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Ugandan Minister: I married two wives to avoid cheating

Posted by Administrator on March 17, 2012

UGANDA: The Minister of State for Youth and member of Parliament for Mukono North, Ronald Kibuule, has two wives and four children. In an exclusive interview, the 27-year-old minister and his wives, Esther and Fortune, told Kizito-Musoke their story


When did you meet your wives?


In 2007, while atUgandaChristainUniversity, Mukono, I approached two girls at different times for a relationship. Fortunately, both of them accepted my request. I had to marry both, because I did not want to cheat on any of them.


What inspired you to marry two wives at the same time?


I loved both of them and was not prepared to cheat on any. Since I was the one who had expressed my interest in them, I had to shoulder the burden.


How do you balance your love between the two?


I have spent time with my wives, so they know me well. They hardly believe in rumours. Even if someone tells them they saw me with another woman, they will just ignore them.


So how do you sort out your differences?


I am always open-minded. We usually use dialogue to sort out any challenges. Whenever I am in the wrong, I am quick to apologise. I try my best not to fault them.


What has been your most challenging day in marriage?


That was the time my wives gave birth in the same week. I had to look after them at the same time. It was very stressful, but I overcame it. We now have four children.


How do you avoid conflicts in your marriage?


I share my love equally between the two. Some times I travel with both wives in the same vehicle and do not witness any confrontation. On holidays like Christmas Day, we may all go out as a family. Sometimes we take lunch at Esther’s home and then supper at Fortune’s.



At 27, you have two wives. How many do you expect to have at 40?


I am satisfied with the two and do not plan to marry any other.


Any advice to men in a similar situation?


To have two wives, one must be able to satisfy their needs equally. Those not capable should stick to one wife. I love my wives and I promise to be faithful to them.


Fortune is my friend, says Esther When did you meet your husband?


I met him in 2007, while in first year atUgandaChristianUniversity, Mukono.


What challenges are associated with a polygamous marriage?


It has challenges, just like any other marriage.


Can we assume that everything is going well?

Of course, I am happy in my marriage. If it was not the case, I would not still be in it.


What tricks do you use to win over the heart of your husband?


Through patience and studying him, I have learnt a lot about him. I know what he likes and I can know whether he is telling the truth or not.


Have you ever got in a collission path with your co-wife?


She is my friend and we know each other well. Our children spend a lot of time together.


Ronnie had qualities of a husband – Fortune When did you meet Kibuule?


I met him in 2006, while at the university.


What attracted you to him?


I fell in love with him from the first time I saw him. He looked confident – *a character I needed in my husband.


What challenges are you facing in a polygamous marriage?


As long as you have entered a polygamous family, you get used to the challenges.


How do you relate with your co-wife?


We are on good terms and the fact that we live in separate homes has helped us a lot. We always interact with each other.


What message can you give to people in such a marriage?


For the case of women, they need to understand the character of their husband. Men should know that what ladies need from them is comfort.


Any special message to your husband?


I love you Ronnie and I promise to do the same for the next 100




13 Responses to “Ugandan Minister: I married two wives to avoid cheating”

  1. Humble Him said

    Wow!!!!! is this da way 2 go?

  2. POKO said

    Ahem*** is all Poko will say here.

  3. Billie Jean said


  4. Cmb_K said

    The ladies are happy. Who are we to judge them?

  5. mwangi said

    yaani African culture is coming full circle! we shall see more of these modern day polygamous unions, just count me out because one woman is all i can handle!

  6. Ida said

    Clueless man babble ati “I had to marry both, because I did not want to cheat on any of them”, he obviously thinks he rescued them from a life of definite spinsterhood. They married him coz he is a Minister/MP which means he is already filthy rich and at only 27 he has many more years of grabbing to do, no way would they both at the same time agree to marry his azz if he was the local cobbler.

  7. Herb said

    Hate him like him, at least he is honest.

  8. moraa said

    he is rich that is why they are happy. give them time it will be hell

  9. Kidosho said

    If what they have said is true, then, this is the first polygamous marriege I have ever known that has peace.

  10. It would have been good if at least they shared their challenges, for instance when asked how one relates to the cowife they dont come out clearly and as we all know conflicts in whatever mariages always arise.

  11. OCTOPAP said

    Dumb Ni&%^! Fool should have kept one wife, then have the opportunity to cheat all day everyday……pseudo-polygamy in a way sindio? Females will gang up and shred your rectum kid!

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