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Kenyan sex workers top HIV infection list

Posted by Administrator on March 18, 2012

Kenyan prostitutes have one of the highest rates of HIV infections in the world, an international study has established.

The research findings also recommend that prostitution should be legalised to make working conditions for sex workers more tolerable and reduce their rate of HIV infections.

The study, which was released on Thursday, is funded by the World Bank and the UN and carried out by the US based John Hopkins School of Public Health. It recommended an urgent scale up of HIV programmes. The researchers sampled about 100,000 prostitutes from 50 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Middle East. They found that of all the prostitutes in the 50 countries, those in Sub-Saharan Africa had the highest HIV prevalence.

The survey which covered between Jan 1, 2007 and June 25, 2011, ranked prostitutes in Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar, South Africa, Malawi and Zimbabwe as having the highest rates of HIV infections. In Africa, Kenya had the highest number of sampled prostitutes at 7,000 with Senegal having the second largest sample at 1,656.

According to a recent City Council of Nairobi report, there are an estimated 7,000 prostitutes in Nairobi who service an average of three to four clients each night.

The study, published by The Lancet, a medical journal, argues that such high levels of HIV infection is not good for the general population.
Clinic for sex workers “Prostitutes who operate in safer environments have been shown to have lower risks,“ the study, whose authors were led by Dr Stefan Baral, notes.

The study significantly leans on the Kenya National HIV Strategic Plan which found out that HIV prevalence levels among prostitutes was 34 per cent, four times the national average of 7.1 per cent. To reverse the trend, a clinic has been established in River Road,Nairobi to test and counsel prostitutes.



3 Responses to “Kenyan sex workers top HIV infection list”

  1. this r just schemes and plans to legalise prostitution………………………..why is this coming out now,,so called survey,,,,,,,,kenya is a dumpung site for all crude ideaz,,rubbish……pple just want to have sex.period….instead of legalising,why not rehabilitate the women………..and men now!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nairobian said

    Rehabilitation? give me a break! prostitution is not going anywhere. Kenya gets a lot of Tourism dollars and the tourists need to be entertained. They love to check out our wild life during the day and our women (and now men too) during the night!

    The fact is as long as there is demand, supply will always come through. Given the high unemployment rate, supply has increased dramatically resulting in lower prices, hence more clients, hence more demand, hence more supply, and so on… see where i’m going?

    The million dollar question is: How can the authorities make the trade safer? How can they protect the women from the regular abuses associated with prostitution? How can they protect the ‘client’?

    Anyone that thinks this trade can be eradicated is naive, ignorant and mistaken. Prostitution was around even the time when Jesus walked on earth.

    How can it be fixed? What are the solutions?

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