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Kenyan Pastor in Maryland Launches Book

Posted by Administrator on March 18, 2012

Bishop Mulani, Senior Pastor at Destiny Fellowship International Church in Siver Springs , Maryland

Bishop Mulani, Senior Pastor at Disciples Fellowship International Church in Siver Springs , Maryland

Jambonewspot.com-A Kenyan pastor in Maryland, Bishop Paul Mulani, launched a new book –Children As Arrows onSunday March 11, 2012.

During the launch of the book which had been in the works for several months, Bishop Mulani who is the senior pastor of Disciples Fellowship Int’l Church in Silver Spring, Maryland, was thrilled by the turnout at the launch to witness the completion of the book.

In the launching speech, Bishop Mulani shared the story behind the writing of the book and what the book is about. He quoted some recent surveys that reveal a very disturbing pattern among many Christian families – that most believers’ children part ways with the moral and religious ways of their parents when they get to the age of 18 and above.

Many of these children not only stop attending church but also develop a negative attitude towards the religious ways of their upbringing. “No matter how big a church is, if it’s only full of adults and doesn’t reach out to her young ones, it will not be able to have an enduring impact or even exist for long,” said the author of the new book.

Bishop Mulani clarified that the focus of his book is mainly on the parents – what they ought to do and to be, in order to be able to have a positive moral influence on their children. He emphasized that this need is even greater within the immigrant community.

Many immigrant parents are separated from their families because of visa issues and others hardly have any time to spend with their children due to work issues. Many are forced to do two or more jobs in order to try and make ends meet. In the process of working hard to provide for their families, some of them end up losing the same families (specifically the children) they’ve been working hard for; mainly because they lack quality time with their families. These are some of the things Pastor Mulani not only points out but addresses them with biblical solutions.

The event speaker was Lucas Kimani, KCFA President Emeritus and the current president of KCFA Baltimore Chapter. Mr. Kimani, a resident of Baltimore, MD and also the writer of the book’s forward, testified of the need in the community and expressed Bishop Mulani’s attempts to address such needs. He highly praised the message of the book and encouraged every parent to get themselves a copy. The book will be available in Amazon bookstores, Barnes and Nobles, and all the other major stores and retailers.

A number of churches attended to celebrate with Bishop Mulani and the DFI Church family. These include members from Tumaini Baptist Church, Colesville Baptist Church, Power House Baptist Church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Olney Baptist Church, and Montgomery Baptist Association representatives.


4 Responses to “Kenyan Pastor in Maryland Launches Book”

  1. Bishop Mulani has his finger on the pulse of the immigrant community. Family comes first – money and “hours” should be means to an end not an end in themselves. If you have a fat bank account, a big house, a big car but you loose your children then you lost the most important asset you had.
    Then there those objectors who say they cannot get married because they want to enjoy life! as if marriage is some kind of bondage… I just wonder how they got here! Or that they have not found a perfect partner – women and men are born but good spouse are made over time in a good faithful and loving relationship,
    The last and most wanting objection I have had the unfortunate luck to sit through is that why buy a model T when you can wait for a Ford 150! Funny that that comes up, We all are a river through which life’s water flows through, we got here because our forefathers made sure to keep the river flowing, keep it going, take care of the children. Read this book!

  2. Kangemi said

    What is even more scary to me is the number of single Kenyan women and some men who intentionally decide to have children with no intention of actually raising them.They opt to either send them to Kenya until they are school age, send them to a day care or have elderly ladies from Kenya raise their kids. Whichever way you disect it, it is the kids who pay dearly. Look at the consequences of single parenthood in the African American community! The pastor is onto something and yes there are always exception to every rule.

    • kimani said

      there is nothing wrong to send kids to daycare, what do u expect people to do? raise their own kids 24 hours 7 days a week and expect maana to come from heaven? Both parents need to work atleast 8 hours a day and there is nothing wrong to have someone watch you kids while you at work. Infact i grew up in kenya and i was raised by a maid or nanny coz my parent were both working so the statement above is absurd? i wonder whether you have kids or how much money you make if your spouse is a stay home mom.

  3. We should put our trust to God since it seems we adore money as if it is everything, let,s pray our God to free us from bondage of two jobs which we call double. We have made to believe working doubles and even triples is the life of America. If God is first in our life everything else will come orderly Our children are precious gift given by God and it is our duty to care them and bring them up according to God,s word and they shall not go astray although they might rebel but they will return to the right way

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