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Why I Married My Own Biological Mother!!

Posted by Administrator on March 17, 2012

ANCESTOR DUTY: Son and mother say: “I do”.

ANCESTOR DUTY: Son and mother say: “I do”.

SOUTH AFRICA-In a sleepy village known as Slovo Park near Siyabuswa, villagers were torn with joy and surprise as they witnessed a rather strange wedding where, a mother and son exchanged wedding vows.

The son, a traditional healer from Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga, said he married his biological mother in a wedding ceremony to appease his ancestors. He now calls his mother “my wife”.

On Sunday more than 2000 people turned up to witness the wedding of Buti Mphethi , 28, to his mother Francinah Makunyane, 62.

Mphethi said that his forefathers had instructed him to pay lobola to his mother’s family before he could marry his wife, who stays separately from her own husband, Buti’s father.

Mphethi paid the lobola of two cows to his mother with a street value of R14 000.

The wedding was arranged and took place at his mother’s home in the same village on Saturday and finished at his home at the weekend.

Mphethi dropped out of his second year studies in sound engineering at the Tshwane University of Technology in 2003 to become a sangoma.

He felt it was a calling from his ancestors.

Mphethi said he had been married before, but it did not work out. His wife left him four years ago.

Mphethi said that his father William Mphethi was still alive, and had four wives. The father stays with the elder wife in Burgersfort, Limpopo.

He was confident that marrying his own mother had been in line with his culture.

Speaking to The New Age, the beaming bride, Makunyane, said she never imagined having a ‘white wedding’ because she was a grown up.

“I am now old enough and getting married was never in my mind. My son really did a good thing to marry me before he can marry his wife.

“This process is part of our culture. I am now a married woman because he represented his father,” she said, before bursting into tears of joy.

Source: http://tumfweko.com/2012/03/16/why-i-married-my-own-biological-mother-to-be-my-wife/


41 Responses to “Why I Married My Own Biological Mother!!”

  1. Those kinds of believes [ if this is the right word] don,t have in modern world.We should not believe in ancestors, who we don,t know

  2. sokwemtu4 said

    Ngai Baba………………………………………..I have no words. This is insanity in itd highest order.

    • tabby said

      Just tell me its just a name wife but their no responsibility of a wife!!!!!!!

    • Sophia said

      Jameni! What’s this? Sokwemtu, where is ITHAVETHI and the lunatic Poko comments on this? Haven’t heard from the former lately.

      • sokwemtu4 said

        Sophia ,,,,,,,,,,This might have shocked them to death or lighter may have had heart attacks after reading this.

  3. Tabby Kamula said

    My Lord!unbelievable……some cultures should be dropped.

  4. Akoma JB said

    this people culture must be revise coze to me its committing incest which is a sin before God

  5. Jay Kay said

    lt is South Africa, where you get cured from aids if and when you have sex with a two year old. Apartheid really had deep effect on these souls.

  6. edjack said

    which country is this?

  7. Nana said

    WHAT THE F**K!!!!???

  8. joy said

    Absurdity to the highest level.

  9. Wonders shall never end.A few weeks ago was in Zimbabwe now in South Africa.I think something somewhere is wrong.

  10. moraa said

    this are the last days.

  11. lillian said

    incest of highest order condemned in the bible

  12. charles said

    this is a very powerful demonic act….this is worse than sodom and gommorah, i gotta one question to ask? do they sleep together or it just a culture formality? The whole family is cursed and they need cleansing BIG TIME!!!!

  13. benard said

    Who is superior for us to follow his instructions ?…our ancestors or our Creator ?

  14. langat kimutai said

    something is terribly wrong cannot believe this, tres desolee.

  15. Virgy. said


  16. Emrich said

    Something is terribly wrong here. That guy needs professional psychological help.

  17. queen said

    MY Q is ,is it like the way kikuyu says that u cant get the ruracio if your parents dint finish it with your grandparents ama this people they sleep with thier mothers? if so then its madness of high wickedness……nkt

    • Lulubelle said

      There was no need for a wedding then.. Just pay the overdue dowry and keep it moving. I don’t think they are mad enough to committ incest.

  18. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    I’m I dreaming of some nightmare!! Lord I’m sweating bullets onthis one. Somebody pliz tell me there is a different purpose and that sex will not be involved in theis union!!

  19. sorie sankoh said

    this is paralell to Same-Sex Marriage

  20. Duniawikihii said

    The devil can take over people’s lives if they let him.. he has won in this case!

  21. kimotho njeri said

    the more we let the devil rule in our lives the more he is taking over,people of GOD let pray for this world is torn up,and those who are lucky are those whose choose to live for our living GOD.
    Shame on you the nacked of your real mummy common now.

  22. Proud Kenyan said

    man this is psychoooooo…
    wdf is wrong with you people??
    im off to throw up!

  23. Qui Bea said

    Lord have Mercy…..Insanity.

  24. J.ROPE said


  25. Angel lucia said

    jeeeeeeeeeeez….f****ed up beings!

  26. Kidosho said

    I just want to believe that this wedding was just for show off and that there is no physical relationship between this woman and her son, otherwise it an abomination. May God help us!

  27. Frankline said

    This world is ful of wonders

  28. leo said

    If 2000 people attended this wedding and now millions more are reading this undetailed story, do the math! This is a very smart and now famous University drop out. Next time you need a traditional healer, youll probably be looking for this guy. There’s alot of money to be made in this world. In Kikuyu tradition, the first born child is named after either your mom or your dad. You call them that without shame. Whenever I call my son Dad at the grocery store {walmart} the Americans give me a funny look. They go like, Is that your real dad? Cucu used to tell me that I was her husband. Does that suprise everyone? I have a reason to believe that, the author of this story deliberately opted out the details in order to make the story more interesting.

  29. Dan Sonko said

    Reading ought to be “Healthy”
    …this is down right disgusting!


  31. martha njama said

    university dropout amerogwa mchenzi

  32. martha njama said

    university dropout amerogwa mshenzi

  33. felli nyathama said

    read between the lines. this marriage was to satisfy the yearnings of this mama. her husband never gave her a white wedding.their tradition allows a son to take his mom through the process on behalf of the dad. It seems like there is no physical contact. the mother said of the son,”Iam glad he did this for me before he marries his wife”

  34. Safi said

    Felli Nyathama is very right!!! and Martha Njama is wrong. If you read the story very carefully, this marriage was simply symbolic and not sexual. The young man was simply, for cultural purposes, paying lobola of cows and money to ceremoniously and traditionally clear his father’s cultural obligations in order to receive blessing to go ahead and marry a woman of his youth. And again: If I read the story and comprehended it right, sex with his mother was not involved in this ceremonious wedding.

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