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Government develops policy paper for Kenyan Diaspora

Posted by Administrator on March 16, 2012

Early this year the Government released the Draft Diaspora Policy. This signals the government’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for Diaspora engagement, and an opportunity for the Diaspora to determine how they wish to engage with the government in shaping the future social, economic and political destiny of Kenya

The Embassy in Washington, D.C, wishes to encourage Kenyans in the US to critically review the draft policy, discuss it, and provide your input before the policy is finalized. It has taken a long time for a Diaspora policy to be formulated. However, the policy will be meaningless if it does not incorporate the considered views of the Diaspora. It is a Diaspora Policy, which means that the Diaspora is the key stakeholder for this policy.

We propose that the Diaspora groups convene meetings/workshops to discuss the draft policy and send your ideas in writing to the Embassy for forwarding to Nairobi. This policy is domiciled in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), and it is the intention of the Ministry to have it finalized and published by June 2012. Time is therefore of essence!

In reviewing the policy we suggest that you consider the following:

  • Are the outcomes of the policy clearly stated?
  • What assumption does the policy make?
  • Is the policy in line with the general direction      that Kenya is headed, e.g. Vision 2030, the Constitution, etc?
  • Has stakeholder involvement been incorporated      throughout the policy development?
  • Has Diaspora interest been given a high      priority?
  • Are the policy outcomes measurable?
  • Are there resources to implement the policy?
  • What is the accountability structure and      mechanism for the policy?
  • Does history inform the policy?
  • Is the policy in line with the current      constitutional dispensation (and the spirit of the new constitution?)

These are but ideas that may assist in your conversations. You are welcome to adopt any other approach in reviewing the policy.

Please note that the review of the draft policy and the ideas to be incorporated should be conducted in a participatory and inclusive manner. Individual blogs in response to the draft policy are not likely to be considered. Remember, there are close to half a million Kenyans in the US!! It is therefore incumbent on Diasporas groups to convene themselves, have discussions, and submit a written report, clearly indicating the participants involved in the discussions.

Please submit your reports to the Embassy not later than 15th May, 2012 to diaspora@kenyaembassy.com. Ms. Nairimas Ole Sein, Counselor/DEP is the contact at the Embassy in Wasshington DC.

Please see the document here… http://www.kenyaembassy.com/pdfs/DraftDiasporaPolicyofKenya.pdf


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