worked to make it what it is….The desired change in Kenya is OUR responsibility – those left in the motherland and those who live elsewhere. Unless of course you have uprooted your family and other connections from Kenya completely.
      A piece of advise I got long time ago was to never expect things to work as well as they do in the west. Granted, what happened to Mama Njoki is very unfortunate. It could happend to any of us….

  5. langat kimutai said

    Thanks Juddy for your comment to nina wa njoki, Its us from here to sort out this menace.

  6. Virgy. said

    So sad.Sorry for the affected family.

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